Changing Situations

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This is a second story involving the abilities of a Catch-kin and in this one he hopes to right a wrong that has gone on for far too long.

Submitted: February 28, 2019

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Submitted: February 28, 2019



There once was a Catch-kin that went by the name of Novis.

Why this Catch-kin used that name, I had no idea. But while doing research for this story I spoke to a horse with a horn sticking out of its head.

That horse told me that this particular Catch-kin came to this earth in the month of November; so the Catch-kin abbreviated the word November and stated, "Nov. is Catch-kin; so Novis Catch-kin became the end result.

The explanation sounded right to me, but I didn't know how reliable that horse's information really was. After all, the horse said that she was a unicorn, not a horse; which didn't make a whole lot of sense. Just think about it. If a horse has one horn sticking out of it's head, shouldn't it be called a uni-Horn? {I'm Just Say-in.}.


Now, I’ll get to the story.


Novis was visiting the area due to a situation involving a man grieving over a lost love.

So after taking care of most of that situation, and trying to tie up loose ends, Novis went for a walk along a dusty farmer's trail.

It wasn't a usual walk for Novis, usual walks go from somewhere to who knows where, and then back again. No, this was more of a getting-it-done walk.

As Novis came to a rise in the road the little Catch-kin came upon a young woman seated in the fork of a tree's trunk. Her legs were drawn up and she had her head buried in her knees; she was crying loudly.

"Pardon me," Novis said, are you in distress?"

The young woman didn't look up; she just stated very matter-ah-factually, "Well of course I'm in distress! I'm crying, aren't I?"

Novis overlooked the woman's rudeness and asked, "Is there anything I can do to ease your condition?"

"Yes, go cut off my boyfriend's head and serve it to me on a silver platter, then he might be worth something!"

Novis replied, "Is a Sterling Silver platter permissible, blood would tarnish most other kinds of silver."

The woman's crying stopped and she lifted her head just enough to see who was talking, then she wiped her tears away. After a couple of sniffles she said, "Little boy, are you trying to be a funny at the expense of a woman who has been betrayed by the man of her dreams."

"Oh how mistaken you are," Novis stated, "I am not a boy. I am a Catch-kin, which is to say that I See Things and a Change Situations.

And secondly, I was not mocking your situation or your condition."

The young woman looked at Novis and asked, "Well didn't you imply that you would cut my true love's head off, just because I asked you to?"

"Of course not," Novis stated, "Catch-kins are not given to violence. I was merely attempting humor so as to cheer you up; I'm afraid I'm not very good at levity."

"Oh, --- well OK," the woman replied.

Then she introduced herself by saying, "My name is Gloria, and I am of the Sanders Clan."

Novis responded by saying, "I have chosen the name of Novis, you may call me that if you wish."

"I do not wish," Gloria replied, "you look like a Bob to me.

My youngest brother was named Bob and he was a boy when he died. You have many of his facial features; in fact, when I first saw you I thought I was seeing Bob."

Novis thought for a moment and stated, "If that name is easier for you to remember, then call me Bob; I will respond."

Shortly after that statement, Novis, aka Bob, took on the facial expression of someone showing concern, then he said, "Now, would you like to talk about your state of distress? Airing you grievances might help with the healing process."

Gloria thought for a time, and then said, "Well, --- I guess I could."

After she said that she jumped from the tree, gliding to the ground like a nimble Gazelle. Then she began pacing, back and forth, as she told her story, "I discovered that the man of my dreams is a heartless, two-timing, Bulls-wort!"

"A Bulls-wort, are you serious?" Bob replied, as if to be astonished.

"Cross my heart, and I hope my fritters rattle if one word of this is a lie," Gloria stated, rather matter-ah-factually.

Bob sat down on a stump and said, "Please continue, I'm all ears."

Gloria took a seat on the ground and said, "I guess that I should start at the beginning. Shouldn't I?"

"Well of course, by all means!" Bob quickly replied.

So Gloria stated, "I awoke from the strangest of dreams and had a feeling of urgency to see my beloved. So I rose to find a dense fog had settled into this valley, but undeterred I set out to see him anyway.

But on the way I saw my love leaving the Little White Church on the hill, and he was with a woman. They were dressed very nicely and people were tossing rice at them. I guess today was their wedding day."

Gloria began to cry, again.


Bob clicked his fingers and immediately images of Gloria's true love, and his bride, came into his view. Then Bob clicked his fingers again and the images went away.

For some time Bob sat in silence, as if thinking about this situation.

Then Bob asked Gloria, "You do realize that you are a ghost and the love of your life is still among the living, don't you?"

Gloria stopped sobbing, but still offered up the occasional sniffle as she stated, "I'm not an idiot, of course I know I'm a ghost. But my love could grieve for me for a while longer, don't you think?"

Bob thought for a moment and asked, "How long have you been, well, you know, dead?"

Gloria thought, and then replied, "I'm not quite sure. Why do you ask?"

Bob smiled and said, "Am I right in saying that you died at a young age, about sixteen years old?"

"I was almost seventeen," Gloria stated.

Then Bob said, "I have seen your true love and he said that he was forty years old. Does that mean he was twenty years old when you died?"

"He was Nineteen," Gloria replied. "But we were very much in love!"

Your true love grieved for a very long time and you have delayed your leaving because of it. So, are you ready to go now?"


At that moment another voice was heard, it was the voice of a child who said, "Hi Sissy!"

Gloria turned around and yelled, Bob! Is that you?

Then she swooped, in a floating manner, to the boy and gave him a hug to end all hugs. That is when she said, "Oh, my dear brother, I have missed you so much!"

Bob replied with a smile, "I have missed you too, Sissy.

Then he took his ghostly sister's hand in his own, and said, "Now come with me, you have a heaven full of wonders to see.



D. Thurmond / JEF


© Copyright 2019 D. Thurmond, aka, JEF. All rights reserved.

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