Alien: Remnants of Hate

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Life sucks when you have your pets escape. It's even worse when a deadly genocidal alien escapes from containment. In this chapter you get to meet DeadFright, the main antagonist.

Chapter 3 (v.1) - New Friends

Submitted: March 01, 2019

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Submitted: March 01, 2019



Chapter 2

New Friends


When we got to the labs, Joel started laughing.
“Oh my God!” he said “Oh my God this is heaven!” He was geeking out, as usual.

“Joel, calm down ok?” I barked to him.
“Aww okay.” Me and Sasha laughed and he blushed.

We went to the farthest, deepest part of the lab, which was the Hostile Being lab or the HBL. When Joel pushed the elevator button to take us there, an alarm screamed.

“Sorry, wrong button!” Joel hit it again and the alam stopped. He then hit the button that said HBL. We took a 140 ft drop and we left the elevator and into a hallway. Joel opened the door and my dad greeted us.

“Welcome to the HBL.” My dad said. He was wearing a black,  wide shoulder suit, with a red tie and white undershirt. He lead us past the Dracaraptor holding pens. I looked at the plaque above its door. It said Dragon Thief. Originated from Sector 79 of galaxy 2138SBH4. From planet, New Achreon. The big one was only 4 ft tall, but it speed was incredible. We moved on and saw aliens like the Precursors, Flood, and Yautja. I should probably say that they were video game aliens, but when we opened the first dimensional portal, video game, and movie aliens came through. Heck, Joel thought he saw Frieza. When we got to the more, well, violent aliens, we saw the body snatchers, Bioraptors, and Necromorph. Then I saw a single gigantic alien. The plaque was bigger and grander than the other were. I looked at it and it said ‘Alien X 2869. Origin: {CLASSIFIED} Date found: 2004/06/11.’ I looked into the pen and the alien glared at me, with that eyeless stare(or we at least think they don’t have eyes). But anyway, I looked at it and he stared right back at me. I put my hand on the glass and he put his six fingered hand up to glass. I felt something, like a- a neural connection. Like he was trying to tell me something. I snapped out of my trance  Joel tapped me on the shoulder, and waved his hand in front of me.

“Hey, Nikki. You home? You’ve been standing there for 15 minutes.” He looked at me sternly.

“Sorry Joel, I got distracted thats all.” I followed him, but looked back and The Alien growled and then hid in his kennel.

After the encounter, we made it to an elevator that would take us to the lowest part of the 40 mile long and 45 mile tall, space station. My dad opened it up with a keycard that looked like an SD card. Small enough to be one to. We went in and the elevator went down, and down, and down, for 10 minutes. When we finally made it to the bottom, My dad opened the door to the Xeno-hatching room, and we made it just as the Chestbursters were well- bursting.


Of course, they were hatching out of dead clones. It was very unethical to use a live human now-a-days. And with the dead clones, we can now pick the traits of our custom Xenomorph. If I’d have known about this, I’d already have a pet alien escorting me, Joel, Sasha, and Alex to school.

The second Joel’s alien burst out of the clones chest, it hit him in the head and they both fell to the ground. Now keep in mind, the force a chestburster uses is equal to being hit by a pitch from Aroldis Chapman, the fastest pitcher ever. Ever. And Joel is still normal. I think.

“Mother of God!” Joel groaned. He gripped his forehead, and so did the alien. His alien helped him up, oddly enough, and Joel gave it, what his mother calls a ‘Love Tap’ on the head. About an hour later, mine finally bursted, and landed right in my arms. Sasha’s somehow, landed in her huge mop of hair, and blended in perfectly. We sat in a nursery and training room, playing with our new found friends, until a loud, almost terrifying alarm made our aliens hide, as we were then escorted back to our rooms. Why? A code 19. Asset out of containment.


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