Rock Upon Stone

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With so many ways to contend with the swirling vortex of insanity gripping the world, one’s imagination is easily lured into the enigmatic realm of “what if?” (sculpture by Anthony Gormley)

Rock Upon Stone


In the name of sanity,

to be a modern man,

or to be inside a stone,

that is a worthy question.


Let others become eagles and doves,

gnash with a lion’s fang,

or be a salmon swimming upriver dodging a bear’s thrust.


While to be a rock…


From the outside,

the rocks journey into existence

is a conundrum of guesses,

for it might have spent many days rolling

through ocean depths,

or tumbling endlessly from a mountain peak.


Yet within…


Might it be calm, cool, and quiet,

even as a bull treads on it full weight,

or a child skim-throws it across waters of a lake,

gradually sinking slowly untroubled

to the bottom where fish fins knock on it…

and listen?


Because sparks fly from rubbing rock on stone,

might there be energy inside,

perhaps an inert moon shining from Somewhere’s history,

perhaps frozen in time from behind the mountain of its birth,

giving just enough light to make visible

the strange writings and drawings,

and star graphics on the cool, calm

and peaceful walls,

save for the arc of

an unidentified flying streak of light?




Submitted: March 03, 2019

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Such an unusual write, and an intriguing concept about what it might be like inside one of those stones.

Sun, March 3rd, 2019 6:59pm


thank you. That came to mind when I read about someone wanting to revive the "Pet Stone" fad.

Sun, March 3rd, 2019 11:24am

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