Alien: Remnants of Hate

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Introduces the creation of the main antagonist. And some of what he does. And please excuse errors, some of them are the fact I wrote this a while ago.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Prologue

Submitted: February 24, 2019

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Submitted: February 24, 2019




Void. That's where Azmotrakk went when he needed to calm down. It may have been utter blackness, but he was able to take the time needed to find comfort and not rip apart his wife. He muttered to himself, “Ahh, ifonly the Cyber-Wraith could see this. He could use a vacation too.” Cyber-Wraith was Satan’s cybernetic son, which a dead Yautja who said his name was Switchblade had dismembered, giving him the need for cybernetic limbs.

Azmotrakk looked around and snapped his fingers, and an island appeared. He went to the island and laid in the sand under a palm tree, sipping on tequila enjoying himself for the time being.  

About an hour later, a strong wind was sucking him out of the void. He grabbed the palm tree but the tree was ripped out of the ground. The vortex swallowed him and he found himself in a capsule with another capsule across the room containing a white, 9 ft tall, 500 lb, white Xenomorph. Azmotrakk jumped back scared, but the alien did nothing. But for a second, Azmotrakk swore he heard whimpering coming from the alien. He looked at him and realized the monster was crying. Well, in a mental state at least, seen as how they don’t have eyes. Azmotrakk sneered at it and the alien screeched back. Then Azmotrakk spoke with him through telepathy.

He said “I do not know if ye can hear me but… we must work together. I'm going to slip through my glass using one of the air ports, after you draw their attention, by banging your head on the glass. After that, I'll slip in through it okay?”  The alien nodded and smiled. He was ready to put there plan into action.  one of the scientists unlocked The Alien holding pen. It then proceeded grabbed the man by his neck and crushed it. The Alien turned to the next one and decapitated him with one ‘whiccckkk’ of his tail which had stiffened from the small holding cell. One of the guards looked and screamed. The Alien dove at him and ripped him to shreds. Human blood showred the room. The Alien thought to himself “Nashira. I promised I’d keep you alive but I failed. In these next few days I will avenge you. This I swear.”  The alien then was suddenly interrupted by a sharp pain in his buttock. He looked and there was a tranquilizer dart. It injected 5 kg of rohypnol into his bloodstream. His vision went blurry and marines surrounded him. He tried to get up to fight, but the drug was too strong.  He fell down and hit his head on an iron bar and started to bleed. His acidic blood melted the floor. He passed out from the combination of sedative and blood loss. Azmotrakk was also sedated and removed from the lab.


When they woke up, Azmotrakk was in an airtight tube within a tube across from him. A scientist over on his left pulled a switch and the room went dark. In the back of the room, a generator sparked to life. Azmotrakk and The Alien screamed as they were fused together. When the fusion stopped, the demonized alien looked at his body. He was now black, white and orange. The black symbolizing his race, the white symbolizing who he was, and the orange symbolizing who he is now. The alien smiled and turned to the scientist. The scientist put his hand on the glass and the alien copied. Then, while thinking of a name for himself, the alien headbutted the glass and broke it.  The scientist was showered with glass. The alien opened his mouth and he did something he thought was impossible. His bottom jaw split in the middle. He ran at the human and latched onto his face with his bottom jaw, continuously and relentlessly rasping his inner mouth against the man’s forehead. He finally broke through and hit the brain. The Alien then thought of a name as he looked right at the man. DeadFright. He chose this because the man had actually died when he broke out. DeadFright ate the brain, slicing into the throat with his inner teeth, his tongue oozing silver saliva as a lubricant. His tongue hit the stomach acid and he shuddered, but he moved on downward. His tongue made it to the intestines and coated itself in acid to prevent infection from waste. His tongue finally reached the end of the large intestines. He grabbed a loose flap of intestinal skin, flexed his tongue, and ripped upward, completely tearing out the internal organs. But he felt something come with those body parts. He felt the life energy, the soul of that human, go down his larynx. He figured that was part of the demon he was. DeadFright looked around and saw the camera. He growled and dove at it, making sure the humans could not track him.  He then made his way to the vents and toward a strong telepathic call. But he would not be gone for long...


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