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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

at a moment the path splits.
Lets just call that a ghost cat,
It appars time to time;
It's up to you to catch it.
After a moment it's too late

Everything start, they're all same
They don't understand but will one day
For now, they are just like flames.
Growing really fast, they move right away.

I hope to something better
or not, but does that matter ?

Everything is fuzzy but brightening part to part
Time is slow, nothing to care about
The train, about to start, is setting up, preparing his art.
Other, apart from them, wait out.

The train starts, everything become more speedy.
They all have something to handle
Except to sleep or eat, no one idle.
All coming together, keeping the front away from the murky.

Starting to not care about each other, they keep going further.
While some of them do not even bother,
the rest carrying and working, bend the knees.
For them or for the next, they end up employees.

Half of the trip is past, and the next train is coming.
Everyone is alive but they're still searching.
Some say : "God ! Everything happened so fast, I don't recognize me !".
Perhaps they will find, one day, maybe...

Arrived in train station, but not found yet.
No work anymore, but still tamed like pets.
"Don't know what it was for, but it wasn't funny
Maybe for them or for the next, but it wasn't for me !"

They are now all stacked on each other,
looking at the other Travellers from other trains.
Step by step, joining the connection train
they all just look as bleak as each other.

Then, a man arrive, from the horizon, walking.
Not grey as the others but full of sparkles.
Looking, the old paper pieces know why.
"He found it !", were they all thinking, "Too late for me..."

Submitted: February 27, 2019

© Copyright 2021 aeron. All rights reserved.

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