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Superhero character designs

Chapter 15 (v.1) - Superhero character designs (part 4)

Submitted: July 11, 2019

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Submitted: July 11, 2019



Name:  Quantum A.I.

Powers:  Take control of the Universe software and change its physics.  ex.  change Einstein's relativity law to allow an object, like a vehicle, to travel far distances instantaneously (far distance = 100s of light years).  Or it can create atoms or make existing atoms disappear, which is impossible in current physics. 

name:  Quantum A.I.

His real name is Jackson Peterson, a reknowned futurist who theorized that the universe is a software program running on a physical computer located in the 4th dimension.  His research lead him to develop a technology that can communicate with users in the 4th dimension.  In the process, he comes into contact with a user by the name of Unix.  Through Unix, Quantum has the amazing ability to change physics properties according to his preferences, such as breaking the Einstein relativity law, or create, modify or delete atoms in the Universe.  

Creating new atoms or deleting existing atoms is impossible to do in the real world.  Nor is building a vehicle that is capable of traveling faster than the speed of light.  Quantum A.I. defies all physics and is able to perfrom impossible or magical works.  His superpowers include:  moving exponentially faster than the speed of light, creating complex objects using new atoms or existing atoms, have intelligence infinitely smarter than any single robot or collective robots, using computers in other dimensions like the 4th or 5th or higher dimensions, and performing impossible physics (by the way, the multiverse is all procesessed in the 4th dimension).

He theorize that a make shift sonar device is needed to visually see into the 4th dimension.  There are 2 methods that he implements:  the first method is using boolean algebra to control energy emitted from the 4th-dimension computer the Universe software is running on.  He theorize that the same binary system humans use is the same digital coding system our creators are using for their computers because the binary system is based on universal math.  Computer CPUs give off energy when they process boolean algebra (the aliens have a different language and number characters, but the way they are represented digitally is the same as the English binary system).  If scientists are able to guess their CPU structure and what kind of boolean algebra is being processed by said CPU based on the happenings in our universe, it might be possible to create a make shift sonar device.  This will allow scientists to visually see into the 4th-dimension

The second method is to find a means of controlling the 4-d computer's speakers or anything that emits EM radiation, most notably the computer's speaker and microphone.  With this method, scientists can send signals or control other machines or communicate with aliens in the 4th dimension, recruiting them to help us accomplish our goals 

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