Our love within II A romance novel

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The supernatural wolves

Book / Science Fiction

Doctor who II Oneshots

Book / Fan Fiction

A whole book dedicated to Doctor who one-shots. Some are connected to episodes, some aren't...enjoy!

Life after Love II Doctor & Rose

Book / Fan Fiction

Rose has faced a lot of things in her life. Good, and bad... Historical events and aliens, near-death experiences, saving planets, and out of all that, the Doctor was the best thing that had ever happened to her. She loved him, no matter who he was. So many times had she saved that daft alien boy, who so desperately needed her yet struggled to show it. Because he was scared. He knew a timelord and a human could never live together. It would pain him to watch the love of his life grow old and leave him, as he stayed young and lived on. He did the best thing he could for her. He gave her himself, the same person, with the exact same memories and feelings, but with a spark of human DNA, and returned them both back to Pete's world. The other him was half human, no longer full timelord he could grow old with the love of his life, Rose. A life the real doctor could never have. A bidding farewell he left....himself, the human version, with a piece of the Tardis. Rose and the Doctor could grow a new Tardis, they had the whole of the galaxies to explore if they wanted. But Rose is confused. Struggling to see the light in all of this. Her real doctor is gone, the one she loved and went through everything with. How could she have a normal life after that? After everything, they had done together? The Doctor is also silently struggling as a clone, being half human, having thousands of memories that he really never had a part in. Can they ever have a life after that sort of love, the love they had for each other, and the places they visited, the Tardis and the countless galaxies....does life after love exist?