Tree house

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Every night, before I went to bed, I never failed to catch a glimpse of a certain tree on our backyard that was so tall, I wondered if it was ever a good idea to build a tree house there.


Me and my brothers would dwell on the idea but of course it was never approved by our parents.


“It’s just too tall,” they say.


So there I was, every single night, looking out through the window at the tall tree, dreaming of how it would be to sit on its top.


Then one night, I saw something. I saw what looked like a shadowy figure, slowly approaching the tree before climbing it. It didn’t take much effort for the said person to climb it for he was already at the top in mere seconds.


“That was quick.”


I observed as the figure stood tall on one of its branches before believe or not, he started “dancing” on the longest and sturdiest branch of the tall tree.


It was bizarre to see such “performance.” You could say that the figure was sort of...ballad dancing?


Whatever it was, he moved with such grace and elegance, standing on his toes and even on his hands at times, all the while balancing his act from such height.


I’m not going to lie, I was impressed.


But then, his act reaches the furthest part of the branch. The figure would then stopped moving. For a few seconds, he just stood there before “turning around” direction...I guess?


I didn’t know how to react. Am I actually seeing all this?


For that few more seconds, he stood there as if he can actually see me before he raised one hand and started waving in my direction.


Really? Did someone just waved at me from the top of the tall tree?


I didn’t know what else to do, so I waved back.


And just like that, the figure suddenly jumps off from the branch….


I never saw his body hitting the ground nor do I see him falling to the ground.


Whoever the person was, has simply vanished into thin air.


I rubbed my eyes a couple of times before looking at the tree again.


Nothing, there was simply no one there.


Odd, but be that as it may, I dismissed the whole thing without much effort for I couldn’t really be bothered with such a thing when I’m about to sleep.


Maybe I did imagined the whole thing, kids are imaginative, right?


The next day, I was about to tell the story to my brothers when I overheard them talking about the tree.


“Just my luck.”


I was about to enter the room when suddenly, I overheard one them saying something about someone who once went up the tree, danced his way to the other end of the branch before eventually, hanging himself right where he stood last.


At that moment, my hand did not move any further. I backed away from the door slowly before making myself scarce.


As far as I can remember, I never looked at the tall tree the same again, especially through my windows at night.


I remember lying on my bed on all those nights, wondering if that figure would repeat the same action, night after night, over and over again.


And I still wonder...if he would still wave in the direction of my window on all those nights, wondering why his only audience was no longer watching him.

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