If Only You Could Let It Go...

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If only you could let it go

Feel it burn, then melt like snow. 

If only you knew what I know, 

And believed that we would never go. 


If only you could ever forgive 

yourself - allow new life to live!

Allow yourself to be the kid

Whose hurts you tried to hide within. 


If only you hadn't played that game. 

Given over your heart to shame. 

Blood, brutality, bullying, blame

Sit inside and stain your name. 


If only you knew there's so much love

Falling and filling from high above. 

Singing, cooing like a dove 

Your heart could have more than enough. 


If only you saw there's more than hate

You could be granted a clean slate, 

Forever change from your current state, 

And you would not have to wait. 


If only you knew he knew your pains

And wished to wipe away tear stains. 

There's so much more thats here to gain

Life is not meant to be lived in vain. 


If only you could look into the eyes of your father and forgive him 

Look into the eyes of your lover and ask for forgiveness

Rise up against the demons in the games you played

Burn the images that were burned into your mind

Ask forgiveness for the life you took 

Forsake the forsaking of responsibilty 

Embrace that you might fail but try anyway, 

Oh, if only you knew that the only body part size that mattered is a man's heart

Then, yes! 

You could break free, 

and finally see

and finally be 

all that you ever wished to be. 



Submitted: March 02, 2019

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