My Nighttime Daemon

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he planted demons in her brain, but she won out and left him with the daemon.

My Nighttime Demon


He sits there on the bed with a sad smile on his face.

Says he thinks he doesn’t want me.

I step in between his knees and rest my hands on his cheeks.

My teeth flash, and so does the daemons’ that he planted in my mind that night.

He follows me into my sleep and creates my dreams.

Body in paralysis as tears run from my eyes.

His words eat me alive.

The daemons teeth grazing against my heart.

Letting the gashes reopen nightly, when the quiet likes to be violent.

But I will live.

The claw marks he made will scar over.

One day I will walk around without burns on my heart.

And he will still be sitting there.

With only the daemon I left him with as company.








Submitted: February 21, 2019

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