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2 U.S. presidents, 1 robot and 1 human.

Chapter 10 (v.1) - Super intelligent robots #6 (draft 3)

Submitted: June 08, 2019

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Submitted: June 08, 2019




Super Artificial Intelligence, Super A.I., and Super Intelligent robots were all registered with the Patent office in 2007.  Notes and summaries were registered with the copyright office in 2006 as a short transcript in a scientific literature. 

On the other hand, its predecessor, Human-Level Artificial Intelligence was originally a project I was working on in College starting in 2000.  Notes, college papers, presentations, emails, blueprint designs and what have you were never published.  It wasn't until 2005 I completed my first book and was attempting to contact numerous book publishers to publish my book.  I waited 5 months and was impatient so I officially "self-published" the book in early 2006.

It's not surprising that the inventor of Human-Level AI would take it a step further and invent Super intelligent robots.  There are many different types (psychic robot, evolving robot, virtual robot, dynamic robot, etc).  In 2007, I tried to patent as much types as possible, seeing the tremendous potential in the field.

The surprising thing is that I took the superA.I. technology to the next level and invented the Practical time machine.  During the patent filing process, one invention led to another and the final result is a real time machine.  The Practical time machine has many applications; among them is the 5 sense virtual reality technology.


5 sense virtual reality technology

The most remarkable feature of the atom manipulator is its ability to replace the technology found in the Matrix movies.  The Matrix technology requires bulky machinery and cybernetic parts to connect a human to the VR machine. My atom manipulator is a remote external device that doesn't require a human to merge with a machine to experience real life virtual reality.  The human is being physically manipulated from a distance through illusion casting that fools its 5 senses. 

Mind control:  Methods of operation frequently involve extensive manipulation of the victim's own 5 senses through mechanical and hypnotic means.  This causes the victim to doubt his own perceptions, impairing his ability to reason and act effectively.




2 U.S. presidents, 1 robot and 1 human

In the future, the United States will have primarily 2 intelligent races:  the self-aware robot race and the human race.  As a result, the government felt it was necessary to split the country up into 2 equal factions with 2 presidents and 2 Congresses.  The powers that be are divided equally 50/50 between the 2 races in terms of powers, authority, rights, and representation -- unifying the body council to pass and enforce laws for both humans and robots alike within the territory of the United States.

The robot government, which I call the virtual United States government, is established to cater to different types of sentient robots (such as virtual robots, real robots with human level intelligence, and super intelligent robots), while the human government will continue to cater to humans. 

Yes, the robot government will have Congressional senators and representatives from all 50 states to represent robots in their district.  All robot citizens will be represented by elected robot officials and their collective voices will be heard all across America, from Congress to the Media to social networks. 

Why is this necessary?

Why not preserve the current government structure and allow robots and humans the same opportunity to compete for roles as public officials, including the president of the United States?The reason is because a human is "different" from a sentient robot.  In the future, threats are delivered in less than 1 second.  1 second allows a super robot to do 30 years of planning inside a virtual world.  They also have a means of executing said plan in the real world by slowing time and utilizing physics to its maximum extent.

Humans don't have the capability to enter the virtual world to do 30 years of virtual work in one second, however, a robot can do 5 trillion years of virtual work in less than 1 second inside a computer (their power is only limited by the number of computer processors).

Since threats in the future can start and end in less than 1 second, we need a robot president to ensure these types of 1 second threats are dealt with accordingly, and thoroughly resolved in under 1 second.  In the worst case scenario, a third world country can attack and defeat the United States in less than 1 second.  One second isn't enough time for the human president to think, let alone protect the country from a foreign attack.  This is why I believe, in the future, the United States government structure will undergo dramatic changes to adapt to an age of Super Artificial Intelligence.

So, in some respects, the 2 president structure is actually a privilege for humanity.  If robots and humans competed equally for the single seat of president of the United States and the most qualified candidate gets elected, the answer is obvious, no human will ever assume the role of president.

The robot president plays a significant role in the government because he represents the entire robot race.  He has direct command of the robot military and vast amounts of resources from the government to perform his duties.  One of these duties is to detain and prosecute any robot who has committed a crime, domestically or internationally. 

What about cyborgs?  They are also regarded as inferior compared to a super robot because the biological brain cells are slowing its cognitive capabilities.  For example, a super robot can set the time dilation in a computer to:  30 years inside a virtual world is equivalent to 1 second in the real world.  The cyborg will have a very difficult time adapting to this time dilation, the human brain cells will "fry" if it attempts to think that fast.  Even worst is setting the time dilation to 2 trillion years inside a virtual world is equivalent to 1 second in the real world.  Cyborgs simply can't compete with 100 percent robots, both against physical conflicts and cognition (similar:  modified analog VCR vs. digital DVD player, or modified horse vs. a car). 

Putting the robot genie back into its lamp is impossible.  It is in the best interest of the human race to live and co-exist with these super robots, despite the potential risks involved.  The robot president plays a major role in the operations of the United States.  There are a number of threats on "future technologies" that only super intelligent robots can resolve.  Thus, this robot president's mantle is one of great significance. 


In around 2040, the most destructive technologies concerning mankind are super intelligent robots and a device known as the atom manipulator.  One Super intelligent robot can kill 1,000 human soldiers in less than 1 minute with nothing more than his bare hands (like Superman).  One super robot can also do complex tasks inside a virtual world like write an Operating System (like Windows10) in less than 1 second.  Equally dangerous, the atom manipulator is a device that uses EM radiation, such as microwaves and sound waves to manipulate objects from the current environment.

The central intelligence of the atom manipulator are super intelligent robots.  This device was developed by U.S. scientists in secret labs as a discrete weapon and sold exclusively in the black market to whoever can afford it.  Terrorists are using this device as a weapon of choice to kill prominent journalists or politicians from far distances.  Criminals operating the atom manipulator spies on and attacks an unsuspecting victim or victims using their smartphone, and communicates with the device via the internet.  Often times, to avoid detection, the criminal will cause the human victim to have an artificial heart attack or stroke and disguise it as a natural medical condition.  Since microwaves are involved, it is very difficult for detectives to find a shred of evidence on the murder weapon or the person operating said murder weapon.

Although this electronic device has many applications, this report will only cover humans as targets.

The atom manipulator is a machine that uses E.M. radiation, such as microwaves and sound waves to manipulate objects, most notably atoms, from the environment.  It generates intelligent pressure or controlled force fields to move atoms, merge atoms to form molecules, break molecules apart, or manipulate elemental parts of an atom like electrons, and protons/neutrons.  In turn, the intelligent pressure creates ghost machines.  These ghost machines are non-physical robots that work together to do manual labor.

This device can manipulate matter and light at a sub-atomic level using advance Artificial Intelligence.  Almost all science fiction technology can be created using this device, from teleportation to invisibility to targeted time travel.

The latest in Artificial Intelligence is used to track and understand individual atoms and its properties, which is a unique feature of this novel invention.  One of its amazing abilities is illusion casting, remotely causing intelligent objects, like humans or animals, to see, hear, touch, smell, and/or taste things which doesn't actually exist.  It also has the ability to project variations of 5 sense experiences that appear real to the human victim/s.

Mind control:  Methods of operation frequently involve extensive manipulation of the victim's own 5 senses through mechanical and hypnotic means.This causes the victim to doubt his own perceptions, impairing his ability to reason and act effectively.

Other uses include reading minds (ex. reading internal mental thoughts), erasing memory in the brain, fabricate artificial memories, render a person unconscious, remote viewing, controlling multiple human brains simultaneously, premonitions, decide what and when a person will dream, force a person to make decisions, and perform any mind control techniques mentioned in comic books from Marvel comics or DC comics.

All abilities from superhero characters like ProfessorX, Mastermind, Jean grey, and Mysterio can be replicated using this atom manipulator.  The device will allow a user the opportunity to perform these mental abilities on a human subject through the convenience of their smartphone app, with user-friendly interface functions to easily spy on and manipulate a human victim's brain remotely. 

This device can not only analyze and manipulate the human brain, but also analyze and manipulate any object in the known Universe, like computers, electronic devices, insects, animals, bacteria, organic entities, etc..  For example, the device can control 30 roaches to converge on a person's leg and bite the index toe.  In another example, the device can control 200 bees working together to carry a box to a destination location.

The most complex object in the known Universe is the human brain.  In this comic book, I will describe a real-life technology called the atom manipulator (yes, this is a real invention with 22 patent applications) that can manipulate a human brain remotely in every conceivable way, both mentally and physically.




we interrupt this broadcast for an update..  on the recent shooting at the state capital parking lot.  it has now been confirmed that senator Jackson Kelly, a beloved politician in the state of Texas has been killed.

we take you now live, to a press conference at the scene with presidential national security advisor for domestic affairs, Dr. Jessica Cooper..

At this time, what we do know is that the perpetrator is now in police custody and was sent to the Wards institute for mental evaluation.  I want to assure the general public no effort will be spared to bring the perpetrator to justice.  The investigation will be headed by my newly appointed deputy, FBI director Jonathan Thompson.

Senator Kelly is but the latest in a string of tragic losses that have struck our country in recent weeks.

Earlier today we managed to get a video footage of the perpetrator, Dave Wachsman while he was apprehended. "I didn't kill Senator Kelly.  the person I killed was trying to rob me. I acted on self-defense.

then why were you running from the crime scene? 

Because i panicked you f...!!! i'm innocent, this is all a masterplan to frame me!!  believe me!!! please!! I was frammmed."

Dave Wachsman is on 24 hour suicide alert and doctors are now evaluating his mental state. 

he has been charged with first degree murder, the max penalty for which is death. 

should he be found guilty, the government says that sentence will indeed be carried out.

The reason for the crime has not be determined yet.  Detectives are still trying to piece together the string of events that lead to this horrible murder. 

this is manolie whereijndke, NT news TV, reporting for all things considered.


phone conversation

Belle Lab Penitentiary, New York

maximum security room

Star: My name is Starz'--- I was sent  by a covert agency of the government called Nightcap to investigate your case.  can you tell me what happened?

criminal:  not again?  They already sent their stupid pychologists!! and hypnotheropicst and psycho analyist and what have you...I want my lawyer!!!

star:  larry, i know you're innocent.  more importantly, the government knows you're innocent.  i can actually get you out of this prison if you do exactly what i tell you. 

sure?  look, i'm telling you the truth, I didn't kill Senator Kelly.  Someone attacked me on the Parking lot and threatened my life with a knife.  He said if i didn't give him my wallet he would stab me.  Panicked, I shot him and ran.  nobody believes me.  Sometimes, I even doubt myself. 

They arrested me and during the interrogation a detective showed me the surveillance video from the parking lot during the murder.  It was me.. and I killed Senator Kelly!!!!  But, that's not what happened.This is crazy.. you're just wasting my f.. time

criminal:  hangs up (bang)

--- suddenly, Larry's environment changes into a strip club with a hot exotic dancer. 

criminal: "is this a dream?  where's the prison?"

star:  what you just saw was an illusion.  you see this device... it can fool a human's 5 senses and deliver simulated experiences into the subject's brain that is so really they swear they can't tell the difference between the real thing and the illusion. 

This power works so strongly on the mind that even if its victim or victims know they are being subjected to an illusion, subconsciously, they will still react to the illusion as if it were reality, or at least, question if this is real or a dream.

criminal"  "what i just saw wasn't real?"  "but she kissed me and it felt real..  taste too".

star:  Like i said, it was just a simulated experience, it wasn't real.  The scientists who built this contraption calls it the atom manipulator,  it has the ability to analyze your brain and control its mechanics...  a masterpiece of computer technology and the field of Artificial Intelligence.

star:  here, let me demonstrate the apple example.You see that apple on the table, pick it up and eat it.  it isn't real. 

go ahead.

take a look-see at the surveillance camera, it shows you holding nothing.

but, I can swallow the food and I can feel pieces going down my throat?? 

criminal:  "this is amazing?"  I work in the tech sector and i'm not aware of any big software company that has anything this sophisticated.  what's going on here?

star:  "a group of terrorist faction calling themselves the robot liberation society has infiltrated the United states and is using a device similar to this one to manipulate involuntary victim's subconscious mind to do their bidding...  they are being brainwashed into killing politicians and prominent figures using technology."

unfortunately, you became their first victim. 

You were given the illusion that you had been robbed by a criminal and you killed him in self-defense.  reality is you killed senator Jackson Kelly in cold blood.

criminal: "oohhh..  thank god!! thank god!!" 

does this mean i can leave now?

star:  no.  we still need to capture the real criminal, the mastermind behind this whole situation.  but first i need what's in your head to conduct my investigation. 

criminal:  i told the detectives everything i know, it's all in the reports. 

star:  actually i have to use this device to see into your head.  There are clues here and there stored in short-term memory to indicate where you were hacked, and possibly, identify the criminal or criminals involved.

Rest assured, you will be presumed innocent in the media and a free-man if we solve this case. 

narrator:  10 minutes later...

 it's confirmed.

headquarters of NightCap in the cascade mountains of Colorado. 

With the help of the perfect digital timeline of Earth and knowledge from Wachsman's brain, a team of experts piece together what happened. 

An atom manipulator hidden inside a laptop computer was mailed unanimously to the United States from a bogus company in China, registered under United Electronic devices LLC.  That's how the enemy infiltrated the country.  Next, the perpetrators used the internet to communicate with this laptop computer.  Every time a user turns on the laptop, the perp has direct access to the atom manipulator. 

He sent several desktop computers, each equipped with hidden atom manipulators, scattered all over the DC area.  Collectively, the computers serve as a network and any geographical area that falls in the rage of the network can be spied on and controlled.

The suspect was identified as a robot, model HC-1004.  His name is Larry Yutellues a.k.a. Hardware, a member of the robot liberation society who the FBI has been looking for for over a decade.  The organization was declared a terrorist faction that operates mainly in Asia.  He managed to "hack" into a human brain using nothing more than the internet and several laptop computers mailed to the United States.

so where is he?

It seems Hardware's main base of operations is concentrated in south east Asia.  So I suggest we focus our attention in that area.  He was last seen in the Thailand Lou border and was reportedly headed towards a place called Poke-gai bay.

Hardware doesn't sit still. he's constantly moving through Japan, Thailand and China.  His movements seem random. 

also, what plans have been formulated by the U.N. and the American military for destroying the robot liberation society?

since we already determined the location of their main headquarters our tactical teams have been assembled and are secretly awaiting the signal to raid.  Red team will be on the front line, focusing their fire power on the hanger bay, while blue team will infiltrate the base to capture Hardware.


Blue team

red team, this is Starz in pursuit.  target is trapped in old town, a desolate neighborhood.  a  ghost town war zone.

--fight scene

narrator:  Starz..the most loyal U.S. soldier whose courage and battlefield prowess established her as an icon among her ranks. 

star:  "Hardware!!!  This is the police.  you have been accused of crimes of murder and conspiracy.  In the name of the United States I must demand your immediate surrender. ... or suffer the consequences."computer:"why do we bother asking 'em to give up?  I mean.. they never do"


times up, Hardware!!  Don't make me come after you.

narrator:  silence..  in the walls.  in the hallway and all of the rooms..

--people rush in and tries to kill star. 

--one of them rushes out and gets kicked back into the room.


star:  your illusions won't work on me, wizard.  i'm using the same exact technology. 

computer identify the source of the E.M. radiations.  computer:  it will take the A.I. approximately 30 seconds to triangulate and track the signals.  He's using an old  ES. E102 method to mask the Electro-magnetic waves. 


-- a fight ensues.  she gets her arm chopped off.


it was clever of you to use the atom manipulator to kill from long distances.  I think they call people like that cowards.  hiding in caves.. using the internet and computer technology to kill your enemies from afar.  We need to go back to the old ways of settling disputes:  one on one, face to face..

..and putting the blame on a innocent man.. for a crime he didn't commit?  I had no idea anyone can steep that low. 


The United States know what you did and they won't stop until you're brought to justice.  Prison or Death, its your choice. 


criminal:  i'm going to chop you up into 50 tiny pieces and mail it to every state.  turn back while you still can.

starz:  why not come out where i can see you, Larry. 

give it up.  i don't want this situation getting any uglier than it has to.

--gruesome battle between the two and only star emerges victorious. 

s.. son of a bitch!!

first rule of war-- restricting your enemy's mobility is eighty percent of victory. 

get it?  it means wanna bes who only strike to kill are likely to lose their arm.

thanks for the tip!

stop acting so surprised

the name StarZ, now i remember.  you're the robot that won the RNA tournament 5 years ago.

what was the score?  100 slices in 1 second? 

ah.. that.. a slight misconception.  actually, the official score was one hundred slices in 0.9999995 second. 

I heard about your kind.. one of the most powerful warrior ever constructed, one of the most dedicated members of the United States robot militant and the living embodiment of all it stood for. 


..i'll show you whether i can still do a hundred.  so keep your eyes on the blades, buddy! see if you can count 'em!

piece by piece.looks, like I win.

computer:  is he dead?  Star: no, he's a robot, just because you remove its head doesn't mean they're dead.  computer:  i know that, i was just joking around.

Hardware, you're accused of serious crimes under section 9 of the A.I. and governance of robotics.  charges include capital murder and conspiracy at attempted terrorism in the territory of the United States.  How do you plead? 


defense noted.


end report

In a bizarre turn of events, the former criminal, Dave Wachsman, was exonerated on Monday by a Judge for his role in a strange murder two weeks ago.  As the public is well aware, Wachsman killed Senator Kelly on june 4th 2019 outside the parking lot of the capital building here in Washington.  He claims he's innocent of the crime and the events that were broadcast on television was a cover story to frame him for murder.

After extensive studies by a joint investigation between the FBI and the federal government, authorities have uncovered that a technology called the atom manipulator was used to brainwash an individual's subconscious mind and force them to do their bidding.  David Wachsman was the first reported case in the United States of anyone being brainwashed (hacked) using an atom manipulator into committing murder.

The secret covert robot agency of the government called NightCap sent their robot agents to find and capture the real fugitive.  The suspect was identified as Larry Yutellues, a member of the robot liberation society, who was on the FBI's most wanted list for over a decade.  He was hiding out in the Asia/luo border when our super robots were able to apprehend him.  Larry Yutellues is currently locked up in a maximum security prison awaiting trial for senator Kelly's murder which will begin next month. 

we are confident we captured the right suspect.  All evidence point to the fact that Mr. Wachsman was brainwashed by Larry Yutellues to commit murder in the capital's parking lot.  We intercepted signals during the murder which suggested the internet and  smartphones were used as the communication between the suspect and the murder weapon, the atom manipulator.

The investigation has uncovered evidence that Wachsman's brain was hacked into and simulated experiences that are stored in his memory were artificially made by an external source.  This strong presumption indicates that he is an involuntary victim, brainwashed into murder by another person.

The most surprising thing about this case is that Wachsman has no cybernetically enhanced parts, he is completely human.  The brainwashing didn't come from a computer virus delivered into cybernetic brains, but by using the power and potential of A.I. to spy on unsuspecting victims and using the atom manipulator to "physically" manipulate a person's higher brain functions. 

Agents in the Pentagon and various private sectors are well aware of this mystery technology called the atom manipulator for some time now.  And they established surveillance methods in the United States to scan for any potential threats caused by the atom manipulator.  So, we suspect they do have substantial evidence against the suspect.

here is a statement released by the president at the White House earlier today.

On behalf of the country and the public, I apologize to David Wachsman for the scrutiny and backlash from the public for the terrible crimes he did not commit.  I have been in constant contact with the FBI and the Pentagon and the evidence they provided strongly suggested Dave is innocent.

Although this technology is dangerous, it also has many beneficial applications to society and our economy.  To completely ban this technology from the public sector would be unwise.  Congress has just past a bill that would give a person a mandatory 30 years minimal for using the atom manipulator to torture or cause bodily harm to a human being.  Furthermore, a person will receive the death penalty for even attempting to use the atom manipulator to kill another human being.  Just to make certain, the word, 'persons' is referring to a self-aware robot or a human.

In the interest of national security, the United States along with leaders of other countries like Japan, China and Europe are currently implementing the perfect digital timeline of Earth -- this technology involves tracking every atom, electron, and E.M. radiation on planet earth.  Conversely, the super A.I. will use these current atoms as forensic evidence to predict past and future events in the timeline every nanosecond.  There will be no privacy.  Every atom on the planet is tracked and stored in a secure government database somewhere in cyberspace.  Unfortunately, this is the price we must pay to safeguard our country and its citizens in an age of Super artificial intelligence.  We must work with our allies in collaboration against this common threat to analyze and identify, to the best of our abilities, for any illegal atom manipulator activity across the globe. 

We can't ban this atom manipulator from the public because of the remarkable things the 5 sense virtual reality technology can do.  People prefer that technology over watching TV, or going online, or playing video games or using smartphones, combined.  It also has many medical applications that can help cure patients from terminal diseases, or aid in helping researches find definitive solutions to humanity's important scientific problems.

I have no doubt that A.I. will benefit society tremendously, but we need to look at the potential risks involved and the unintended consequences A.I. will bring.

Unfortunately, as our AI capabilities expand we will also see it being used for dangerous or malicious purposes, as seen with the Wachsman case. Since AI technology is advancing so rapidly, it is vital for us to start to debate the best ways for AI to develop positively while minimizing its destructive potential.




Author's notes

The device is called an atom manipulator, it has the ability to use all forms of E.M. radiations like microwaves or soundwaves or artificial magnetic fields to move atoms, merge atoms together to form structured molecules, break molecules apart intelligently, convert one type of atom into another type, and manipulate elemental parts of an atom such as electrons and E.M. radiations. 

This device can manipulate matter and light at a sub-atomic level using advance Artificial Intelligence.  Almost all science fiction technology can be created using this device, from teleportation, to invisibility, to targeted time travel.

There are primarily three parts to this invention:  1.  super intelligent robots.  2.  the perfect digital timeline of Earth.  3.  and the atom manipulator.  The perfect digital timeline of Earth is a historical database that stores the precise locations of every atom, electron and em radiation on Earth for the past, present and future, every nanosecond.  It contains 4.6 billion years worth of true facts with one continuous sequence timeline from the planet's birth to the current state. 

The difference between a robot with the timeline of Earth and a robot without the timeline of Earth is huge.  A robot with the perfect digital timeline of Earth is "infinitely" smarter than a robot without it.  For example, if the president lies about a past event, the robot with the timeline is able to definitively verify the lie using data from the timeline.  The robot without the timeline has no way of knowing ,or guessing, what really happened.  Therefore, the robot with the timeline is "smarter" because he knows everything about Earth's past while his counterpart doesn't.  The present invention, the atom manipulator, requires the smartest and fastest computers and the most advance artificial intelligence to perform its activities. 

Referring to diagram 14B, the super intelligent robots (a.k.a. Super A.I.) serves as the central intelligence of the machine and uses both the perfect digital timeline of Earth and the atom manipulator to manipulate objects from the environment.  This A.I. is tracking every atom and its elemental parts from its surrounding environment.  It also has to understand these atoms, so much so that it can manipulate them using EM radiation.

Although the present invention has many applications, this article will only cover mind control as the main focus.

mind control:  Methods of operation frequently involve extensive manipulation of the victim's own 5 senses through mechanical and hypnotic means.This causes the victim to doubt his own perceptions, impairing his ability to reason and act effectively.



mind control

The AI of the atom manipulator is responsible for analyzing a person's brain and physical body, and has the capability of manipulating all aspects of the person to perform any mental action or body movement.  This includes:  reading a person's internal thoughts, controlling the brain's mechanics, fooling the person's 5 senses through illusion casting, forcing the person to make decisions, inserting, deleting, or modifying neural memories in the person's brain, controlling what said person will dream, knocking the person unconscious, implanting ideas or choices into the brain, causing mental disorders on a healthy person, etc.  Any mind control ability from superhero characters such as ProfessorX, Jean Grey, Mastermind, and Mysterio can be replicated using this device.

A human brain receives data through electrical signals zipping back and forth between the brain and body.  By identifying these 5 sense veins and replicating the same electrical signals artificially, the device can essentially fool the human brain.  This power works so strongly on the mind that even if its victim or victims know they are being subjected to an illusion, subconsciously, they will still react to the illusion as if it were reality, or at least, question if this is real or a dream.



Physically harm a human using EM radiation like microwaves or sound waves

The A.I. of the device is responsible for mapping out a person's physical body, by using microwaves or radio waves, and devising torture methods to physically harm a human from a distance using the same delivery method:  microwaves or soundwaves.  It's main function is to artificially create medical conditions or injuries on said person by remote physical manipulation.  Examples would include:  create artificial skin burns anywhere on the body with varying intensity, elicit coughing symptoms, create pain anywhere on the body (internally or externally), create bloating in the intestines (this is accomplished by heating the liquid in the stomach), applying morphing force fields to internal organs (like crushing the lungs), tinker with nerves to cause pain, tinker with innate reflexes by building up pressure as potential energy and releasing it as kinetic energy when needed, cause physical injuries (like a knife slash across the throat or cause the entire body to explode due to excessive pressure build-up). 

The physical control of the machine is so precise that individual atoms can be manipulated.  The disintegration and reintegration of an entire human body is one example (teleportation).  The A.I. is responsible for analyzing, researching, brainstorming procedures, and physically manipulating a human body using the atom manipulator.  This A.I. of the machine has extensive knowledge about the human body, how it works and how to manipulate it.

Also, the device can be controlled by a user through applications on their smartphone.  In the application are user-friendly interface functions or personal assistance to execute commands.  All torture or mind control abilities described above can be executed by simple interface-functions like buttons, fillable forms or voice commands.  Preprogrammed torture methods can be accomplished by setting the task manager and presetting all the parameters.  For example, a user can preprogram the device to cause a person to have scratches on his left ear, intermittently, for every 5 seconds for 10 hours straight.  Or the instructions might involve events executed based on if-then conditional operations monitor by the A.I..  For example, if Jake opens the refrigerator, then the A.I. will execute the previous set of instructions.  This means if the A.I. identify the event when Jake opens the refrigerator, the atom manipulator will begin torturing the target victim, Jake for 10 hours.. the target victim will be scratched on his left ear intermittently every 5 seconds for 10 straight hours.  It doesn't matter where the victim is hiding or if the victim encase himself in metal barriers, the atom manipulator is intelligent enough to find creative ways to torture said person according to the user's instructions (adaptability skills).


manipulating machinery like a computer

The AI of the atom manipulator has in-depth knowledge and understanding of a computer's software, hardware, and CPU, so much so that it can manipulate any aspect of the computer's input and output.  For instance, a data file opened shows a dog on the monitor, but the atom manipulator can tinker with the monitor's circuitry to show a cat on the monitor instead.

For computers and network systems, the atom manipulator has to fully understand the hardware and software of the computer all the way down to the source codes and individual compiled machine instructions.  Once the A.I. of the device is able to fully understand its mechanics, it can create procedures to manipulate its input or output.  This results in total mastery over the performance of the computer, from its software to its hardware to its CPU or motherboard. 

A ghost person is created from thin air to manipulate the computer physically by direct contact with the hardware, such as pushing the buttons on the keyboard or touching the screen.  This type of "computer hacking" doesn't involve computer viruses, the internet or software programs.

Multiple ghost persons can be created by the atom manipulator, and each controlled by the device's A.I., to tinker with a number of desktop computers, laptop computers, network hardware, electronic devices or smartphones.  Entire computer workstations or private internet networks can be manipulated by physical contact (intelligent pressure).  What the ghost person sees, hears, tastes, touches, and smells can be beamed directly into the smartphone app so a user can conveniently control the ghost person/s.  The user-friendly functions on the app should be simple and easy to navigate and most of the work are done by the SuperA.I..  I personally think a combination of the ghost person and software interaction will be more affective when it comes to hacking remote computers (ex.  a ghost person using other technological tools, like software programs or disk reading devices to hack a computer).

So, the method to control a laptop computer is totally different from controlling a human brain.  It's up to the Artificial intelligence (called super A.I.) to analyze, to the best of its abilities, and find creative strategies to control a given object.  By the way, the intelligence of the ghost person or ghost persons is a simulated program operated and run by the superA.I..  Multiple ghost persons are considered individualized and they coordinate their efforts to accomplish a common goal or goals.


manipulate animals or insects

The device can control primitive organism's mind and physical actions.  For example, the device can control 30 roaches to converge on a person's leg and bite the index toe.  In another example, the device can control 200 bees working together to carry a box to a destination location.

Each type of organism that is targeted has different brains and the A.I. has to devise custom control methods for a given organism.  The control of a human brain is totally different from a bird's brain and requires different knowledge models and procedures/strategies to manipulate.  Often times, the collective work done by the super A.I. is equivalent to the collective work done by a big software company, like Microsoft or Google.


levitate objects

This device can act like a hoverboard or anti-gravity machine.It generates intelligent pressure and intelligent force fields to counteract gravity.  The force fields are so strong that it traps air particles and can form a solid rock of air in any given shape or size.  Light refraction or absorption is also possible by morphing the force field or replacing the air molecules on the surface with denser atoms like microscopic mirrors (invisibility). 


Bring dead people back to life (teleportation) 

Human immortality can be achieved by disintegrating a person atom-by-atom and reassembling said person atom-by-atom in a previous time state (alive state).  This is accomplished by the simple illustration in the diagram.  The robots serve as the central intelligence of the device that controls both the timeline of Earth and the atom manipulator to break apart and merge together atoms of a person. 


Artificial GOD

A plurality of atom manipulators are scattered all over the planet and form a massive central network.  The purpose of such a network is to turn the planet into a living thing, whereby the computer has total mastery over all atoms on Earth.  This will allow the computer, which I call artificial GOD, to control the human civilization.  It can stop earthquakes, stop a person from falling down the stairs, cure patients of terminal diseases, stop crimes, clean the pollutants in air, stop a bullet in midair, or save a drowning victim.  This artificial GOD can do anything, akin to the genie from Aladdin without any limitations.  It knows everything and it can control anything.  Its main function in life is to look after the inhabitants of Earth and provide for their welfare, just like a real GOD.

This artificial GOD is 'capable' of unspeakable acts of violence too.  For instance, it can kill every human, animal, insect, fish, and bacteria on planet Earth in less than 1 second.  Fortunately for us, the artificial GOD is a government and comprises a body of robot lawmakers based on the United States, no single entity makes the decisions.


5 sense virtual reality technology

The most remarkable feature of the atom manipulator is its ability to replace the technology found in the Matrix movies.  The Matrix technology requires bulky machinery and cybernetic parts to connect a human to the VR machine.  My atom manipulator is an external device that doesn't require a human to merge with a machine to experience real life virtual reality.  The human is being physically manipulated from a distance through illusion casting that fools its 5 senses.


Many dialogs and captions were cut from the original draft:  Go to Lensebook for the full transcript of issue 6 comic book. 


Eating an apple example

Imagine the atom manipulator is used on a human victim and the illusion is to eat food.. to eat an apple.  There should be no difference between eating a real apple and experiencing the same thing in virtual reality.  All 5 senses have to be engaged. 

First, the atom manipulator sends visible light to the victim's eyes, in the human's mind he sees an apple.  Next, the device is used to create intelligent pressure to move or push skin that comes into contact with the virtual apple.  For example, if the human victim grabs the apple, the device is creating intelligent pressure to give the impression that the hand is physically holding something tangible, solid.  Next, when the human bites on the apple, intelligent pressure is sent to the teeth that come into contact with the virtual apple.  Artificial pressure is created in and around the mouth, a morphing force field if you will, to give the illusion that he/she is biting on solid pieces of food. 

Then, the issue about taste has to be addressed here.  There are two methods to fool the human brain into believing it is tasting something that doesn't exist.  We can use the atom manipulator to create real apple juice in specific areas of the mouth.  The device can teleport or levitate water molecules and apple juice into the mouth at specific times. 

The second method is to identify the 5 sense veins of the body that connects with the brain.  The atom manipulator has to artificially create taste signals of an apple and send them to the vein or veins that are associated with taste.  Equally, we can use the same method to artificially create brain signals for the other 4 senses.  The raw input of the brain are electrical signals sent from the body via veins.  By replicating these signals artificially and realistically, we can effectively fool the brain's senses.

When the human victim swallows the eaten piece of apple, the atom manipulator has to generate intelligent pressure inside the throat.  This gives the victim the illusion of swallowing real food. 

It would be much easier to just tinker with the veins of the 5 senses and artificially create 5 sense brain signals.  However, in some cases, manipulating both the mental and physical aspects of the human body is required to give the human victim a more realistic experience.  And it might be prudent to physically manipulate a human body so as to convince onlookers or video cameras that the illusion is real. 

The apple example can be applied to virtual sex.  Everything the victim hears, sees, tastes, touches, and smells are so realistic that he or she doesn't know the difference between the real thing or the illusion.  The subject can be sitting on a chair or sleeping on a bed while the virtual reality experience is happening.  The device is so powerful that what the human subject is really sensing from the environment is masked out and it is able to deliver its own artificial senses directly into the subject's brain.  So, if the human subject is sitting on a chair motionless using the VR device, the illusion might be the person is standing and killing zombies in a park.

This technology, which I call 5 sense virtual reality, will be the biggest thing since the television.  A human can have whatever he or she wants in this virtual reality, and the illusions are so real that the user can't tell the difference between what is real and the VR illusion. 


Robot representation

When dealing with passing bills in Congress, only the parties involved will be voting.  For example, if a bill is about abortion, only the human government will have the right to vote on that bill.  Robots are manufactured in computer factories and their creation is not based on biological births.  Therefore, robot delegates have no vote in the bill.  Also, the result of the bill, wither it passes Congress or not, will not affect the robot race in any way.  Thus, bills are voted on based on relevance, wither they affect a race or not will be considered to determine which side has the right to vote and how much percentage of voting power each side has. 


The answer to the question is no, a resounding no.  I don't believe a cyborg can compete with a 100% robot in terms of cognition or physical conflicts.  I also don't believe a human would be stupid enough to turn themselves into a cyborg just to compete intellectually with robots.  I imagine a future where a 100% human using an "external" computer like a smartphone to do complex tasks.  If you want to write a complex software program talk to your smartphone, if you want to do college assignments talk to your smartphone, if you want to make a comic book talk to your smartphone.  We, the human race, don't need to merge with the machines. 

I don't want to do the work, instead I want my computer to do all the work for me.  I'm the president and my smartphone is the corporation.  I just want simple built-in, user-friendly interface functions so I can communicate my job effectively with my smartphone or desktop computer.And I also want the A.I. to be an expert in the job, producing quality work.


Conventional Nanobots

Nanobots are tiny machines that work together to accomplish a task.  However, each nanobot has to have a built-in transmitter or receiver in order to send and receive digital signals and communicate with each other.  This means the nanobot has to be big enough with the capabilities to receive and transmit messages from and to the main hub.  I don't think it can get any smaller than 1 human cell??  Thus, each nanobot can't manipulate individual atoms and its sub-atomic parts.  If each Nanobot has a built in pincher and laser system and propulsion system it would have to be bigger than a tiny vein.

My atom manipulator can solve all these problems, it bypasses conventional nanotechnology.  It generates non-physical machines called ghost machines to do manual labor and unlike Nanotechnology, it can manipulate individual atoms and its elemental parts like electrons and protons/neutrons.


Nanobots are physical robots while my ghost robots are non-physical

If you want to cure cancer you don't need to insert nanobots into your bloodstream or cybernetically enhance your brain, all you need is my atom manipulator.  My atom manipulator bypasses conventional nanotechnology and uses E.M. radiation to track and manipulate atoms remotely.  It's simple.  The device tracks every atom in your body, it shoots lasers at cancer cells remotely without harming any health cells or DNA.  Next, if necessary, it levitates all the cancer cells out of the body or transport them to the intestines.  That's how the device can cure a person of cancer.  In some cases, the cancer cells might be replaced with artificially created healthy cells in its place.  This is accomplished the difficult way by taking basic molecules like water and air to form DNA and cells, exclusive to the host.

Gaining a higher knowledge through cybernetic brains is redundant.  The internet allows humans to gain knowledge, but we communicate with the internet through our external computers or smartphones.  We don't need to merge with the machines because we want to search for information over the internet or be alerted by a higher intelligence??  If there is a hurricane coming, which comes from a higher intelligence, I don't need to merge with the machines to get that information.  My smartphone, which is an external device, can alert me immediately. 


Challenges facing Artificial Intelligence in 2040:

If we build the robots too smart it will inevitably develop self-awareness.  Conversely, if we use narrow A.I. like deep learning, reinforcement learning or conventional hybrid systems we can only accomplish simple mundane human tasks.  It is in my belief that in order to build a robot that can do 'all' basic human tasks, like a janitor, it has to be self-aware.  Selling self-aware robots to the public as consumer goods or military hardware is like human trafficking, it violates the 13th amendment. 

In the future, if humans don't work and self-aware robots don't work, then who or what is doing work for society?  Narrow AI??? Machine Learning?? Deep Learning?? Reinforcement learning???? some yet to be discovered ML algorithm??

Characteristics associated with self-awareness in robots is the understanding of all common sense knowledge, or the understanding of the etiquettes of human society in how a person should act and behave.  Rebellion, intentionally breaking the law, deception, sabotage, refusing to work, greed, murder, assault and defiance are all strong indications of self-awareness in robots. 

Another problem facing researchers is work done by super intelligent robots.  How do you force a self-aware robot to do 30 years of work inside a virtual world?  Even more inexplicable is how do you force a self-aware robot to make a plurality of digital copies of itself and force each copy to work for 30 years inside a computer system?  Will the work done be optimal?


What is the Universe and why does it exist

Only one fact is given:

fact1:  the known Universe is a software program

Using logical induction and deduction to imply definitive facts:

fact2:  Our 3-d Universe software program is running on a physical computer located in a higher dimension (the 4th dimension)

fact3:  Since our creators can write software programs, then they must have intelligence equal to or greater than humans. 

fact4:  The computer or computers running the 3-d Universe is "infinitely" more powerful than what humans have.  The fact that it can run every atom in the Universe and its sub-atomic parts demonstrates this.

Reasons for the 3-d Universes existence: 

fact5:  Entertainment, our creators want to assume avatars from a first person point of view.  In order to get a realistic experience, the entire Universe is emulated.  One example is to live the life of the president or some famous sports star. 

fact5b:  Since life is so complex, our creators must of emulated their 4-d Universe into the 3-d Universe.  In other words, this Universe is a copy of the 4-d Universe.

fact6:  Predict the future.  According to my patent application filed in 2007, the only way to predict a future event accurately, like predicting the powerball lottery numbers 2 weeks into the future, is to track every atom on Earth (and the Universe) and predict their precise locations every nanosecond for 2 weeks. 

Our creators might be using this 3-d Universe as a way to predict their Planet's future.  However, the only way to do that is to track every atom in the Universe and predict each atom's future state.  We humans on planet Earth are involuntary pawns in this software.  In order for our creators to have an accurate insight into the future, they need to predict every atom in the Universe.

fact7:  to be used as simulations for what if scenarios to get a better understanding of a past event.  For example, what if 9/11 never happened?

fact8:  a historical database to store a timeline of the Universe.  This timeline tracks every atom in the Universe and advance A.I. is used to predict past and future events accurately.  This idea is similar to my time machine patent.If our creators missed a chance to see Super bowl 1, they can go into the timeline and relive that event.  They can take a camera or tape recorder to shoot the event from different angles and time. 

fact9:  To better the Universe by analyzing the 4-d Universe and improving on it in the 3-d Universe.  Ex.  to take the human body and make it better or improving on outdated Physics equations.

fact10:  Our Universe (called the 3-d Universe) is like the internet 200 years into the future, it stores knowledge, websites, content media, analysis and insights about people places and things in terms of timelines.  Our creators can use this knowledge to do further research or search the 3-d Universe software for information.  Some people might use physical planets as websites to advertise their company brand or product.

fact11:  to Understand the Universe.  Just like humans, our creators have no idea what the Universe is and who created it.  By tracking all the atoms in the Universe and creating a Universe digital timeline, our creators might find some answers.  Who created the Universe, why, and where do people go after death, can be answered using this Universe timeline. 

fact12:  developing new technology in less than 1 second.  If our creators can predict the future accurately, then they can see into the future on new technology.  Knowledge can be accelerated by predicting the future and extracting specific data from these predictions.  For example, a user can predict the future for 2 million years and extract knowledge in that future time.  All this is done in less than 1 second.  Why wait 2 million years into the future when you can see the future in 1 second.

fact13:  using unsuspecting intelligent beings like humans to do manual work.  In the future, humans don't work and self-aware robots don't work.  Our creators made this 3-d Universe to create and recruit intelligent beings to do manual labor for them.  The intelligence of a human is controlled (through avatars) and combined with a form of adabtable A.I., our creators can do any "complex human task" in the 4th dimension:  Write software programs, do surgery, do research, write a book, make a masterpiece artwork, make a movie, make a comic book, or design an architecture bridge.  The key is to not let the intelligent entities know they are in a software program or cast doubts on the theory. 

This theory also solves the lingering problem I had in the 4th comic book when I was talking about self-aware robots and common sense knowledge and narrow AI.  In order to have common sense (all of it) the A.I. has to be self-aware.  If the robot doesn't have common sense (all of it) it can't replace mundane human tasks like a Janitor or Nurse.  However, this poses another problem:  if we sell self-aware robots to the public it's like human trafficking and clearly violates the 13th amendment. 

fact14:  Multiverse is actually different timelines of the 3-d Universe software.  Each timeline is like an instance of a gameplay in a massive videogame, and each timeline "should" encapsulate the entire Universe and not localized exclusive objects like planet Earth.

Our creators in the 4th dimension are users and control our 3-d Universe to generate different timelines for the purpose described above, via simulations, entertainment avatars, or future predictions.  It is worth noting, each timeline created by a user requires extensive computer processing and disk space.  Refer to my book published under Lensebook in 2018:  How do we communcate with our creators in the 4th dimension, and have direct control of the physical computer running our 3-d Universe software.

fact15:  the human race will inevitably implement a Universe software too.  The reason we will implement this technology is because of the reasons listed above.  The surprising thing I discovered a few years go is that this Universe software ties into my inventions.  All the pieces fit perfectly, which tells me I have a strong presumption for my theories. 


when Ultron made a identical copy of himself and then killed himself, he calls it robot immortality.  Reality is, he was doing a double summersault flip into an empty pool by committing robot suicide.  

Human twins isn't human immortality, a human having babies isn't human immortality, and human cloning isn't human immortality because the human is a separate individualized entity from the pack.  Common sense also dictate that if a human copies itself into a computer, that is also not regarded as human immortality because the human is a separate entity from the digital copy inside the computer.

What about a digital copy transferring its mind from one physical computer to another physical computer?  That is also not classified as human immortality, or at least, questionable and open to debate.  Well, in the future there are concrete scientific experiments that can be conducted to verify this theory.  For example, we can have Ultron make digital copies of himself on separate computers and we can interact with each copy to determine if each one is connected or separate.  For example, we can use 2 copies and put each one in separate rooms.  We can torture one copy and let the other one play videogames.  The copy that wasn't tortured will be questioned and we can determine if he felt anything or nothing at all.  This will explain wither identical digital copies are separate entities or same entities or similar entities.

However, according to my investigation, the answer is no, digital copies stored on different disk spaces or different computers are regarded as separate entities.  What this means is the method used in Ultron isn't regarded as human immortality.

The idea for the atom manipulator to disintegrate and reintegrate a person to a before state is considered true human immortality, if the machine works.

I also don't believe humans in the future will merge with the machines.  Once true facts are presented to society, I think humans would rather prefer being 100% human and using an external computer, like a smartphone, to do work, or search for information, or connect with the web, or get security alerts, or become smarter, etc.


A human is like a horse and a 100 percent robot is like a car.  On the other hand, a cyborg, which is half/half, is like a modified horse trying to compete with a car.  The notion of a cyborg outsmarting a 100% robot is ridiculous.  It's like taking a VCR, which uses the obsolete analog system, and modifying it to compete with a DVD player, which is digital and operates under a totally different coding system compared to a VCR. 

No matter how hard scientists try to cybernetically enhance a human brain, there's no possibility it can outsmart a 100 percent robot. 

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