The Keystones

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm
Betrayal, Friendships, and Adventure.

Submitted: March 01, 2019

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Submitted: March 01, 2019



Long ago, there was a battle between Solar Death and Lunar Life. They both lived in the Realm of Spirits, where all spirits lived to balance the Earth’s Darkness and Light. Lunar and Solar were magical entities. They had once thought that their love could never separate them, but everyone knew that Solar and Lunar could not be friends, could not love each other. Their families made their strong bond break. Not hearing a word from Lunar, Solar grew bitter. After a decade, Solar confronted Lunar, and the battle between Solar and Lunar started. 

After Lunar had defeated Solar, the Realm of Spirits descended into disorder. The world was unbalanced after Solar had become so weak. Lunar was heartbroken. She had lost her best friend, and she was about to lose her world. Devastated, Lunar became weaker and weaker. Before she left the Realm of Spirits, she gave some of her power to a newborn on Earth, hoping that he would protect the Earth and leave behind artefacts to help those after him balance the magic on Earth forever. His name was Merlin. Solar, did the same. Leaving a young girl with some of his powers and hatred, he knew she would try to defeat Merlin. Her name was, Morgana. 

Solar left the Realm of Spirits and moved to the Realm of Fading, where spirits would spend the rest of their remaining time. There he met Lunar again, and the darkness faded away from him. He realised the mistake he had made and spent the remaining days that he had with his beloved Lunar. When The Battle happened, nothing would ever be the same.

Morgana and Merlin were once in love too, but a death demon gave her more power and more darkness. Morgana and Merlin soon became enemies. The most potent relics that Merlin made were The Keystone. They took forms of ordinary objects. Each Keystone unlocked a different element power and was the key to different chess, which contained an elemental item. The 6 Keystones were Light, Shadow, Earth, Fire, Water and Air. When the items combined, they made immeasurable power that could destroy universes. Only those who possessed pure elemental powers could obtain the Keystones. This is how real magic was born. This is how The Elementals began.

“Violet! Where are you? We’ve just received a mission! We have to report to Kymoto!” Jeremy prodded her while she stirred in under her large lilac covers. 
“Can I go to school tomorrow instead?” she murmured sleepily.
“Violet, this is important,” Jeremy told her seriously. Violet got out of her bed put on her armour. As she did that, Jeremy let his eyes wander around Violet’s small, cramped, messy room. Clothes were scattered all over the floor and pillows were scrambled all over the place. Violet’s two large posters were the only thing that covered her bare pink wall. Her room was a very messy pig pen. “Violet, did you just put your armour over your pyjamas!?” Jeremy stared at her in shock.
“Messy isn’t it,” Violet changed the subject quickly, “my mum said it was as messy as a pig’s pen.” ‘Just what I thought,’ Jeremy thought to himself.
“What time is it Jeremy?” Violet asked wearily. Jeremy peered closely at his watch.
“It’s 10:42, wait… OH GOD. WE’RE LATE FOR THE MISSION BRIEFING.” Jeremy ran out of Violet’s bedroom and quickly ran across the jade hall. They burst into the mission briefing room.
“AHH!!! Oh my lord! Jeremy?! Have you forgotten your manners? ALWAYS KNOCK!” Kymoto yelled with shock, dropping an emerald decorated chest.
“What’s that ma’am?” Violet asked politely, softening Kymoto’s angry mood. Kymoto sighed.
“Sit down, sit down,” she pointed to two empty chairs. Jeremy and Violet sat down curiously.  “This, Is an Earth Chest. It was found by one of our junior scouts in the swamps of Arimon, the birth-place of the original Earth Elemental.” James’ hand shot up.
“How do you open the chest?” he inquired excitedly.
“I believe, that this,” she pointed to the decorated chest, “is a special chest.”  Then, Violet and her friends heard the name of an object that was only mentioned in stories. “A Keystone chest.” The group stared at the chest in wonder and shock of this new news. 
“So is it like the stories? Do we get a staff?” James asked.
“I do not know, James. Anyway, as I mentioned before Jeremy burst into the room,” Jeremy started fiddling at his fingers when he heard the remark, “We have picked up a distress signal from the Sahara Desert, you are to go and find out who sent the signal and help them. You will leave at 4pm.”

 A brown haired boy stared at his watch. He wore a red top to symbolise his power, Fire.
“Kymot… Ma’am, it’s 3.57pm,” Noah stated. Kymoto opened her eyes in shock.
“Go then!” The six teenagers rushed off to their rooms and got their gear.
“Come on guys! We’re going to be late!” A blonde haired girl shouted. She jumped onto her board which seemed to be made out of beams of light. 
“Wait up Lilac!” shouted James and he jumped onto a different board. It was made purely out of rock and magic. Violet quickly rushed to her water board and took to the air while Jeremy on his shadow board followed her. Suddenly, she halted in mid-air and looked back at the Jade Palace.
“What are you waiting for?” Jeremy asked her, puzzled. A flash of red flew past them. Violet instantly recognised Noah on his flame board.
“Akemi’s still getting ready,” she said flatly. A young teen floated gracefully up to them.
“Didn’t have to wait for me,” Akemi said, embarrassed, “my wind board would catch up to you easily.”
“Want to bet on that?” Jeremy challenged. Akemi nodded excitedly.
“Ready, set, GO!” Violet yelled as she zoomed off. However, Akemi’s reactions were quicker, and she raced past Violet. Jeremy groaned as he realised that he was last place and struggled to keep up with Violet. Violet and Akemi were the board champions, the fastest on boards and the best at maneuvering them. Noah, Lilac and James watched as the two competitive girls raced off. A few seconds later, Jeremy appeared.
“We’re - *puff* - having a race,” Jeremy said gasping for air. Lilac, Noah and James looked at each other with excitement. They quickly accelerated, leaving Jeremy in the dust. Jeremy groaned like a famished lion.
“We’re here,” Akemi said as she landed gently onto the sand dunes. Violet, Lilac and James looked around, but there was no living thing in sight.

“Are you sure these are the right coordinates?” Lilac asked. Akemi nodded.
“Hey, have you guys seen Jeremy?” Noah inquired, worried. Everyone shook their heads.
“He’s probably just a little slow,” James reassured the group. Suddenly, Jeremy landed on the sand dunes with his shadow board. He dropped to the ground, unconscious. 
“Jeremy!” Noah yelled. Jeremy groaned. “It’s the sun, it’s too bright.”
“Maybe I can help,” a stranger in a hooded cloak appeared out of no-where. Akemi put him in an icy storm cage.
“Wait, stop. Do I know you?” Violet asked trying to recall her voice.
“It has been a long time, Violet,” the hooded stranger said as she lifted off her hood.
“SAPHIRE!!!” Violet yelled, hugging her friend. Noah, Lilac, James and Akemi were puzzled.
“Who is this? Do you know her, Violet?” Noah asked as he raised an eyebrow.
“Yeah duh, fish-brain. Everyone, this is Sapphire. I met her in the forest during our 2nd mission.”
“Ohh… So this is the healer?” Akemi asked. Violet nodded.
“What is it?” Jeremy grumbled he pushed through his friends and locked his eyes with Sapphire. “You,” he growled as his eyes grew cold.
“Hello, Jeremy.”
“What do you want, Oceania,” he faced the black haired girl and stared into her blue eyes.
“Don’t call me by my last name. I just want to help,” she said. She led the team to her cave and told them about her adventure with Violet. When she finished, Jeremy rolled his eyes.
“Jeremy! Don’t be so rude!” Violet scolded, “You should be thanking her for saving you!” 
“It’s ok Violet. Jeremy and I have a history. Even though you don’t trust me, accept this gift as my apology.” Jeremy took the broad chest and gasped as he opened the full chest. Inside, was three beautifully decorated chest. One had rubies on it, one was painted with black zircon, and one had quartz stones all over.
“How did you get these!?” Jeremy asked, “These chests are Keystone Chests! Fire, Air and Shadow. We’ve got Earth, so that leaves Water and Light.” Jeremy turned to Sapphire. “You stole these?” Sapphire flinched as if Jeremy had just attacked her. Everyone had forgotten that Jeremy could intercept thoughts.
“They’re for you.” 
“YOU STOLE THEM!? FROM WHO?” Jeremy yelled. 
Sapphire’s eyes were tearing up. He stormed off deeper into the cave, and the rest of the group ran after him, everyone except Sapphire.
“Jeremy? Are you okay?” Lilac asked. He looked at Lilac, his eyes filled with loneliness. 
‘I’m fine. Come on, let’s just get out of here,” Jeremy mumbled. As the group walked towards the exit, Sapphire hugged Violet.
“Goodbye,” Violet farewelled.
“Hey Sapphire, I’m sorry.” Jeremy stepped forwards and looked into Sapphire’s eyes. 
“I’m sorry too.” They hugged each other and Jeremy left the cave.

“We have to find the other chests,” Jeremy said finally. The others stared at him in shock
“We can’t!!” Violet shouted.
“Yeah, it’s too dangerous,” Lilac agreed.
“We’re so close to finding the last 2 though.” Violet sighed.
“Fine. Does anyone know the birthplace of the Light Elemental?”
“It’s in the Gonarl Desert,” Lilac whispered. Everyone groaned.
“Another desert!?” Noah growled. Violet and Jeremy summoned their boards.
“Hiko!” they shouted In unison.
“Come on guys,” Lilac encouraged the others as she summoned her light board. They groaned.
“Hiko!” the others yelled summoning their boards.
“According to my map, Gonarl is… Wait, no, that can’t be right!” Akemi shouted in confusion. Everyone watched Akemi’s watch mix up her maps, jumbling them all up.
“Oh god. How are we going to Gonarl now?” James mumbled angrily.
“No, I can find Gonarl, I just can’t match the maps up.”
“Co-ordinates?” Jeremy asked.
“X is 6, Y is 395 and Z is 598,” Akemi replied while desperately trying to fix her watch.
“Okay then, Dioxy, find co-ordinates: 6, 395, 598,” Jeremy spoke to his backpack. The group looked at him, puzzled. 
“Eeeeek!” Noah yelled as a black metallic creature crawled out of his bag. Suddenly, the boards started moving.
“How is it controlling our boards!?” Violet shouted over the wind.
“Magic hacking!” Jeremy shouted back.

*pfft* The boards disappeared, and everyone fell to the soft, heated sand dunes.
“What happened to the boards?” Noah yelled as the wind howled and sent sand flying everywhere.
“Who cares?” Jeremy retorted, “Just summon them again!”
“Hiko!” Nothing happened.
“Magic, not working!” Lilac yelled.
“We can see that,” Akemi shouted back.
“Let’s get into that cave! I’m going to pass out if I stay out here any longer!” Jeremy yelled. No one needed any convincing. They all willingly ran into a nearby cave. The cave was full of life. Fireflies buzzed everywhere, and tiny critters were scattered everywhere. A blue light was emitted from some scratches on the wall.
“Guys! These scratches look like big blue handwriting!” Noah yelled, mesmerised by the beautiful soft blue light. Akemi held up her ivory watch.
“Those who enter, do beware. For those who seek the light in the dark, take a torch to light your path,” Akemi recited as she took a torch next to the cave writing. As Akemi shone the light onto the ground, a trail of blue slime appeared. “Follow that trail!” They all agreed and slowly took the path. It was beautiful. Full of fluorescent plants and crystals embedded into the walls of the cave.
“We’re here,” James remarked.
“Guys look! There are other pedestals as well!” Jeremy whispered. He was right. Rising, were 5 other pedestals the chests could sit perfectly on.
“Stop right there,” a voice boomed.
“Who are you?” Lilac asked politely. 
“Oh, I think you know,” said a familiar voice. 
“SAPPHIRE!” Jeremy shouted. The evil voice cackled.
“Yes, my dear.” Violet gasped in horror. Surely this evil presence could not be one of her best friends?
“But why?” Jeremy asked fearfully.
“Do you know why I had been travelling all these years?” Jeremy shook his head. “To find you! Ever since you moved houses, I had no friends! No one to play with! And then I find you, and I try to act as calm as possible, but you YELL AT ME!,” Sapphire shouted at Jeremy, who just stared in shock.
“Wait, are those our family heirlooms!?” Akemi shouted angrily as she pointed to Sapphire’s neck. She was wearing 6 beautiful necklaces with symbols of Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Shadow and Light.
“I’m sorry ok!? I didn’t mean to leave…” Jeremy yelled at Sapphire, it felt like the whole world was against him. As if there were a rock sitting on his head, giving him pressure. It was like all the problems of the world had been placed on his shoulders. “Guys, stay back, Sapphire’s quarrel is with me.”
They both got out their swords. *Clink!* Sparks flew as the swords bashed against each other. Sapphire twisted Jeremy’s arm, and he dropped his sword. Before Jeremy could pick up his sword, Sapphire scarred Jeremy’s leg. Sapphire lunged at Jeremy, who intuitively dogged out of the way. Sapphire tried to gain her balance, but Jeremy sent a stone flying at her, knocking her down.
“Hand the pendants over.” Sapphire threw the necklaces against the ground and took out another chest. It was decorated with Sapphires. Everyone took an elemental chest and placed it on the podiums. Suddenly, they started glowing.
“But, that’s impossible! We don’t have the keystones! We only have the chests!”
“I think you’ll find that you do.” Jeremy whipped around to see Sapphire groaning. “I’m sorry Jeremy. I just felt angry.”
“Well, it’s my fault I yelled at you.” Sapphire smiled
“The pendants,” Sapphire whispered. They all looked at their pendants and found out that they were glowing too. Chests clicked open one by one, revealing a beautiful stone in each. Everyone took their elemental stone as more blue writing appeared.
“Hechala mone,” Akemi read aloud. A white wisp from the stone and created a cloud of dust. Akemi stared in shock as a beautiful white eagle took the cloud’s place.
“They’re summoning stones,” Sapphire told them. 
“Come on, let’s go home.”

The End

© Copyright 2020 IcyDragon27. All rights reserved.

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