Alien: Remnants of Hate

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RIght away, you see the capability of DeadFright. His main (and signature) attack.

Chapter 4 (v.1) - First Encounters

Submitted: March 01, 2019

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Submitted: March 01, 2019



Chapter 3

First Encounter


The human ran around the corner, and I quickly followed. He could very easily be dead, but, being such a efficacious hunter, and very astute, well. I like to play with my food, as one would say. Being such a malevolent creature, from two of the most twisted and evil races to exist, I really have no empathy for humans. Like the one I was chasing.

When I caught up to him, the first thing I did was slice his legs clean off. He tripped, and cried out, as I dragged him, his suit pants drenched in blood.  Pulling him up was actually difficult. He probably was 7’1 and 300 lbs without his legs. I started doing my usual, as I heard a door open in the distance. I didn’t care about it at the time. Ignoring it,  I split my jaw, and latched onto his face. As I did in the lad,I ate away his jaw, and throat, my tongue splitting so I could eat his lungs, and I ate away his organs, from top to bottom. Everything tasted wonderful, except his liver, however. It reeked of alcohol and drugs. No, I couldn’t eat it. To corrupt. Not unlike something else that was torn from him. It was his soul. The soul itself was rather filthy. The man had a life of drugs, alcohol, lust, and he was psychopath. Not saying that it was a bad thing. I approached the closest vent, when  I noticed, something was coming. I turned toward the door they were coming from, and hid up in the cross beams above me.

The newcomers entered and to my shock, they were teens (at least I think they were).

Young, tough and strong willed, they were less corrupt than the man. The three teens that were below me were a large, bigger than the man but just barely. The blonde girl, was the shortest in the group, and probably the weakest. The other girl, well. She was two inches shorter than the male, and was probably the leader. Each of them were running at a pace faster than the first man. Silence was the dominant sound, until the leader girl screamed, nearly making me fall, and almost blowing my cover. She cried as she crouched down at the body of the adult male, and cried gallons of tears. The worst part was- I felt sympathy. Your probably thinking, that even I, a bloodthirsty xenomorph, demon hybrid, would even have some feelings towards others. I did. I felt horrid, having killed the apparent father of this girl. Seeing her pain and suffering, I went to the door they came in from, and dropped down behind.

If I had known the power of humans at the time, suicide would have been my first thought. The male turned, backed the girls up, and pulled out a gun from his side. I laughed and charged him, thinking at the time it was just a toy. I was pathetically wrong. He pulled the trigger and I felt a pain unlike anything else. Something had torn through my body. My acid blood dripped from my head, shoulder and off my claws, onto the ground, eating a hole in the tungsten walkways. Without thinking, I rushed them, trampling them, and not killing them. And with that, I screamed and went into a vent, passing out from blood loss.



If Joel wouldn't have pushed me and Nikki back, we’d all be monster chow. I mean, he’s like the secondary protagonist in a book, that everyone loves more than the main hero.  He’s not the strongest in the world, and he's sometimes an asshole, but when me and Nikki need him most, he's right there for us. Joel lifted Nikki’s dad up, and what we saw creepier than Michael Myers (those movies scared the crap outta me).

“Th-that thing ate… everything in my dad…” Nikki said, in a state worse than Joel when he’s hangry. She was in such shock she was laughing and crying and dancing like a 4 year old. Joel told her multiple times to calm down but lo, she didn’t. I ended up having to slap her across the face twice to get her back. When that finally happened, she cleared her throat.

“Hey guys, it's been a long day…” she sniffled a little. “Let's go back to our room and get some sleep.” She smiled and snapped her fingers, then for no reason we followed. We got back and we heard an alarm blaring over the speakers. It said


Knowing what each code meant was good. Unlike 21-55X.  Which was a containment breach. Normally, a containment breach was something small, like a rabid space rat in the vents, and that was (again, normally) at worst. But what happened with that thing… good God, I’m glad we had Joel.

We made it back to our room, and just in time. The AI that runs the ship decided to take away all breathable air, and replace it with
Sarin. Thankfully, we still have working oxygen generators, for each and every quarter (living space that is).

“What the hell!” Joel whined “Not even up on the station one earth day, and someone effed up!” He groaned as he sat down his bed and started reading a book.

“Why does that matter!? My dad is fucking dead!” Nikki said, tears swelling up in her eyes, running down her face as she gut punched him. I went over to her, trying to comfort her, but all that happened was her pulling away, and hiding in her closet, crying.

“Your right Joel, someone did fuck up. And I don’t wanna point fingers, but the someone who did, would have to be you.” I snapped at him. He grrd at me and decided to shut up for once.



I probably shouldn’t have said that. I mean, Nikki’s right. I lost what? A few hours of fun and goofing off time? Compared to the death of her dad, lost time is nothing.

“Hey Nikki… I uh, I just wanted to say… that I'm sorry for what I said, and I’m sorry for your loss.” I said to her softly, waiting for her to either hug me, slap me, or say something rude.

“Joel, it’s okay. I’m not mad at you.” She smiled at me.

We talked for a little bit more, until we were interrupted by a banging on our door. I looked through the peephole, not only that oxygen was back, (the gas had been dyed so you could tell when it was safe to go out) and saw one of the Containment Soldiers. I hit the intercom button by my door.

“What's the problem sir?” I said sternly and respectfully

“All non-soldiers and citizens are ordered to evacuate. Including you three.” He said back. Before we had time to get ready and open the door for that matter, there were gunshots from the soldier outside and then a loud scream. I looked out the peephole to see a gigantic Xenomorph, with a split jaw. For a moment, I thought I the jaw was broken, which in a way, it was. Except for the fact each side of the jaw could move on its own.

“Nikki, Sasha, get under the beds and stay quiet.” I whispered to them. They nodded and hid as I watched it, waiting for it to make a move. It started to move away, and for a second I was relieved, until that is, it started baning on the door. I dove under the other bed and held my breath, as the door fell to the floor, banging loudly, making the girls jump. Sasha covered her mouth as she cried, having hit her head on the bed, really, really hard. What made there fear worse was that the alien dragged the corpse of the soldier in the room with us. And dropped it facing me. I almost puked at what I saw there. The head of this poor, poor man was completely humiliated, no jaw and the brain ripped out, and so was all his other internal organs. Were the mouth should be is just a gaping hole of flesh and sinew, blood pooling around him. The alien left and went into the vents. We sighed and took turns spilling our lunches in the toilet.

“Okay um, Joel, your smart, what do we do?” Nikki asked me.

“Well, we should probably get a weapon or two, then-” We were suddenly interrupted by most of the power shutting down. “Then we have to get the power back on. Once that's done we can either escape first or kill that thing.” I point the foot prints the alien left.

“That it?” Sasha said, cocking her hip to the side.

“No. After we leave, we can blow this place to hell.” I smiled and chuckled as we walked out, looking for anything we can use as a weapon, or for any sort of protection.


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