The Cultures of Love: Light Vs. Dark

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Another year as begun for the vampires, wizards, and witches at Chimerea Academy. After encountering the dark magic wielded by the mistress, Ivana Levin, second year students Jared Dean and Lucian Lovell barely escaped with their own lives holding on to their special power. Unfortuntaely, for one of these brothers he is carrying a dark secret that even he is unaware. Conflicted emotions have taken a hold of Jared causing him to embark on a journey within his own heart. He can't shake the feeling that someone is watching, or perhaps, two someone's. What happened when he was so close to death at the hands of the dark mistress? And has he truly escaped the forces trying to murder him for his and his brother's gift?

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Homecoming

This is the second book for my Cultures of Love series. I suppose you could read it without reading the other one, but it might get a tad confusing.
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Chapter 2: New Beginnings

Chapter 2: New Beginnings   Alone in his office, the headmaster of Chimerea Academy sat in silence with a single light on. T... Read Chapter

chapter 3: ernest spencer

Chapter 3: Ernest Spencer Jared couldn’t take his eyes off his new professor. There was a strange indescribable force drawing his a... Read Chapter

Chapter 4: Fire and Ice

Chapter 4: Fire and Ice Spencer peered outside of his classroom catching the slightest glimpse of blonde hair dart by. As the platinu... Read Chapter

chapter 5: unexpected vistor

Chapter 5: Unexpected Visitor The book lay open on the table as if it were a bloody knife used in a grizzly murder. Claire, Jared and... Read Chapter

Chapter 6: Inner Thoughts

Chapter 6: Inner Thoughts It was a silent night at Chimerea Academy. Not even a single snore was heard inside the boy’s dorm when J... Read Chapter

chapter 7: james' untold secret

Chapter 7: James’ Untold Secret Mouth agate, Jared found himself frozen where I stood. His legs felt more like a vestigial organ as... Read Chapter

chapter 8: the first lesson

Chapter 8: The First Lesson Lucian had been tossing a rubber ball up and down for the past twenty minutes waiting for his twin brothe... Read Chapter

chapter 9: the big announcement

Chapter 9: The Big Announcement A soft orange pink, glow lit up the entrance hall as the sun began to peek out from the grey clouds. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 10: Lupus

Chapter 10: Lupus A blast of thunder vibrated through the hollow halls of Chimereas castle. The droplets of rain raced each othe... Read Chapter

Chapter 11: The Wedding

Chapter 11: The Wedding “I presume you have taken care of Suris?” “Yes master. I did exactly as you ordered. He was h... Read Chapter

Chapter 12: The Change

Chapter 12: The Change “Has anyone heard from Mikhail? Rebecca?” James’ gentle parental like voice resonated through the still ... Read Chapter

Chapter 13: Novus Orsa

Chapter 13: A Novus Orsa Chimera was uncharacteristically quiet as the fog consumed the grounds and ancient architecture. The usual b... Read Chapter

Chapter 14: Janus

Chapter 14: Janus Lucian and Jared spent less than half an hour inside the walls of learning and were making their way to their dorm,... Read Chapter

Chapter 15: London Calling

Chapter 15: London Calling Victoria Ashcroft was living a life, not unlike her recently transformed daughter.  Her only differen... Read Chapter

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