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If you haven't ventured to the other side then........I guess read at your own discretion. Enjoy lol

Submitted: March 01, 2019

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Submitted: March 01, 2019



In case you are wondering who I am, don’t worry. I’m not that special anyways. Hell I don’t even have a unique name.

“Julio Iglesias.” Asked the teacher.

“Here.” Julio said.

“Josh Anderson”. She asked again.


“Harry Dick.”

“Here.” I said. I guess I misspoke when I said my name isn’t unique. It is unique, but in a way you can butcher it.

But I guess all of that is okay though, because there’s only one thing apart of my like that’s interesting.

And that’s her.

With a glowing grey silky wavy hair, with her snow white dress complete with red stockings. From one look at her, you could say she’s royalty. That’s because she is. As far as I remember, she was the one who stood by my side, has always been there for me and is there to support me in any way. I never felt so loved by her.

Her name……is Mai Hande. But I guess you could say her full name is….Mai Riet Hande (my right hand). She’s the most attentive and caring person I’ve ever met, albeit a bit physical sometimes. I have met the entire Hande family, and from the time I’ve known them, they always known how to shake things up. But Myne, my nickname for her, has been hands down the best Hande I could ever ask for in my entire life. She knows how to rub me the right way. I’ve always felt good being around Mai Hande.

I don’t have many classes with her, other than one class.


If I’m being honest, I took that class because she’s in it. I would much rather take a dance course, as I’ve always loved to pump it. My heart I mean. Anyways, I’m terrible at woodshop but that’s okay, because she always comes by to give me a hand. She knows how to handle my wood real good. She’s a professional wood handler really. I just can’t stop thinking about her movements. The way she caresses my wood, the way she smoothens the surface with her hand. My wood assignments became hard yet soft due to her handy work.

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