ADDICT'S WAY chronicles a year in the life of Peter Panelli, a sixty-year-old attorney who spent his entire adult life compulsively gambling on horses, while his immediate contemporaries were busy building a life for themselves. Without any cash reserves to overcome a recent brain injury from a car crash, Panelli ends up dead broke, homeless, and disbarred. He now struggles to reclaim the life he was supposed to have lived.

The novel is written in a humorous, reflective voice, casting Panelli’s bewilderment and self-searching against the historical tapestry of a divided America in the early years of the 2020 decade. Ultimately, it is a story about all of us — our dreams, our hopes, our desires, and our letdowns.

Table of Contents

Part ONE

Whenever God sends angels my way, they seem to be the lazy ones, too afraid to fly into my darkest hours . . . I got the stuff. This ... Read Chapter

Chapter One

Twenty Years Later . . . | 1 | I didn’t have any bottles of water with me. I didn’t want to go back into the room to get one,... Read Chapter

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