Hey Cat, Drop That Bird

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When the neighbors away, and they don't leave any food for the cat, and you try to help out. But nature sets in and the cat reverts to its natural instincts.

Submitted: February 22, 2019

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Submitted: February 22, 2019



I live in a small apartment building here in New Jersey. Everyone knows each other pretty well, and we have an idea on what the other person is doing in their lives.

My neighbors, they have a unique schedule. He works at a hospital about 60 miles away, and he is on call about three days at a time, then off for two, then back on for three days. He will stay at the hospital on days when he works, that way he doesn't  have to drive 120 miles for each shift. His wife works as an airline attendant, so she to has a unique schedule. Sometimes one of them will be home while the other is away. But then there are those times when they are both away, which means, what about the cat.

Well, let me tell you about the cat. The cat, who shall remain nameless for this story in case she decides to read it, is basically a street cat. The couple, when they first got the cat at the age of 5 months would bring her into the house. They had gotten her fixed so she couldn't have kittens. But after a few months, the cat didn't liike being in the house, so they let the cat roam free around the property. Which isn't to bad i guess. Our building is surrounded by woods. It is actually built into the side of a cliff, so the cat can roam around and do her thing like a cat normally would do. 
And also, she can easily find shelter in the carport near the garbage cans or there have been times when i've seen her lying on top of the cardboard that we throw out for recycling. But what about food. Cats got to eat and drink. So, they came up with a solution. They bought one of those dry food despensers so that the food would come out at certain levels onto a bowl. On the otherside was a same type of one, but for water. When the cat drank from the bowl, more water would come out into the bowl. Great, another advancement in science! But, if you don't fill the despencer with food or water, its not going to work. Thats where i come into the story.

I live on the other side of the carport on the first floor. When they are both not home and they forget to fill the despencer with food or water, the cat will come onto my porch and start to meow.And i know what a certain type of meow means for "I'm hungry!". I've had cats in the past. Well, i don't keep cat food, but i always have several cans of tuna fish. I like it, and the cat seems to like it to. so, i will put some on a piece of cardboard and feed it to her, then i wil lfill up her water. But there have been a few times when they weren't home and i was at work and there was no food for the cat. So, whats a cat to do? 

Coming home from work one day, i'm walking up the driveway, and i see the cat. and the cat has something in its mouth. And in the cats mouth was a little sparrow, and it was still alive. It was struggling to get out of the cats mouth. And the cat wasn't letting go., Plus, that cat had a bit of a crazy look on her face. So i yelled at the cat, like the cat was going to listen to me, i said, "M****"! (again i don't want to use the cats name, she might get mad)"drop that bird!" And i'm chasing the cat around the driveway and up into the carport. This cat isn't even mine, and i'm trying to get this bird out of her mouth. But to no avail. The cat, with the bird in her mouth, headed up the side of the building and up to the woods behind us. Well, there was nothing more i could do.

About two hours later, in the early evening, i'm outside drinking a beer before dinner. And coming down the stairs on the side of the building, as pretty as you please was my neighbors cat. Walked passed me like nothing happened. she went over to her food despencer, and seeing that ther was no dry food  in it, came back to me and started to meow. Looking at the cat, i said,"I think you had your dinner, Hope that sparrow filled you up because i'm not feeding you". She just looked at me, with her head on a tilt and turned around and flicked her tail and went back up into the woods probably to find another bird to eat, like it was no big deal.

When one of her owners came home, i told them what happened, and he told me. "Yeah, she does that to us even when we have food out for her. You don't know how many times we had to clean up pieces of dead birds and dead field mice at our door". Well, upon hearing that, i said. "I guess i will be eating alot of tuna because this cat has her own takeout service". 

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