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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: dreamscape

Wretch is back. He finds a shopkeeper in a wine store and it doesn't go as he thought. Sequel to Lil wretch.

A man goes about his routine as a wine dealer. Elsewhere in the shop something scurried and it no mouse, hands touching and picking up stuff to check out.


The man discovers a door ajar, his face puzzled. Before looking to check further, leaves, making it to his drawer, reaches inside. Meanwhile that something had a clear attraction to the wares.


Prepared, the man goes through the door and searches around. Eventually a young black male is surprised to be encountered. Their eyes lock several moments before he decided to bolt, back of the mind figured nobody when he snatched the purse had his legs. Scarcely had a step been taken when he ordered to halt and does. Why?


A bullet is faster than anyone’s legs. The petty thief saw the apron wearing East Indian brandishing a hand gun, pulled out the drawer. A deadly air manifested. He rightly addressed the bandanna wearer a thief.


Nearby are numerous assorted alcohol brands stored in racks, clearly the youth was looking to commit larceny for. The shopkeeper demands he identify himself which he does as Alec. Next bade him sit on the bare floor, several moments pass as it was cogs spun in the dealer’s head.


He next removes the bandanna as instructed revealing none other than the same wretch who’d snatched a purse and home invasion. After all the shopkeeper says he’ll need too for what comes next.


Asked why a young healthy boy would steal is told he had nothing to do. Pondering a moment, the shopkeeper questions again this time background digging, once answered the dealer concluded his life was not desperate, then this crap had no connection to Trinidad’s $15 slave wages, failed Industrial Revolution era education or lack of jobs the populace’s government dearly cut – keeper verbally decides he a lazy man.


The thief held two bottles on his person. The dealer orders drink from the bottle, ‘I’d hand you a cup, since we don’t got none put the rim to your lips.’ The man twists open the metal cap and drinks. A sip of its strength was plenty to elicit a cough. Kept drinking for obvious reason.


Having drunk a portion, the dealer says, ‘When a bandit brace me, I see a potential murderer.’


Of course.


The wretch finishes the bottle – instructed to drink out the second. His eyes bulge and protests, the shopkeeper standing across from him, menacingly points the firearm and orders open the bottle. After flinching, the wretch complies and gulps a swig. His body felt off. So far police haven’t been called –  could it be getting kicks waiting for the spirits to take effect? The spirit was being consumed with pauses.  


The bottle is lighter because empty, wretch thought it over because the store keeper put the gun aside. Wretch’s mind felt dreamy, hard focusing, sitting as he was had trouble maintaining balance, his vision looked ready to spin. The dealer put a third at his feet; he didn’t feel the need to point a gun, arm strain you see. The man’s face couldn’t believe it despite the effects of stupor.


‘Cyar drink no more,’ he begs.

‘Aye don’t look at me so. Giving yuh what yuh want.’


Feeling no choice, clumsily twists open the metal cover and slowly tinged with awkwardness, brought the brim closer and closer to his face.


‘Don’t waste a drop you hear?’

Felt an eternity to happen but began drinking. He couldn’t gulp it done swiftly, again in pauses, over time struggled to even hold the bottle in hand, some recess in his cloudy brain concerned about dropping it. The bottle got lighter and lighter, the belly got fuller and fuller, taste of it still stung. The shopkeeper is content to keep going.


Wretch finished it. Bottle by bottle had gotten wobbly. The last swig went to his mouth. Drunk, fell on his side like a piece of wood.


The dealer lit his gun shaped cigarette lighter to a ciggy.

Submitted: February 27, 2019

© Copyright 2021 dreamscriber. All rights reserved.

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There was something almost horrific in the way you described the would-be thief being forced to drink and drink, even though I can see the justification for it. Then you came to the end and lifted the tension with a flick of the finger on the lighter.

Wed, February 27th, 2019 9:25pm


Hmm, I took a light and dark approach, in fact the description has comedy. The shopkeeper assessing his life is a social interpretation, to be sure despite appearances feel such do make for robbers at times.


Wed, February 27th, 2019 1:52pm

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