Conquest of the Roaring Sea: Brave Sailors

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Brave Sailors

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Submitted: March 01, 2019



I-Brave Fishermen

The Ocean waters furiously roared and struck the six human carracks that had so bravely left their invaded home, and ventured deep into the unknown Roaring Sea in search of a new haven.

To some they were heroes but to others they were considered cowards, however the three leaders of this expedition would not let some minor words of discouragement stop them, for that was no way either a Queen, a Count or a Bard should act.


The First three Carracks that led the blind charge into that raging and unforgiving monster like Ocean, had a royal and Empirical charm to them, and they should, for they were led by none other than Queen Miria Roseport, Queen of Haven-Harbor, and the only child of the Count of Roseport.

Her beautiful, long and wavy rose colored hair, enchanting teal eyes and cotton like skin, served almost as a guiding light of hope to her subjects aboard the crickety ship.


The rain droplets fell over the head of the Queen, as she made her way through the rocking ship and towards the First-Captain of the Kingdom, Gilbert, who tried his best to keep the wooden vessel afloat.

Gilbert's war feats of the past had earned him the title of First-Captain of Haven-Harbor, and although a few gray hairs now started to sprout on his head, he tried his best to hide them, so that his men wouldn't lose respect for him and still fear his infamous blue stare.

Gilbert tried to adjust his long coat as he saw the Queen doing the same with her's.


As the Queen tried to hold on to the ship, she raised her voice so the First-Captain could hear her, and she asked.-”Captain Gilbert, Status! How long until the storm passes? The Settlers down in the hold are getting restless, and the Clerics are starting to lose faith.”


The Captain tried to search for the stars in the sky as the droplets of rain fell into his eyes, he could not discern where any of them were, so instead he looked at the broken double moon of Thalon and it's many floating pieces and chunks of lunar rubble, and he answered the Queen.-”We have entered the Ring of Storms awhile ago Queen. No ship has ever come back to say how far it goes, so we will have to find out for ourselves.”- The Captain then struggled to turn the helm of the ship, but as he did he laughed and said. -”Have no fear Queen, we are the proud sons and daughters of Haven-Harbor, if there is anyone in Vaelia capable of crossing this God's forsaken ring, it's us and our ships.”


The Queen smiled at the Captain's hopefulness and said.-”That's the spirit Captain. Show to the Gods what the sons and daughters of Fishermen are made of. I will try to remind our settlers of that.”

The Captain nodded and asked the Queen.-”Aye, Aye your Highness, so are we to keep the plan we agreed upon?”

Miria looked back, and answered the soaking and salted Captain.-”Yes, tell Garret to send a message to Jameston's and Rorrick's ships, to stick to the plan we agreed on before the storm.”

“Aye, Queen.”-Gilbert said as he gave a quick, empirical salute to the Queen.

As the Queen returned back to the cargo hold, she saw as Captain Gilbert gave the order to his younger brother and First-Mate Garret, who then sent several white doves flying towards the other ships that followed behind.


The Queen entered the well lit cargo hold below the deck, it had been rebuilt and repurposed to both hold the sailors sleeping quarters, as well as the common folk.

The hold held the best form of comfort and hygiene that it could be arranged for with the time the builders had, but it was still not enough, the smell was unbearable and small amounts of trash littered the hold; still, the Queen dried her hair, took one last deep breath of fresh air and after she got used to the smell again, she stepped down to comfort her subjects, for although that wasn't the place for a Queen, Miria knew that if there was ever a time when her subjects needed her soft and kind words, it was now.


The carrack rocked along the waves, as Miria entered the damp and humid cargo hold, filled with the common folk of haven harbor. The settlers were startled by the storm, so to calm them down, Miria beckoned to her subjects and as she irradiated the hold with her hopeful voice, she inspired them.

“What is a storm to the ships of the Sons and Daughters of Haven-Harbor? We are the people that danced and dueled against the masters of both the frozen north waters and the boiling south seas, do you really think a mere storm will stop us?

No! We are brave, traders and explorers, we will not fall to the fate of sweet water sailors, we will reach a new land and find a new Haven!”


Everyone looked up the young Queen, her sweet calming and honey like words set their spirits to rest, her beautiful, long, wavy and scarlet colored hair and royal blue dress further stated her authority and cemented the people's trust in her, but there were still some who doubted her.

A second thunder forcefully invaded the ocean waters and charged deep into the unknown black abysses of the Roaring Sea, the sound echoed through the water and the ship, the people once more cowered in fear.


An anxious souls sprang up from the mob of the humble peasants and he asked his Queen for guidance. -”What guarantee do you have, that we'll find new land, your highness? How do you know that the Gods have not forsaken us?”

The Queen stumbled for a few moments, as she tried to think of a good lie and argument, then with the inflection of an eager and unprepared Princess at her first public speech, Miria answered him with her learned, but many times Ineffective diplomatic skills. -”How do I know? Ho-How do I know you say? Well, because I am sure we have the God's blessing, I know this because we are all still here, aren't we?”


The mob of poor farmers and fishermen then started to whisper among each other, the bright fire of hope and certainty that once irradiated from the Queen and her almost flame like hair, now started to diminish and started to change into fragile embers that were easily put out by the raging sea water again.

The calm spirits of the settlers started to revert to their panicked state, but before the fear of the common folk could undo the work of the brave Mariners above, Miria shouted at her subjects, they all looked to her and saw a wildfire in her gaze and her hair, that almost seemed to burn with rage, she tried to contain their fears.


“If the Gods wanted us dead, they wouldn't have let us escape from the Wrath of the “Blacksmith” and his conquered armies at all now, wouldn't they?

It would be useless to waste a soul's vitality like that, so that means the Gods must have some use for us; Maybe this Ring of Storms isn't meant to be an obstacle for us, maybe it's here because the Gods know that only we can find a way to cross it, and it will stay here to protect us from any ship of the “Blacksmith” that tries to come after us.

I full heartedly believe this, so, as I said before, have no fear my friends.”


As Miria finished her speech, her fiery gaze and hair sizzled down and all were recomforted by the Queen's explanation, some still had doubts, but they kept quiet and did not dare to anger the Queen, instead, many talked about the riches of this new land that Miria and the Gods promised to them, the deserved reward of the common people, or so they called it.

A new land far away from the war and pestilence of Old Vaelia and it would be their Queen, Miria Roseport, that would take them to this new land of wealth and peace.

Miria decided to stay with her subjects until the storm had subsided, she prayed silently to herself and hoped that the other two expedition leaders, Count Jameston and Rorrick would be safe, but she especially hoped that her longtime friend, the Bard Rorrick, was in good hands.

Two dim lights of madness and hope shone against the oppressive and ever growing threat of the colossal waves, the giants of water shook and rocked the two ships of the zealous Count Jameston, his two ships,”Heads and Tails”, almost seemed protected by the grace of the Gods, so closely were they to be sunken, but the Count paid no attention to his skim with the God of Death, Mort.


Jameston laughed maniacally and jumped with glee as he held to the helm of the Carrack “Heads”. His long and messy black hair and goatee were soaked with the salted water, and his subjects and retinue looked at him in fright, as he did not seem to care about the storm, the ship, his subjects or even his soaked black and white jacket and pants.


As the water boarded the deck and the Count, he screamed at both the storm and his subjects.-”Ah, the joys of the world! Guide me to your promised land, my beloved lady and Goddess! Fortuna! Aid me to reach your mortal home! Immortal and powerful Goddess of Luck and Chance, aid me yet again, bring my ships to safety!”


To the human eyes of the settlers, it indeed seemed like the Goddess Fortuna herself, was guiding the ships and safe guarding them.

A single voice of reason still dared to question the faith driven Count, and that was Stein, the Head-Scribe of Count Jameston, Stein had grown with Jameston since they were both kids, and throughout his years he had always tried to bring the Count to reason and logic, always unsuccessfully.


The young Scribe of only age twenty two, tried once more to bring his lord and rival to reason. -”Lord! Let me take the helm, before you sink the ship!”

The Count cackled and answered.-”Afraid of some water, Stein? Have no fear, my Goddess has promised me safe passage!”

“You annoying son of a bi-” Before the Scribe could finish his curse, a large wave forcefully invaded the deck and doused the Scribe, as Stein tried his best to stand on his feet again and cough out the sea water, the Count mocked him.

“Ahaha! Such is the pay for those that doubt the great Lady of Luck and Chaos, and her chosen protege, me!”


The Scribe adjusted his gray longjacket and brown hair, and as he walked towards the Count and tried to pry from him the helm, he berated him. -”You pompous, self entitled street urchin! You think just because Count Marl adopted you and made you his heir, you can mock his rule with your blind trust on those coin tosses?! You are an embarrassment and I'm ashamed for having been born in the same social caste as you, give me that helm!

If you're just looking for directions in a coin, we might as well have no one at the wheel!”


Jameston tried to push away Stein with his body, and as the Scribe tried to pull the helm to his side, the Count warned him as the ship rocked left and right.-”Stop, you simpleton! Trust me Stein, my luck never fails, you know that. Just leave this one to me!”

“I know it does! That's what upsets me the most, you can't judge everything on luck, I rather be eaten by the Sea, than see you crossing the most dangerous natural phenomena in the known world on sheer luck!”-As soon as the Scribe finished talking, a great wave attacked the deck and washed away to the ocean a handful of retinues that did not held themselves to the Carrack, the settlers saw the wave coming and took refuge inside the cargo hold, but Stein however lost his grip on the ship and plummeted down into the Roaring Ocean below.


Jameston let out a cry for his old childhood friend and rival, and he threw his royal coin in the air, it had a black and white checkered pattern, with a White and Black arrow, on it's top and bottom side respectively. As he held on to the helm, he asked his goddess if he should attempt to rescue his royal Scribe and the retinues that had fallen, a black arrow pointed down. Jameston's look then changed, and he continued to hold on to the helm and laugh as he sailed with his ships into the storm.

The Scribe and the retinues hit the water with a resounding thump, deafened by the surrounding storm and lightning, the retinues struggled, but as they were constricted by the heavy weight of their breastplates, they quickly lost their breath and sank to the bottom, pulled by their metal defenses.


Stein did not struggle or tried to stay afloat, instead he attempted to remain calm, and as he slowly sank below the cold ocean water, he reminisced about his life. Stein remembered how his poor peasant parents had sent him away to study and be one of the Counts scribes, and especially remembered the death of the Count's wife and only heir.


“A curse of bad luck, they said...”-Stein thought to himself as he remembered the accidental deaths of the countess and the prince.

“No wonder, he adopted an orphan with such an unnatural surge of good luck.”-Stein further reminded himself, of how Count Marl met Jameston on the side of the street, and after the urchin had beat him at various games, he adopted him as his new heir.


Then before Stein released onto the enclosing water his last breath, he thought of his years growing up with Jameston, and of his profound hate and rage towards his good luck.

Then with a last sigh, the air escaped his lungs and the oppressing and cold water filled him, as he slowly sank unto the dark unknown void where no Human can live.


Stein felt cold, lonely and angry as he prepared to be taken to the Outerplanes, but before Mort could collect another soul, just before the Scribe closed his eyes, he saw something strange, an odd collection of glowing lights, far, far on the bottom of the Ocean, and he saw swimming towards him, a strange creature.


It had a human like figure, with the exception that it's skin had bright glowing multicolored scales, and the extremities of its hands and feet had strange fin like membranes, further more, as the figure got closer, Stein noticed its beautiful and long hair, the hair like the scales seemed to change its color with every second, but the hair seemed to resemble more like the arms of jellyfish, or that of seaweed and kelp.


As the creature floated in front of Stein, only inches away, Stein noticed its feminine figure, her uncovered features and her curious look.

Stein felt further rage with himself for not being able to write and catalog such an awe inspiring creature before he died, then as he started to close his eyes, and let the Ocean engulf him, Stein did not feel the cold and harsh embrace of the Roaring Sea, instead, he felt a warm hug surrounding him, and his vitality returning.

Stein sensed the water being drained from his lungs, and on its stead, life giving air returning, he mustered his new found force to open his eyes, and as the cold water blurred his vision and awoke him, he saw the sea bound woman, wrapped around him, draining the water that invaded his body and replacing it with air, while she kissed him.


When the woman saw that Stein had been saved from being drowned, she quickly started swimming with him to the surface, whilst she still hugged and kissed him.
Stein did not resist or struggle, he let the sea bound woman carry him to wherever she wanted, he did not have many options left either way.

Stein was brought to the surface by his deep-sea savior, the aquatic woman jumped out of the roaring waves and over the storm, her now dark blue scales meshed with the ever raging blue and black sky, and for a second, Stein saw as Jameston in the horizon abandoned him and the now corpses, of those that had fallen over from “Heads” and “Tails”.


Strangely enough though, Stein did not feel angry, at least not yet, for now he was relieved that out of all of those that fell overboard, he had survived. The Scribe could not tell if it was due to luck or not, but for now he decided not to question it.

After Stein had once again breathed in the fresh, salted air with his own mouth and lungs, the sea-bound girl returned with Stein to the calm, silent and blue world underneath the Roaring Sea.

The ocean woman still held on tightly to Stein and after they had dived deep until the white foam of the waves and the sparkling stars could not be seen, the girl swam through the black deep, faster than any ship created by human hands.

The strength and force of the water assaulted the Scribe's face, in what felt to him like a thousand consecutive punches from drunken tavern brawlers to his entire body.

Stein then sensed his conscience fading from him, so the scribe held on tightly to his savior, as she did to him, and hoped she would bring him somewhere safe, as he passed out in her arms.

One last carrack stumbled through the raging Ocean, it was a mercenary ship, hired by the Bard Rorrick.

The ship's design was old and frail, it was an old merchant ship commanded by an experienced team of mercenary sailors and although the ship was damaged and molded, it remained afloat, purely thanks to the expertise of the sailors on board.

The ship had no settlers or common folk aboard, only the sailors that were bought by the Bard, and the Bard himself.


Rorrick tried his best to hold on to the ropes of the ship, as it rocked back and forth in waves of the sea, his knees wavered as he felt the creaking wood, and the cold water on his face and old, common, road weary brown jacket, and dirt blond tunic.

He closed his eyes and mustered his strength and courage, Rorrick fixed his blond hair, a sign of his noble origin, and he took out his battle worn Lute, and thought of the only thing that still gave him courage in his time of need.

He thought of his old friend and love, Queen Miria, he thought of all their old adventures before she was married of to be a Queen, and with the raging storm above, and the thunder as his light, Rorrick stepped forth to the mast of the ship, and serenaded against the waves, to raise both his and the sailor's morale.


Bastard was I born

With no Mother to mourn

Evicted from home

and cursed to roam


Oh Poor, poor bard

always on guard

never barred

n' your eyes, always starred


A bard they called me

n' through taverns I traveled

until I saw her in the night

bright like a light

perfect like a goddess

honest n' flawless


Oh Poor, poor bard

always on guard

never barred

n' your eyes, always starred


And through lands we hauled

and dungeons we crawled

against evil kings

and dragon twins


For adventure was calling

and love was dawning

but on that day of summer

she kissed me and said

I must go, but I trust

I'll see you again.”


Oh Poor, poor bard

always on guard

never barred

n' your eyes, always starred


She left for the Seven-Towers

And I stood near the flowers

Holding her pendant

Hoping to see her again.


Now I dream, and hope

for all I do is mope 'n try to cope

for my lost love

to return from her throne above

to one more time, let her hold me in her arms

n' I'll rest happy, knowing she holds me in her charms.


As Rorrick finished his song he felt a new found courage surging from the depths of his soul, the love he felt towards his old friend and companion, it drove him forward and no matter whatever laid in front of him, it was not enough to keep him apart from his love, no waves, no storms, no God sent fury, or mutinies could drown him.


Rorrick held on to the edges of the ship, and he painstakingly looked back and forth, trying to look for any sign of Miria's ships, he did not find anything in the storm.

So instead, for a few seconds he let go of his grip and whilst he delivered himself to the rocking ship, the waves and the wind, he prayed and hoped for the Gods to keep Miria safe, while completely ignoring his own.


Rorrick was so focused with the storm that he did not hear the cries of the sailors above and behind him, atop the masts and on the deck, the sailors screamed at Rorrick to tell them what to do, considering that Rorrick had hired him and he was the captain, they at least expected him to do something.

The sailors tried to get close to Rorrick, but the waves had gotten increasingly higher and if some form of action was not taken soon, there was a good chance that the ship would tip.


Out of the top of the masts, a single sailor lept down, it was the first-mate Ivar, with various hand commands and with the full strength of his voice, Ivar set his mates to work and maneuver out of the Ring of Storms.

“Billy! Rile! Take to starboard, Henrik! Set down the latter sail, Awen, Loe, keep her to yer side and follow Luna's half chunk! I'm puttin the fronters up!”- The sailors did not contest Ivar, as quickly as they heard him, they set themselves to work, Ivar did the same.


Ivar cleaned off the water from his beard with his hand, as he ran through the bouncing ship deck, attempting his best not to trip.

He arrived to where Rorrick still stood, looking out into the distance, then right before a wave could strike them both, Ivar pulled Rorrick to the back and saved him from the wave, he did not say anything to him, instead, Ivar quickly set himself to work and repair and tried his best to command the rest of the sailors from his front post and drive the ship to safety.

Rorrick was still somewhat stunned and he limited himself to let the sailors do their work and not get in their way.


After several grueling minutes out in the sea, being pushed off by the ocean, assaulted by the water, the rain, and the piercing noise of thunder, the last human ship, crossed through the ring of storms.


Finally, after so many upheavals, the sea became quiet, and the Roaring Sea, silenced its roar. In a few hours the sun would awake, but for now, the darkness and mystery of what lay past the edge of the world, past “Land's End”, still remained, and all the sailors, common folk and noblemen, looked in awe to the calm ocean, and dreamt of what wonders they would find in the new lands.

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