Why gay or lesbian sex is natural

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Submitted: February 18, 2019

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Submitted: February 18, 2019



Sexual intercourse between same sexes is natural, biologically speaking. It's not the most common form of sex, but it happens, even in the animal kindom besides humans, who are also actually animals. Commonly known, at least several species of bats and dolphins are known to engage in homosexual activities. The Amazn river dolphin has been reported to take part in sexal intercouse with several partners at the same time, regardless of gender. So yes, even dolphins have orgias. Even our closest relative with the common chimpanzee, bonobo, is known to be bisexual, as both male and female bonobos engage in different forms of sexual activities with the same sex partners. 

What I want to say is, gay/lesbian sex is completely normal. For many animals, it's a way of bonding with another individual of the herd or group. It can also benefit the descendants, as there can be several adults looking after the offspring instead of just one or two. Sex relieves stress, just like it does for us, it can do it for animals as well. Another way to look at this is also the actual naturality. Scientifically, anything that is unnatural, shouldn't be able to happen. For example, a cat and a dog cannot crossbreed, because they are two different species. While it is possible for some species to actually have an offspring, like a mule, that's  hybrid of a horse and a donkey, that offsring is usually sterile. However, homosexuality in animals is possible, just like it is in humans, therefore, it's natural.

Usually when people talk about homosexuality, they advocate their views with the religious perspective that says it's unnatural. I'm not here to bash on any religion, but all religious texts are made by a human. The Bible dates back hundreds of years, and even thousands when you dive deep enough. The modern Bible was reformed dozens of times and parts were taken out before it was atually put together as the book it nowadays is. Many texts were left out of the canon, as they were seen unimportant. Same goes for other religions. In Islam, Allah is said to have told Muhammad what to write in the Quran, but that is a human writing a text, no matter how you look at it. In all religions that discuss this topic, there is always a human there, putting the words on paper. 

Thus, it's a human invention that homosexuality is unnatural. Humans have made a lot of great inventions, but this isn't one of them. Humans can't simply ignore natural sciences and the laws of the world, just beause. We are a product of evolution, just like all life, and evolution still keeps on going. We might think that some things some people do are unntural, but if species that have existed long before us have done the same, who are we to say it's unnatural? If something is possible biologically, it is also natural.

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