Tropical Cyclone

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Cyclonic tropical weather makes for an interesting experience.

The crisp early morning dawn was fresh and reinvigorating. She paced herself with Millie & Mitch enjoying the early morning walk before the hot sun gave way to another humid day. The kangaroos were grazing nearby and their family lookout became aware of our approach. A few soft spoken words of assurance and the kangaroos relaxed in the knowledge of our presence. They continued grazing and little 16 month old Mitch who was still bemused by them stood to watch them in awe. He followed Millie’s lead and was respectful of their presence and walked by, soon this land would be bulldozed and developed and turned into suburbia and the roo’s would lose their home. 


But for now we could all appreciate the wildlife and hope the burbs would be years away yet. Walking through the park, listening to the early rise of the birds the chatter and warbles filled the air. The sun nudged the morning skyline and we turned for home. With the sun on our backs it surely was a promise of a hot day. Yet there were some clouds around and an uncharacteristic wind from the East. 


Loch Ness Turtle was still slumbering in her big pond when I took Khaleesi Dragon out to her sheltered morning spot. She had  a morning area where she could lap up the sun and if she got too hot,  she had shade also. The wind was a concern though. Setting her solar panels for maximin sun exposure which enabled the pond pumps, Nessie breached the water and looked at her with some interest. Sensing a change in weather, Nessie’s behaviour made her move to higher grounds instinctually. 


She could do 5 laps of the yard and end up back where she started but she was quite safe wherever she was in this garden. If she could not find her she would ask Millie “Where is the turtle?” Millie would put her nose to the ground and track her smell where the turtle had waddled. The yard had been built so that it was all one level, ponds were in-ground and that discouraged Nessie climbing because she could. Having seen her some how climb up and over my gardening bag on one occasion she realised that even one ding could crack her shell and that would be the end for turtle. 


The BOM told us that an offshore cyclone was heading our way from the coral sea and would likely bring rough weather. Setting about preparing the garden and house for unruly weather was routine. Stowing away potentially any airborne items and preparing for a great deal of rain tested the gutters and drains. She had dug up the yard years back and installed agi-pipes to aid this which enabled quickly rising water to flow away. That was about the same time that the stupid neighbour had filled in the spoon drain that bordered his back fence line and the farm. The farmer had dug out a spoon drain some time ago to remove the rain run off and route to his dam for his cattle. It was marginally on the stupid neighbours back fence and worked very effectively. UNTIL the stupid neighbour filled it in. 


The farmer came around to tell me that the stupid neighbour had filled the drain in & he was cranky, knowing that the water would ultimately end up in the neighbour yard with nowhere to go except at the front door of the new house build. He murmured a few choice words and I thanked him for the information.


So our next big rain happened and next door they were sand bagging. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to understand that if building on a slope/hill, one needs to build foundations up not down to avoid rain build up. The stupid neighbour some years ago had already bragged to me about how he save $20,000 by digging into the slope of the hill and not up. Next thing after the rain he tells me I have a drainage problem that drains into my stupid neighbours property. OMG does this poor excuse for a human being have a brain?


I did not have one iota of time for this neighbour, loud, intimidating, narcissistic and frankly a bully. So we potentially have cyclonic weather approaching, Loch Nessie was out doing turtle donuts in the garden and I make ready for some gusty weather. I do think animals sense it also. The cows next door were sheltered by the protection of the fence, the birds were notably absent. The tree having been lopped and stripped of its beautiful foliage would give no shelter any more. She was still angry about that but at least all the chicks had fledged before the tree was felled.


An indoor temporary paddle pool was organised in her ensuite should Nessie need to come inside was ready. Khaleesi was catching a few rays outside while she could and before the storm hit her human would take her inside to safety. 


The day grew into the afternoon and Khaleesi Dragon got bedded down in her inside enclosure and she was none to pleased about that. She was used to being outside free ranging for up to 10 hours a day and she made her annoyance apparent. The clouds and wind intensified and then the rain came quickly. Looking out into the gardens the ponds & garden had flooded and she could see Nessie happily paddling her way around the yard in the storm. 


Quickly she went outside to the patio and saw that the garden was flooding quickly and the patio would be under water soon. Nessie came paddling over and landed on the patio, it was time for this turtle to be inside were it was safe. She is a water baby at heart and did not necessarily appreciate a safe spot inside, nonetheless we were all adamant she wasn’t going back outside. 


After a tremendous amount of rain and wind the storm passed, the garden water drained away well and I could hear the neighbour sloshing around at his front door. Nessie went back to her pond and explored for any losses, she does have some BFF as fish and I can never quite keep up with who is who. As the sun set the resident frogs bellowed and warbled their delight at the fresh rain - there would be new clutches of eggs in the morning for sure.


The one pond that she monitored closely as this contained morphing tadpoles of native species of frogs sadly had been demolished. Not by flood waters but the the stupid neighbours scallion roofed shed that illegally channeled water off the blasted roof missing the guttering completely and dumping water into this eco system, the habitat was completely destroyed. All those months of cultivating and protecting this area had been lost. 


There was nothing to be done. She had already complained to the local council and councillors of whom none cared about the problem. It was so pathetic that aiding Mother Nature and helping those people that want to do this was not important. The law did not look after good people. In fact it harboured those that were unlawful. Rules and regulations for shed builds or whatever where not inspected or assessed. It was a money making venture simply. 


Now that the nuisance neighbour shed was built, it would not be moved no matter what laws it broke. The noise and gasoline fumes on the weekends encroached her patio and kitchen. Quality of living, yeh well nobody of any consequence really cared about that. 


She had told this scum bag months ago he needed to “learn to live in someone else’s shoes”, it was apparent that life was all about him, himself and stuff anybody else. His bad attitude was not her concern, it was toxic enough having to put up with it but to minimise the exposure was the only thing she could do. 


The garden breathed and came alive after the rain. The grass needed mowing twice a week instead of weekly, there was a crisp fresh smell in the air. The birds that had sheltered under the palm canopy during the storm were now sitting on the fence preening and plumping their feathers. Nessie was parked under her pond lilly having a big nap and Khaleesi was wallowing in a muddy patch in the lawn. She scrunched her face and underbelly on the soft grass with a look of delight. 


Mitch was checking on his last bone deposit that he buried in the veggie garden before the storm which was now flooded, He was mortified that his treasure had been collateral damage. He was on a mission now to seek out and discover his bone. His busy paws and nose trailed over the yard in the hope of an answer to his lost bounty. Millie had a funny look on her face and I wondered if she knew where Mitch’s bone was but she wasn’t giving anything away. They shared everything these two, never a cross word between them about food or treats. I looked over and noticed a bit of a mound of dirt in the fernery. Now this could be the lost treasure Mitch was seeking. I walked over to the mound and asked Millie…..”What is this?” She smiled and wagged her tail, I looked over at Mitch still canvassing the yard. Well that will keep him busy for a while I mused. 


Meanwhile next door I can hear the sloshing of water close to the house & front door and I then heard the agitated cranky voice of the stupid neighbour. If only he wasn’t such a horrid person I might consider going to help him. But it is this generation that has the expectation that the world needs to look after them and have little regard for any body else. Great so I have successfully talked my way out of helping him logically. Time to go and help my other neighbour who is wonderful. 


The humidity is high after the rain so she opened all the windows and put on some ceiling fans in the unit. It had been built with high ceilings, open plan and utilised the sea breeze to waft its way through the home. Millie and Mitch were sprawled in the breeze way luxuriating in the cooler air while she worked in her office. Big windows opened out onto the garden so she could watch the turtle shenanigans and keep an eye on the Dragon. We are all safe and thankful to have survived another bout of rough weather, indeed so much to be thankful for.




Submitted: February 22, 2019

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