Shakespearean sonnet

The usual scenery of an afternoon.
I hear a single flap from my blank life.
As my empty mind go with a red balloon.
I think to myself if you’re well and alive.

I wrote a story about you in my notebook.
Behind my lids, I saw a vision of you.
That tall silhouette I scribbled on my sketchbook.
That someone I still think of that makes me feel blue.

But Micheil it’s you, you alone are my music.
Although it is not me who is by your side,
although it is not me you pick;
I’ll be beside you when you want to confide.

Because I’m the one who chose to let go,
and I’m contented of just saying hello.

Submitted: March 01, 2019

© Copyright 2022 Chima Seele. All rights reserved.