The Chemical X Chemics

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A group of Chemics who I got to know freshmen year and one of their times right before I met them.

The Chemical X Chemics:


Right before my Midland High career began,

There were a group of Chemics,

Consisting of Samantha Cohoon and best friend Johnathan,

With a plan as ready as a premix

For their retiring leader, Dr. Frazee,

Before his departure would make him flee


The doctor’s last hurrah to stand up to Dow

Involved a friendly prank to the snooty Chargers

As Sam, John, and several others in the Chemical X group

Stayed true to their vow

To make MHS’s grand rep larger

And beat the stingy croup

Of the rivals with a bomb,

Consisting of a balloon and water and feeling aplomb


Samantha Cohoon:

“It is half past noon, John!

Time to plant everything on Dow High’s back lawn!”


Johnathan Gohm:

“Alright! Travis Smith and Jared Beach,

Bring the water pump and balloons!

Those Chargers will yell one, huge screech

Like seeing that creature from the black lagoon!”


David Naffie, Aaron Phipps, and a rare, wise Dow student

Stood guard as to spot any possible Dow people

Approaching and being imprudent

While the three also admired any flowers in sight with green sepals


Travis Smith:


Now let’s sneak back to the bushes all green

Behind the exit and out of the sun

As we blend in, not to be seen!”


The group of seven hid there,

While Aaron had his one button remote

And knowing when and where

To use it with his memorizing rote


(Dow High students and staff, including Principal Jaster, walked out the back door, and then—


The plan worked,

All members feeling very accomplished for Michael

Who saw the whole thing from his car

And had an expression that was quite perked,

Before driving away and officially ending his MH cycle,

Remembering how all of his deeds greatly worked.


Only Samantha, John, and the innocent Dow Higher

Knew of the one last friendly trick

From someone nice as a friar,

Though always knew when to pull a nice move quick!…


Out of nowhere, as Jaster and the other Dow-ers

Were soaking wet and pranked unexpectedly,

Two speedy figures with giant spirt guns

Ran next to the school’s bushy furzes

And were the fastest runners with pretty chemistry

While always prepared for any runs!


The runners of Mackenna and redhead Herculean Courtney Rouse

Horrified the green and gold members

Who thought of Frankenstein’s Monster and T-rexs

As they wanted to run straight back to their houses

And picturing the Rouse’s fierce, yet secretly cheery, faces neat as embers

Chasing and spirting them while also heading to any of their apartment multiplexes


Johnathan Gohm:

“Well, Samantha, we did it!

Frazee would be proud of this last part of his skit.”


Samantha Cohoon:


(Aaron Phipps calls Michael Curtis on the job accomplished)

Aaron Phipps:

“It has been done, Curtis.

As this makes every Chemic, and good Charger, feel blessed,

I’ll study more about the ancient myrtus.”


Michael Curtis:

“Well, done!

My lady, do you think Dow will ever go on the run

For good, to make every Chemic never worry about their harsh ways

While perfectly giving all people Chemics see and know praise?


Allie Ladwig:

“Elizabeth and I, Allie Ladwig,

Just know there will be a guy kind and big

Near everyone soon

And will bring perfect peace before his last June

Physically with this excellent school,

Plus be as indelible as a million dollar jewel!!”

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