“Paranormal apocalypse” Alligator Farm”

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*Adu and his men walk down a path outside of the woods*


*lost soul member*


“Adu what are we after?”




“We are after any kind of weapon that could help us in our fight with Executer. All our weapons are at the cemetery and he probably has guards waiting.”


*a loud growl suddenly occurs*


*the Lost soul members stop dead in there tracks*


“Uhh Adu did you know this field was? Well...Infested with alligators?”


*Adu drops his map and looks ahead and freezes*


*the Lost souls walked right into an alligator farm.*


*Hundreds of hungry alligators stare right at Adu and his men*




“Looks like there is only one way out of this alive...Souls we must fight.”


*the hungry alligators start to growl and slowly crawl circling all around the Lost souls and slowly making there way towards them.* 


Submitted: February 23, 2019

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