Melissa was dared by her friend to do something dangerous, changing her life forever. 8 years has passed and her secret is threatened to be leaked. What will she do?

Table of Contents

A Secret

"That's not fair!" "Yes, it is. Now go!" A black-haired girl stumbled towards the old rotten stairs. As she delicately stepped onto t... Read Chapter

An Urgent Call

"Make sure you complete Chapters 9.2 and 9.3 for homework. Have a great day!" the teacher announced. Melissa cautiously walked out of cla... Read Chapter

A Distant World

“Jacob? I… I can explain.” “Jacob! Young man come back here! No one is allowed in the Old Block!” a teacher screeched. Meli... Read Chapter

The Element of the Night

“Looks like none of the others have arrived yet, so let’s see if they know where to go,” Melissa sighed as she gazed at the jewels ... Read Chapter

The Beginning

“Whoa… Cool,” Jeremy commented whilst dazing at the castle. Abby harshly slapped Jeremy in the face, leaving a pale red mark. ... Read Chapter

An Even Shorter Shortcut

“Melissa, can’t we take the hoverboards?” “Well, some of the feathery monsters got through our portal, the ones that fly,” ... Read Chapter


“Come on, we’re late.” Melissa jumped into her car and formed an icy bridge across from the cliff to another, which so happened to ... Read Chapter

Long Time No See

“Are you okay?” Laurance asked, his brown-blonde hair flowing in the wind. “I’m fine, you look good. Been a while hasn’t it... Read Chapter


“Great! Try to convince them all to come.” Laurance smiled. He turned to get his backpack and found Lilac rummaging through his thing... Read Chapter