Death Is Coming

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Death is Coming 

My eyes get heavier with every blink i take,

My mind comes cloudy with every thought i think.

So weak i look around the place,

Wondering when death will come and take my place.


The pain runs through me,

My body and mind.

Never coming to an end like a train on the tracks,

Going round and round from one place to another.


There's no end, there's no escape,

From the pain that awaits me as i wake.


Each days i feel like i'm dying inside,

Little by little taking my happiness along with it.

I beg and pray for it to stop,

But no one listens, not a single drop.


Can't you hear me?

Hear my cries as i crunch down,

Just wanting it all to end.


Little by little i go away,

Death comes closer

Hurray, Hurray.

Submitted: February 26, 2019

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