THC The Holy Crew

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THC The Holy Crew




The phone rang… Gabriel’s desperate voice was on the other end of the line.

“They all died, get it? Everyone’s lying in their beds and they are not fucking moving! My mother, my father, my brother, my whole family. I tried calling for help but nobody’s picking up! I ran over to the neighbors' but they’re not answering the door. I ran outside and there was no one on the streets.”

The call woke Andy from a dream, though he hadn’t been able to recall any of his dreams for some time. He had been smoking weed on a daily basis for years and when he got to bed, the night passed in a comatose state. That’s the kind of deep sleep he had to come to his senses from.

“What the fuck’s going on? What are you talking about?”

Gabriel was already crying when he tried to repeat what he had just said.

Andy looked down on his sleeping girlfriend next to him, afraid of a newer conflict. Maria did not smoke pot and neither did she approve of her boyfriend’s bad habit, nor of any of his friends, but the boy’s unusual mindset captivated the girl. A touch was enough and the whole world started whirling around Andy.

He tried shaking and calling out to his love, but the girl was already dead. Nausea, the coldest kind of sweat, sobbing and Gabriel still on the line.

“Maria is dead too! What’s going on here? Is really nobody answering?”

Andy hung up on Gabriel, hands trembling, and tried calling his parents several times with no success. Like a madman he leapt up, ran out to the hallway from the dimness of his room and broke down his neighbor's' door as he slammed into it.

A charming family with two kids lived there. Andy stood dumbly in the middle of the room and looked at the lifeless bodies, and then the stench made him turn around and open all the windows. He dragged himself back into his flat and lay down next to Maria, then called Gabriel back. They just cried together for what seemed endless minutes. Then they agreed to meet up as quickly as possible at their usual hangout. Andy hung up and anxiously called his friend Joe.

Empty whisky bottles on the floor, ashtray with about thousand cigarette butts and a long line of computers. This was Joe’s room and this was where the call reached him as he was inspecting all this stuff surrounding him, suffering from the usual hangover.

His very first experience right after he was born was blacking out, which later made him totally knock himself out by the end of each day.

No matter how shitty he felt each morning, he always raised his glass and rolled joints with renewed energy each evening.

Joe stood up and faced the terrible reality. He looked around just like his two friends, with bitter hope, but it seemed fate had been merciless all around. He powered on his laptop and quickly found out from the net that the problem was global. A large part of mankind had perished from one day to the next. Families, neighbors, houses, streets, cities. All were dead.

The shock was profound.

They agreed to meet at Alex’s which was where their hangout was.  Their friend’s place doors were always open for the gang. Alex had lost his parents years ago, so the small flat was perfect for rolling fat joints and talking on end about their perceptions of reality – the existence they perceived as reality.

Alex began each day with a 'good morning spliff'. Freshly stoned, he listened to the others in disbelief.

“Man, you haven’t seen what’s on the streets! People have vanished!” shouted Gabriel. “Everyone is lying dead, in their beds, like my father and mother.”

“I saw a few speeding cars on my way back from my parents’ place… We aren’t totally alone,” cut in Andy, “But I’m afraid I haven’t seen a single chick though.”

None of them in the flat had credit on their phones and the landline bills had not been paid for a while, but they all felt more like lighting up anyway, than going outside to try and call someone. They rolled a huge joint and started the process of forgetting.

In the meantime Alex thought about the girl for a moment, the dream girl, who in reality was a little 19-year-old energy vampire and lived a few floors below. He had been daydreaming about her in his lonesome hours for a long time, but intoxicated laziness prevented him from making any move.

As like so many times before, the friends needed their joint willpower to take action and go look at the girl one last time.

“Let’s go Alex! Get a move on! You know if you don’t move, you don’t experience. It would be great to finish something for once, not just start doing it,” prodded Andy. Because he smoked so much pot, Alex only looked at or read something halfway. He lived in a world filled only with half-truths and unreal rationalizations. He had lost interest in Nature and its laws a long time ago but he still had strong opinions on everything, and he stuck to them indefinitely. People who were not sluggish enough intellectually quickly lost their patience around him.

The 19-year-old girl was lying on her back in tiny red panties with no covers thanks to the hot summer and this picture had a hold on the guys.

Alex fell to his knees buckling under the sudden weight of reality and remembered all the dead people again. Then they all sat down in this unfamiliar room and kept on rolling joints as they stared at the still beautiful female body.

“What the fuck are we doing?” Andy broke the silence.

“Things have barely just happened and we’re already acting like animals? We broke in here, we’re getting stoned here, staring at this poor thing, and the thought of being held responsible for it hasn’t even crossed our minds. This horror only started a few hours ago but we’ve already lost all our inhibitions. We saw that there are other survivors on our way here. What’s going to come of the world like this? Who’s going to tell us what we can and can’t do?”

“I see a sinful, sick world with lonely, distorted faces,” continued Gabriel.

“I’m already thinking about what car and clothes I’m going to steal for myself.”

Joe’s phone signaled an incoming message followed by a dozen more from friends in the neighborhood. He serviced everyone’s computers in town, so he was understandably quite popular. The messages all called him to the city center: everyone still alive, come there.

There were about 200 people on the square, mainly men between the ages of 20 and 40 and carrying the same burden. Everyone had lost loved ones. It soon turned out that the people gathered on the square were the small camp of survivors in the city. The weaker ones cried, the stronger ones tried consoling them. Andy didn’t cry, his faith made him strong. If you worry, you’re faithless, he kept repeating to himself. The unchangeable past is part of the grand design of things; everyone has to walk down their own path. He studied the crowd and realized he was only seeing familiar faces. All his friends had survived, it rushed through his mind.

“Look around you!” he shouted. Everyone here smokes pot. Everyone gets stoned regularly every day. Something must have changed in just a few hours and this is what happened all around the world. And if I look at the survivors, I think it’s because of THC that we’re still alive. Maybe it’s a new kind of virus, or something changed in the atmosphere, and weed is what makes you resistant to these changes.”

“I think we should keep this to ourselves. Maybe not everyone has realized it yet,” chimed in Lex, the largest and brawniest dealer, who in the Nice Old World sold everything to everyone, and who would sometimes unpredictably turn into a brute from all the steroids he took. “We’re just increasing our odds of survival. I wanna keep on living!” he shouted forcibly.

Everyone fell quiet and glanced around at each other. Disbelief made no sense anymore and as their survival instinct suddenly kicked in, they started looking for the less muscular, sloth-like weed vendors in the crowd. They were the most familiar faces in these circles and the ones missing from the square were commonly known not to use drugs, only traffic them, which supported the theory they had just heard.

Andy’s thoughts wandered to God and the absurdity of his divine play. He reflected on the societies where the strict drug laws had now sent millions of people to death. Why did it have to happen like this? Why did death take its toll on decent respectable people, and if this is part of the grand design, why did the universe keep these sinners? Though this depended on how you looked at it. So Andy concluded that the survivors were not hedonists of a material world but rather explorers of spiritual planes, who could now perhaps establish a perfect harmony with their planet with greater awareness and solidarity, since it seemed that the world had shaken itself, even if elegantly. He gazed at the houses, the deserted streets and realized that they would have to leave the city because a handful of non-stop stoned people would not be able to bury  70.000 corpses. The decaying corpses and the possibly resulting diseases would make the place unsafe. And the problem was global.

‘Choose the unknown and in the end you won’t regret it’, he acknowledged, and he could not have wished for a more shadowy future than the one he faced. And this future showed Andy the image of Amsterdam.

“Amsterdam!” he yelled. “Paradise for potheads! We should all go there! We have to get weed, food, cars, weapons. Who knows what will await us on the road.”

As they were so well-known, the seven dealers present were easily rounded up. Just like money, material goods had lost their value, so the crowd’s decision was quite straightforward and they forked over their cannabis stock into the shared stash.

“We should clear out some of the major points of the city though. I would still like to come back here someday,” Gabriel said. Being a Leo he liked to see everything in order around him.

Joe, the IT guy, and an eternal organizer, was quick to come up with a plan. He stood up on the ledge of the fountain in the middle of the square and studied the faces of the people around him to try and guess their professions and assess their skills. The stoned crowd accepted his reasoning easily.

The first step was the hardest; bidding final farewells to loved ones. They buried several thousand people, family members separately and the others they had gathered at major points of the city in mass graves on the outskirts of town.

In the meantime they collected all the weed they had found in the area, and it seemed quite a comforting amount at first.

However there was a boy, only 17, who had just started smoking regularly half a year earlier. The loss of his family was too much for him to bear and he did not feel like sparking up after what had happened. On the third day, to the witness of many, he suddenly collapsed and died, without any warning at all. Three days clean and sober was enough for him to drop dead just like that, from one minute to the next. It was hard to even imagine what was happening in countries where it was daytime and people were at work. At this point everyone got scared to death and many started crying again. What’s more, this experience also made it clear that their weed supply was only enough for a couple of weeks. There was also an issue with the vehicles because everyone wanted to have their own cars or motorbikes to travel with. There was a large apetite in town but not much on stock.

There was quite a bit of arguing but in the end they picked up more than 150 vehicles., clothes, jewelry, and weapons, gangster style, you could have shot a Hip Hop video. Only the women were missing, a lot. So the bad girls who had survived were beautified by the new situation, glorified like goddesses in the eyes of the men.

There was a huge city-farewell party on the night before leaving; the crowd quickly got drunk in the warm summer evening. And it’s a really bad idea if drunk people have weapons.

There was still an ongoing argument about whether they should share what they found out about THC with the rest of the world. Joe kept scanning the forums on the Internet and deduced that the rest of the world had no idea about what was going on. People kept dying in various countries, but not there, among the participants of the party. There everyone was rolling and smoking joints just like taking medicine for a nice peaceful survival. The dispute got out of hand. The lion broke free from Gabriel and like a champion of a just cause he held a speech to Lex about saving the survivors of the world.

Andy quietly drew his friends aside from the team of dealers and THC, The Holy Crew, as the four friends had started calling themselves, left the scene. They decided to inform the world the following day, even if it meant without Lex’s approval. At around 3am there was an ugly shoot-out at the party because of the burly dealer and his friends. Five people lost their lives and many were wounded. Muscle is of no use if all the puny ones have weapons.

As they were greatly overpowered, Lex and his gang had to flee. Thank God all the girls survived the bloodshed in one piece.

In the morning Joe shared their experiences in about 10 languages on the Internet and in the name of THC declared what had been thought unbelievable till then: Smoke weed kids! It keeps you alive!

Due to the incident during the night, seven people were unable to travel. Two people volunteered to stay and take care of them, so their weed supply had to be taken care of.  They didn’t see Lex until Gratz, and there he was already dead. The Austrian city was not unfamiliar to Alex. He had worked for a rich local businessman for years and had not forgotten his ex-boss’ Lamborghini. The guys argued about whether the car would still be in its old place and if it was worth the detour to get it. It seemed luck was on their side because the little one was still parked in the basement garage ready to spring. So the team continued their journey with two cars. Stopping a little later Gabriel sprayed THC -The Holy Crew in white on the hood of both cars. The guys admired the graffiti for a few minutes and drove on. The other travellers of the convoy did not wait for the guys to take this detour. They had agreed to meet up again near Nurernberg.

With Alex driving, the Lambo turned into a frightening beast on the highway but after a short-lived feeling of euphoria, the smile quickly froze on his face. A guy cut in front of his car so wildly that the front bumper flew off. Alex could barely stay on the road but it was all he needed to start speeding after his attacker. Gabriel, sitting next to him, was screaming for vengeance. Joe and Andy fell behind in the slower BMW. The cars in front drove off the highway and the chase ended in a dead-end street and a pile of cars shot full of holes on both sides. One of them was Lex’s. His bloody body lay several meters away from the still smoldering car wreck.

The other driver jumped out of his car, turned around and took up a boxing stance. He was unarmed and weighed about 60 kilos. Gabriel was pleased with the situation. “Ok, I’m going to knock him out,” he told Alex. He got out of the car and approached the man with clenched fists. A moment later however, armed young men appeared on the rooftops all around them and demanded they hand over the Lambo. If the THC sign had not been on the hood of the car, they might not have made it out alive and would have ended up just like Lex. But the Austrians had also read Joe’s message on the net and, so thanks to him, let the guys leave freely.

Andy and Joe got there a few minutes later. They drove on much more carefully after this experience, heading together towards the agreed meeting place. It was better in the woods outside of Nurernberg because nature did not remind them of what had happened. There were no bad smells, no demolition in sight and none of that unusual silence that had settled on the cities. Nature and the animal world had not been affected by the change.

The team set up a nice little camp and intimate discussions, teary-eyed reminiscing, and warm embraces followed, filled with hope, though nobody knew what really was anymore. Joe was gushing about the broadband internet connection he had managed to access, but he could not say how long these things would keep on working. There was word about girls and monogamous relationships, how this New World would affect the number of offspring that would result from it. Joe imagined a small self-sufficient community where everyone would take their share of the work; women in the interest of a good cause birthing children lovelessly.

Andy explained that weed opens up the throat chakra and makes you satisfied. In the Old World, if you got stoned, you just lay back, but this was no longer an option, since it was now about survival. There was no time for inaction because doing nothing was more like destruction, and their turn had come to start building a new world.

Alex talked about one of his dreams: he was present at a birthing, where everyone had joints sticking out of their mouths, even the mother, and they placed the newborn into an incubator and then blew smoke from a joint into it for the baby. It was kind of like a nightmare where everyone was in harmony. Gabriel was preoccupied with the women, but Joe’s ideas had made them overly withdrawn, so sex that night seemed out of the question.

If they daydreamed about Amsterdam, the picture was always a peaceful one, of an organized paradise where everyone gets enough of the good stuff. Where you can treat yourself to better and better weed, in taste or effect. They imagined there would be relaxed, generous good guys there, welcoming newcomers with open arms.

In contrast to this, you could see the smoke above Amsterdam from miles away, rising from several dozen places in the city. The silence was shattered by gunfire and the sound of several explosions. They thought it better if the convoy did not go near the city center. They set up camp in a huge sports complex on the outskirts of town and agreed that only one car would drive into the city to get some weed: the BMW with the THC crew.

They equipped the four of them for the trip the best they could, with bulletproof vests, weapons, RPG, hand grenades and a laptop. Everyone had been through mandatory military service besides Andy, so they held a brief target practice for him. Joe found some instructions for using the RPG on the net but they didn’t dare try it out for real.

The sports center was built on top of a hill so they had a nice view of the city. Each of them rolled a big fat joint thinking of the days ahead and then lit one up and took turns smoking a single life-saver, talking for a while.

“None of us has killed a man before”, said Andy, “so it would be great to know, if we have to, who’s gonna pull the trigger first?” You could see on the others’ faces that they hadn’t thought of this yet. Gabriel straightened up and answered: “If I have to, and for you, I am ready to do it. If there’s a big give and take, you’ll all have to open fire, but in a clear-cut situation, I will shoot first.”

The others nodded with some relief. Meanwhile Joe was searching for information on the still functioning Internet about which direction they should head first. In one of the forums they read about some military barracks where some Dutch were guarding the majority of the weed supply they gathered from Amsterdam and its vicinity.

Joe managed to get the Skype address of one of the leaders there and, without any modesty, asked for their admission alluding to the credit the THC deserves. Much to Joe’s delight the Dutch guy recommended and even safer route to get there. “I don’t know what happened here, why there’s this war, but with a little communication we’ve already got the green light, “ Joe mused. Stoned, of course, everything seems so easy at first.

It was getting dark when they finally set off, by car without lights, almost at footpace. The directions they got steered them clear of the city center, so they drove smoothly for a while and after an hour of stealth, the silence of the deserted streets gave way to the loud beat of electronic music. They arrived at a square with naked, rampaging young people. The roaring music drowned out all other sounds, so the THC managed to go on unnoticed.

Five totally wasted teenage boys, heavily high on amphetamine, kept three drugged girls hostage. They were just about to rape one of them. The outside world had ceased to exist for them, they had lost all control, and were only engaged in their foul present. Andy and the guys went on watching what was happening for about half an hour. They were proud that they had not yet fallen so low and felt really good about themselves. They were also happy with their fate, that they still had the choice of deciding what to do. They could have gone on in silence, but the girls were too beautiful and their captors too young for them to simply leave them there. They had quite an argument about what to do. While they were arguing, Joe downed almost an entire bottle of whisky. He could be unbelievably instinctive when he drank, a ruthless beast. It didn’t take him long, he was already getting undressed. Andy remembered the many occasions similar to this one, when he had to get a drunk Joe out of some shit eventually. A few heartfelt words were usually enough, sometimes a fist, but he never needed firearms. He looked down at his weapon, which at that moment he didn’t remember how to use. He quickly put his head in order and started sizing up the battlefield ahead.  He had won at least a hundred first-person shooter video games in the ‘past world’, and the situation did not seem difficult in light of them. Of course there was the question – though they had discussed it at length, as to what extent the others would take part in saving Joe. Joe was already in his underwear, ready to go, a gun at his waist and a bottle of whisky in his left hand. He had a clear boner, which the others did not judge him for. They were in the same shoes, also having witnessed the scene in front of them. The shortage of girls was pretty persistent.

Joe got out of the car and started slowly walking towards the center of the square. The others greeted his approach in quite a friendly fashion, everyone clapping and cheering. Meanwhile Andy and the rest of the guys took aim at the targets that seemed harder for Joe. They knew that he wouldn’t wait too long and would draw his weapon in a second. That’s exactly what happened. Andy and the guys also opened fire but it was unnecessary. Joe must have enjoyed his soldier-days because the skills he learned then had really stuck with him. There were shots to the head, neck and chest too. The girls counted as ‘ladies’ then, so Joe tried experiencing these moments like a hero. The girls were locals and all three of them spoke English well. They played in some really hard rock band and always did everything together, like smoking pot. They had woken up in their rehearsal studio that morning. Familiar stories were exchanged about the long hours after each of them woke up that certain day, so everyone was pained by everything again. One of the girls started talking about an attack on the barracks. “A few hours ago there were many more people here and they filled four trucks with explosives. They are going to blow up all of the four gates tonight, they want the weed, all of it.”

Everything started whirling around Andy. In the Old World, in moments like these, he would go away somewhere to recharge himself on the virtual wars he won. But he still had somewhere to go then. There was still a tomorrow and the concerns of the present were also purely illusory in that huge pink bubble they lived in.

The feeling of the passing of life ran through Alex, and swept away his ego and all role-playing. He stepped over to the girl he liked the most and asked her where he could find her later on, and with such heart-melting passion that an evasive answer would have been unimaginable.

Joe opened his laptop and to his horror there was no net. “Fuck that shit! We have to help somehow!” “Let’s go then,” barked Gabriel. “But we would be faster with the girls, they know the way.” They crowded into the car and headed for the barracks. Anna sat in Andy’s lap and the closeness of the girl, the smell of her skin made all the blood rush out of his head again. Anna rewarded the arising situation with a smile. Andy was happy that the girl was still flirty and did not seem to have become disgusted by men due to her recent experiences.

By the time they got there two trucks were already speeding unstoppably towards the gates, with the other two in the cover of the building probably at the same time, because there was a terrible detonation. An obliterating blast, leaving nothing behind. The blast wave thrust the BMW back a couple of meters.

The girls and the THC crew could not believe their eyes. They climbed out of the car and watched the huge rising smoke standing next to each other. “Holy shit, this is how they wanted to break in the gates,” said Alex as he stared at the sight dumbfounded. Idiots and their stupidity. Well stoned, well-thought-out, Andy was already thinking of the others and what would happen with them without the weed, but he didn’t want to be the first to mention it. Dark thoughts clouded his mind if he thought of their survival.

On their way back in the car they knew from a few exchanged glances that they could not take the girls with them. They dropped them off at their rehearsal studio and after asking for directions agreed to meet there later.

For a while they all sat quietly in the car, then Gabriel broke the silence: “If we want to live, the weed in the camp is not enough for all of us, we could be fine together with the girls though.” And this was when an era had come to an end for Andy.

He lost his faith. The positive thinking that had lasted until the very last moment died in him. Till then he had loved that there was something good in everything bad. If he was suffering, he talked about how good it was because that was when time stood still. If something hurt him, he enjoyed the feeling for keeping him so much in the present, but he had never wanted to hurt anyone else. He wanted to experience a kind-hearted universe through his own karma, but at that moment this all dissipated. He wanted to go on living and thought of the girl’s scent. They agreed they would arrive in peace, put the others at ease and then make off with the stash of weed during the night. There was no more talk.

Many people came out to greet the boys, about fifty of them. No one knew about what had happened but they had noticed the detonation. Joe lied that they would be able to get into the barracks the next day and that everything would be all right. The members of the THC looked at each other and slowly headed toward the back room where they guarded the weed. As time went on the four friends became more and more tense. Unlike the others. They had received good news, for them everything was momentarily OK. Larger joints were being rolled and there was plenty of booze going around. Joe was also drinking, finally there was someone to do it with. The other three members of the THC only smoked pot and quietly tried to keep Joe under control. In a short while he disappeared with one of the girls he had known quite well back in the Old World, so planning anything from then on seemed a bit difficult. After a couple of hours people started dancing, the men typically pressing close to the women, playfully at first and then with more and more urgency. Someone put in some crazy jazz music, which gave the sign, and everyone got entangled with one another. There were several men to each woman but it didn’t cause any trouble because everyone was willing to share, to give and not just get. After this ended, people fell into deep sleep. It was almost dawn but the guys still did not make a move.

They just watched the sleeping people in silence and rarely looked at each other. Then someone started stirring at the other end of the room, which they took as their cue for action.

The storage room where they kept the weed had no windows so they fumbled on, feeling their way. Then Alex stumbled on a lying body. It was the guard on duty, who Andy and the crew had not known about, sleeping on the ground. He suddenly sat up in fright and tried to make out their faces but Joe instantly hit him on the head.

“That’s that, damn it! Let’s go!” he hissed. He grabbed the sack and they made their way out of the building. They were already sitting in the car, engine running, when several shouting people came running out of the building towards them.

A never-ending chase began, which Andy would have liked to have avoided, and any bloodshed too. In the back seat Joe and Gabriel were watching the nearing cars ready to fire. Alex gained an advantage in the narrow streets after making a few masterful turns and this tiny bit of success came with the reward of a little wisdom. “Don’t shoot yet if you can!” he yelled. “We’re gonna lose them and find the girls!”

The way he said it sounded so believable that everyone fixed their eyes on the road ahead to help him out in any unexpected situations. Suddenly the small streets opened up onto a square and into a flood of daylight. As soon as they were able to focus again in the direct sunlight they saw 15-20 armed youngsters standing around 5 covered corpses. They were Joe’s laid out Serbians. Everyone on the square turned towards the unexpected noise and raised their weapons to shoot. At this moment the cars chasing after the boys crashed into each other.

A pile of three cars must have seemed an easier target than the BMW, which was speeding off, so they started firing at that instead. At the end of the street Alex pulled the car to a stop and looked back. “What the fuck are we waiting for now? It’s a bit late to worry about those people now, isn’t it?” Gabriel was cursing.

They saw that one of the cars that was under gunfire broke out in flames. A man on fire ran out from one of the wrecks into the middle of the street and falling to his knees pointed at the BMW, shouting one last time: “Marijuana!”

This is when Alex stepped on the gas again and using their small advantage, with a quick turn to the left and then right, vanished in the short streets from the sight of their pursuers. They didn’t see how many Serbs chased after them but they headed for the highway nevertheless, to get a bit away from all the atrocities, to hide somewhere and rest because they still had to go back for the girls. They tried avoiding the villages too.

On top of a small hill Joe was observing the surrounding farms through binoculars. “So how can you tell if the owner smokes any grass?” he asked Alex smiling.

“From his eyes, for sure, how red they are.” Joe took a deep breath to set Alex straight but then decided to stay quiet instead and kept on inspecting the buildings in the distance.

“There’s graffiti on that farm building, solar panels on the roof and in the garden too. Too many for a single house. As there are no people, there are no red eyes either. There are only buildings with the gardens, so that’s what we have to go on.”

“So let’s see if you’re right,” replied Alex dispassionately. They kept watching the area until sunset but there was no movement. In the meantime, Gabriel was beautifying some of the looted weed with manicure scissors and kept rolling joints. They were also drinking alcohol, all of THC, except Andy, trying to drown their feelings of guilt.

They reached the farm building through the back gardens, walking fix to ten meters from each other, and when they reached it, they became aware of a monotone noise. It was the sound of a generator, coming from the basement.

They also discovered several pigs living next to the machine. An already drunk Joe looked quickly around, then cocked his gun and switched off the generator. Without even realizing what had happened, they suddenly heard the front door of the house open.

A 14-year-old boy appeared with an Xbox controller in one hand, totally wasted.  “Good Lord, you smoke pot, kid?” asked Joe in surprise, hoping the boy understood English. “Are you alone? Is there anyone else in the house? We don’t want any trouble,” the others spluttered in unison at him.

Little Mario had started smoking weed in secret without his father’s knowledge and he had just been found out that very morning by simply staying alive. He got the stuff easily because his folks and older brother grew it. Then when he talked about his parents and that they would soon be back from getting provisions, everyone was dumbfounded. Mario’s whole family was still alive.

Back inside the house, the guys filled their bellies thanks to their little host and lay around in the living room watching the boy playing a video game. Liberty City was on the screen with Niko in center. Mario hid behind a counter on the top floor of a car salon and started killing policemen without a break.

“Look at this. This would have been our future,” said Andy.

“Come on! He still has someone to put him straight,” laughed Gabriel. Joe was opening a bottle of red wine in the kitchen area when the front door slammed open. It was Mario’s father, holding a loaded rifle. He fired a shot straight away and the bullet hit Joe in the chest. The kitchen cupboard caught him, and then the floor. The others froze from the sudden shock, all except the boy, who calmly told his father that everything was OK. The problem was that the front door had been unlocked and the whole house was flooded in light. Mario had forgotten all fatherly remonstrance after the umpteenth joint and so Joe got a sudden kick in the chest thanks to him. Fortunately for Joe the bulletproof vest he was wearing protected him from any serious injury.

After the boys had cleared up the situation and said they would only be staying until the morning, they all sat down together at the table after making a truce. Besides smoking weed, everyone was also heavily drinking, except Andy and Mario. Drunk and stoned, the host and hostess took turns in keeping the table packed full of food that they had been carefully rationing until then. Andy was stunned to see the gluttony. He remembered the old world, with its hypnosis, which reminded him of the day ahead of them. A few shots of liquor were then enough for the others to forget worrying about any tomorrows.

“Why aren’t you drinking?” asked Mario’s father as he turned to Andy.

“Because it narrows the mind, makes you immoral and brings forth the destructive ego,” replied Andy seriously.

“And what are morals, my young friend?” asked the old man in return.

“It’s simple if we’re talking about normal people… Don’t do unto others what you wouldn’t want others to do unto you… That’s about it in my bible. Where I come from they say, all hat, no cattle. So that’s it.”

“That’s great!” beamed Mario’s dad. “So tell me, what’s ego then?”

“Well, they say a small compliment is enough, a bit of criticism, and the ego already surfaces. The bigger it is, the less of others’ lives can fit in. For me, ego means walls and loneliness, the wrong path on which I can’t see happiness. When you smile, the sides of your mouth turn upwards, that’s a good direction. Together, of course!” Andy looked around grinning and then stood up and went outside with Mario to the side of the house to light up another joint.

The sun was already rising. The others also came out from the huge smoke inside for a breath of fresh air. Some of them took turns puking, the old man was dancing with his wife. Suddenly there was a sharp thunder and in a split second several dozen gigantic spaceships appeared in the sky. They were so huge that one of them seemed like it was parked right above them.

They were about to run when Andy and Mario halted and looked up at the giant object. A telepathic message about the spaceships, which could not reach the others in their intoxicated state, had stopped them in their tracks.

“Do you feel it yet? Do you get it yet?” a voice spoke inside Andy’s head and he turned towards the rest of the THC members shouting: “Did you hear that guys? Everything is because of them and us! They’ve come for us because everything’s gonna be gone here.” He reached enlightenment in a single second because he had absolute certainty. He felt the energy run down his back. Then go upwards, open his heart, the throat chakra, the third eye and then finally put the crown in place for good.

The halo was there above Andy’s head, which only the Visitors saw, and the kid Mario, the drunkards did not… Every spaceship looked exactly the same. You could not see how they had been put together, no screws, no line of rivets. They looked as if they hadn’t been built but cast in one piece. They reminded Andy of the most beautiful clouds he had ever seen in his whole life.

In the control room, which was a meditation room in every one of the giant ships, there was a Visitor. In this room devoid of any switches or devices, instructions were transferred mentally. Its technology was humanly incomprehensible.

Levitating in the middle, It suddenly opened its eyes. They were dark brown human eyes, instantly filling up with love. The face seemed to lack some human features.  It didn’t have a mouth or ears, having no need for them in its material existence, but a halo glowed above its head. It set its feet down on the ground and as it took a few steps looking downwards, you could glimpse an expression of homecoming in its eyes. This was the first time It walked in that one of its lives, straight up to the windows of the room.

The rays of the Earth’s sun that started warming its black skin brought tears into the kind eyes. The first and last tears that he would shed in that lifetime. With all that universal intelligence behind its back, It hadn’t yet been on a resort-planet like Earth, where the spirit could forget about everything, playing with abandon, and where time was so tangible. Where uncertainty was the force that set matter into motion, and because of which they had made their move then. If they had not intervened, humans would have gone extinct on Earth. The spoken word was too dear to them, a few vibrating vocal cords, to let it all perish. The human body was the peak of all matter, with feelings that the spirit could only enjoy from time to time, only after long watchful service, for a brief, earthly life span.

Andy closed his eyes and turned his attention inwards. He saw numberless worlds, or felt them, flowing into matter or without it, with reason or without it. The tranquility of timeless existence weighed down on him, which was nice, but after earthly passions it was just an empty sobriety. He thought of Anna and her amazing body, in it the gateway between two worlds. Women did not need halos to get on the spaceship but it was another way of selecting the men. He looked at Joe and the others and knew they would not get a chance because of the booze.

“I’m gonna find the Dutch girl before they take her, I’m gonna plant my seed and I’m not going anywhere either,” he exclaimed turning towards the others. “Now that my head is in the right place, I don’t need weed to survive anymore…”


Submitted: February 25, 2019

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