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After hearing some strange sounds at night, Alex decided to wander into the woods near his house in order to investigate the source of the sound. Little did he know that this was going to be the worst decision of his life.

Submitted: February 21, 2019

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Submitted: February 21, 2019



Staring into the summer night sky, Alex wondered to himself all sorts of things, some were personal, others would be what some like to call “couch philosophy”, questions like “Are we alone?”; “What’s the meaning of life?”

Alex was aware that everyone had these ‘philosophical’ questions at some point in their life, and that, although he felt special, he really was not. But he had nothing else better to do anyways. He is insomniac, and even though he’s taking sleeping pills, they don’t really help him at all. So all he can do is stare into the night, asking himself questions, all in hope of falling asleep.

Because of his insomnia he is usually really tired. Sometimes he stays awake for 2 or 3 days at a time. When this happens, he is physically incapable of doing anything, he looks like he’s been taken out of a zombie movie.

But Alex has grown used to this life. He’s been like this since forever, and he’s had plenty of time to adjust. He understands all the difficulties he is going to face as he gets older, but he is prepared for them, as tough as they might get.

Usually he spends his nights outside, especially during summer. The quietness around his house, the occasional sound coming from the woods, movements made by small animals are therapeutic for Alex. He usually calms down, forgets about everything, closes his eyes, or stares at the moon, and he rests. He usually doesn’t fall asleep, but the simple act of closing his eyes and calming down and thinking about stuff helps him rest his brain for a little.

Up until now, this night didn’t seem any different from the others. He was feeling a little more tired than usual, but nothing else was different.

But then, something no one would have ever thought about happened. Something loud, a huge crack, erupted from the woods. This got him really scared, since he didn’t know anyone or anything that could be able to make such a loud noise, especially in an area that’s so quiet.

In a surge of adrenalin, he got up from his chair and went to investigate. Considering the loudness of that sound, it seemed like it wasn’t far away from his house. He didn’t feel tired anymore, quite the opposite in fact. He was so interested in the strange noise that he was almost running towards the place where the sound came from.

As he closed in the distance between him and the strange place, Alex slowly decreased his speed, as the adrenalin was fading away and his tiredness kicked back in. He kept walking, but he didn’t discover anything special. He was about to give up on his search when he heard a yell coming not far from the place where he was standing in right now. He began sprinting towards that place, but stopped as soon as he noticed a big creature approaching a woman.

It was a creature he has never seen or heard about before. Standing at a huge 3 and a half meters tall, with countless dagger-like teeth, black leathery skin, walking on its two tree trunk like feet and a huge curve in its large spine, this was something that couldn’t be found in any biology books. The creature slowly walked towards the poor woman with what Alex thought was a curious expression on its demonic face. Alex quickly hid behind a tree at the sight of the huge creature. In his terror, he didn’t realize how much noise he had made, and that proved to be his downfall. The beast turned its attention away from the poor girl and started walking slowly towards Alex.

Just when he thought he couldn’t be more terrified, Alex’s heart started pumping faster and harder. He could hear thumps in his ear and time seemed slowed down as the beast closed in the distance. Without hesitating, Alex started sprinting towards the general direction of his house.

With a huge yell, the bipedal monster started running after Alex. Despite its huge size, it moved incredibly fast and reached Alex in no time. As the damned thing got closer to Alex, it slowed down to match Alex’s speed.

Alex was so terrified he couldn’t hear anything, all he saw were the trees rapidly passing by him as he dashed through the woods, thus he didn’t notice that the monster was at an arm’s reach from him. Although the distance between the two was so small, the beast didn’t attack him, he just chased him. Maybe the creature did it just for fun, maybe it took amusement into his victim’s horror and terror, just like a sadistic psycho. Perhaps this was the reason why he didn’t kill the girl, but instead chose to scar her for life.

At this point, Alex was running blindly, he couldn’t focus on any direction, all he could think about was running. In his terror, he didn’t manage to see a tree in front of him in time and smashed face first into it. Because the monster was following Alex really closely, it didn’t manage to stop its heavy body soon enough and crashed, the same as Alex, into the tree, causing it to break. Something similar must’ve happened with the girl, causing the loud crack that made Alex wander into the forest to investigate.

Both Alex and the creature fell unconscious from the shock. The demonic thing fell on Alex’s legs, breaking his knees with its heavy weight. Alex woke up first, just to realize that he couldn’t feel his legs anymore. It was already noon outside, and the brute was still lying unconscious on his lower legs.

At this point Alex knew everything was over. He couldn’t do anything about it anymore, his legs were crushed, he was immobilized and he didn’t bring his phone with him, as he didn’t feel he needed it when he went to investigate. All he could do now was to wait for the devilish brute to wake up and end his suffering.

While in agonizing pain, he mustered up enough energy to raise his head in order to be able to get a closer and more detailed look at the brute’s body. There wasn’t anything else he could do anyways, so he might just as well satisfy his curiosity.

As he was staring towards its huge body, he could get a more accurate image of the body. It was extremely hunchbacked, to the point where looking down was almost it’s natural position, its upper body was significantly larger than the lower body. In fact, the difference was so large that it almost seemed impossible for it to keep its balance. The knees of his legs were bent backwards, like a goat’s back legs, and its entire body was covered in a small, rough fur except for its arms and stomach. It’s ears were large and pointy, and it’s face somewhat resembled that of a human. Alex actually remembered a few images that were titled as depictions of werewolves that looked somewhat similar to this huge monster. Of course this wasn’t a werewolf, since from what he could remember, they keep their beast form only during the night. But whoever created the beast surely used some picture of a werewolf as a source of inspiration, and put their small touches on the design.

While Alex was pondering at its looks, the monster slowly came back to it senses. When Alex noticed this, adrenalin started rushing into him again. The creature stood on its feet, stared at Alex with pity and ran off, seemingly scared.

This left Alex really confused, but he already started feeling weak again. The sudden spike of adrenalin went away, the pain kicked back in, and his consciousness slowly faded away for the second time.

“Hang in there, HEY, HEY, HANG IN THERE JUST FOR A LITTLE LONGER” he heard as he was about to go to sleep again. He turned his head sideways and all he saw has the silhouette of a woman running towards him.

Everything turned black afterwards.

© Copyright 2019 Gabriel O'Connor. All rights reserved.

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