Orcish Blood

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Royalty exists even within the tribal clans of the Thithen orcs and harm of these royals is not easily forgiven. Harm an orc, two more will show up to exact their Blood Penance upon you. These two orcs may very well be named Galagash and Gubat Bloodkin...

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Chapter One: Sands of Thithen

Submitted: February 21, 2019

Orcish Blood is a throwback to my original fanfiction novel of Skyrim; in which, the character I played, Galagash, took a young squire of sorts---Gubat---to rescue the Chief's kidnapped daughter,
Hurbuk. This quest lead Galagash to learn he was the prophesied "Dovahkiin" and thus looped him into the main questline of the game. Obviously, I've changed practically everything to suit my world,
but Galagash and Gubat remain almost unchanged to wreak havoc on Zenorion! >:D

I had the original fanfiction up on Booksie for quite a while under the title "Dragon's Fire" but after attempting to rewrite it twice, I ultimately ended up abandoning it. But it's back! All
original, of course :D

This novel follows the adventures of Galagash and Gubat Bloodkin (Along with two other orcs ;)) as they track down one of the Chief's relatives through a huge chunk of Zenorion. This arc of books
is still in planning and I'm not sure how many books there will be. Regardless, it is the final (So far) arc in my world.

Galagash and Gubat make an appearance in Hunted! A few chapters before Arryn and co. discover Asagog.
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