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Paisley goes to school

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Paisley is nervous about going to kindergarden. She is afraid of having a new teacher and meeting new friends.

Submitted: February 18, 2019

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Submitted: February 18, 2019



Little Paisley was nervous about school starting. School would start in  just a few days. This would be Paisley first year in kindergarden. “What will the other kids be like” she wondered. “What if they don’t like me or won’t play with me”. She worried. The thought made her very nervous.  

 The last day of summer was just coming to an end and tomorrow Paisley would have to go to kindergarden. On this particular night her mom sat and talk to Paisley for a few minutes. “Are you excited about school tomorrow?” Asked Paisley’s mom. “No!” Paisley said, and she pulled the blanket over her head.

“What Paisley, why not?” “If I were going to a new school, and going to meet new friends and have a new teacher? I would be”….Paisley’s mom stopped a minute and thought for a second. “I think I would be very nervous and scared. Is that how you’re feeling right now Paisley?”

 “Yes, exactly how I feel.” “Hmmm, if I were you how would I make myself feel better? Hmmm let’s see.... Oh I know! I would calm my nerves by reminding myself that school, (especially kindergardens) only hire the nicest, sweetest teachers. Then I could remember that I might know some of the kids in the class. They might have gone to prekindergarden with me. Maybe, they are at home right now and as nervous as I am.

”“I like both of those thoughts” Paisley said, “that does make me feel less nervous and scared".

 Now I’m excited to see some of my old friends! Now I am excited for school!!”

And with that Paisley’s mom gave her a kiss on the cheek and off to sleep Paisley went.

The next day when Paisley walked into her new classroom with her mommy, she was so happy to see how the room was decorated with such bright fun colors. The teacher was smiling and greeting everybody. She looked very nice.

It was also so great to see her old friends in her new class, but the best part of her classroom is
all the new friends she was going to make.

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