My Very First Running Race

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A short poem for a big, great part in my life!

Submitted: February 27, 2019

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Submitted: February 27, 2019



My Very First Running Race:


The spring of 2008

Marked a significant part of my life

Where me and many others ran straight

Nearby some beautiful purple flowered loosestrife

On ours and any competitor’s fields

With shin guards acting as our sporty shields


My feet were ready to run a dash of 200 meters

As several hurdles laid in all athlete’s ways

And being aware of any gladiator cheaters

Who would be disqualified with zero praise


I also felt nervous, yet excited to finally be a track star

For wildcats and family knowing of my meets

While ideally trying to run as fast as a car

In cool temps or blazing heats




The track gun went off

And every athlete, with me as only sixth grader in the group,

Ran like wind without displaying even a cough

To hopefully jump around every hurdle like through a hoop


Other friends, such as Itoh Buley and Alex Smith,

Older than me, were good cats to participate alongside

While hopefully getting higher than fifth

And especially eighth grade Alex was always a perfect guide

For me and many others who knew him,

Plus, like myself, looked good with a trim!


Though I was not the strongest or fastest

In any events at Farmington High or anywhere that year,

Meets and every practice

Were fine with everyone with a good cheer

And helped made sixth grade

A year that was well played

As I was also the sixth-grade student

In my events who had the best school spirit,

Being nice and brightly lucent

And earning a wildcat merit!

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