Hopeful Wanderer

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: House of Ghosts

Submitted: February 27, 2019

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Submitted: February 27, 2019



I once trekked the whole universe. Step by step, planet by planet, I tiptoed across the stars. My fingers stretched and grasped for everything within their reach and without, slipping seamlessly through silky galaxies. I took deep gulping breaths of vacany, sometimes never ceasing for indefinite periods. Time was no longer my master, and gravity lost its grip upon me. I realized in those lonely, dark moments how precious life was. I encountered it so little across the glittering orbs. Lonely little Earth sat upon it’s pedestal, patiently swinging its feet and waiting for company. I didn’t have the stomach to tell them there was nobody left. I landed on Earth for the first time with a broad grin across my face. It quickly vanished when I realized they couldn’t even see me. Humanity entangled themselves so heavily in their own affairs they dismissed their ever seeking eyes. They searched so desperately in such a short period of time, they burned themselves out. I weeped for them.

I thought that I might stay for a while, with the bounty that there was to discover. Whole depths of oceans left untouched. They knew more of their natural satellite than the seas demanding 70% of their personal space. Then I encountered the war, famine, disease and general violence running rampant throughout the world. They were the most divided species, separating themselves by imaginary lines in addition to physical means that kept them apart. In that moment I knew why they would never reach the stars nor the gentle species left inhabiting them, nor the wonder of all the universe. Their division made them oblivious and weak. If they only came together, perhaps something might be made of them yet. I walked until my feet grew tired, something no journey had yet accomplished. My shoulders slumped with sorrow. I sat upon a lonely bench and wept more fiercely than ever. Surrounded by destruction and suffering, I felt more alone than when I traversed the vast emptiness of the cosmos.

I felt a gentle hand upon my shoulder, and my head swiveled upwards in surprise. “Hello.” A kind voice greeted me. I looked up to find pleasant amber eyes and a smile. “You seem miserable, friend. How can I help you?”

“I am just so tired.” I murmured, slumping further on the bench.

“Tired of the pain, the destruction, the violence, the helplessness?” The good stranger inquired, a knowledgable glint in their eyes.

“Exactly.” I agreed, nodding.

“Then you must learn to see outward from the shadows.” The stranger grasped my hand carefully, and gestured at the slowly fading sunlight. Reclining between emerald leaves slowly tinting scarlet and gold, with a soft breeze careening our faces, this wonderful soul regaled me with tales of the past and the present. They whispered tales of mercy, community, forgiveness, friendship, and love. We laid upon the grass beneath a navy sky lit with those familiar glowing orbs. I could name them one by one, but I never truly saw them before that day. We remained long into the evening, and just as the sun rose, I awoke, realizing I fell asleep, dreaming of these wonderful tales. The stranger took their necessary leave, raven black hair blowing through the glowing rays of light just appearing. Their brilliant smile accentuated deep brown skin, waving their friendly peace as I departed.

 And so I left that small, desperate planet, and every aspect of it seemed changed. Earth was not lost, Earth was glowing and hopeful and dreaming and determined. A colourful planet of life and love, a hidden treasure of adventure and mystique. Previously I mistook their absence from galatic affairs as chronic lack of ability. Now I understand. As surely as they struggle through a harrowing life, they progress as steadily as they can. They are growing, and I have no doubt I will some day encounter them across my interstellar travels. I disappeared from their line of sight, vowing from that day forth to end my hollow seeing, and truly experience my beautiful chance at total freedom. I no longer just see the universe, I observe. I now know the microscopic oddities that make everyone and every thing unique. I never cease my trekking, never pausing or taking a breath, not since that day on Earth. I once trekked the whole universe. Step by step, planet by planet, I tiptoed across the stars. Now I am taking that journey once more. Time is not my master, gravity cannot weigh me down. Nothing can halt my soft footsteps. I am simply a hopeful wanderer.

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