My Macy

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Macy was the love of his life from the first time he saw her.

Dear Journal,

I knew her from the time we were in second grade.  I remember her first day vividly.  She came into the classroom with Principal Thomas.  After whispering back and forth with the teacher, he introduced Macy to the class.  He told us that "she moved from Detroit because of her father's work and would be joining us for, at least, the rest of the year".  As it turned out, we got to be in school together until late in our senior year of high school. 

I remember how excited I was when she walked in the door in all her splendor.  She was as beautiful a little girl as I had ever seen.  Her wonderfully long, and professionally permed blond hair made her stand out from all of the other girls in class.  While being introduced, she looked right at me and smiled.  I wasn't happy that the teacher seated her on the opposite side of the room.  I decided that I would, at least, be able to see the girl of my dreams from afar.  I waited, impatiently, for recess to come, because I wanted to introduce myself before any of the other boys in our class could approach her.  When the bell rang, and the teacher dismissed us, I immediately made a bee-line to the new girl.  She was already talking to another female friend of mine, when I finally got close enough to communicate.  They seemed to become fast friends and I knew that would bode well for me!  Our eyes met, and that, as we say, was that.

Macy and I had some really good times during our grade school years.  She had been through a lot with the death of her father in fourth grade; and the resulting step down in society her family suffered because of it.  There was something about 'not enough life insurance money for them to thrive'.  Her mom went to work though, and they managed to stay in the same school district; but they couldn't afford to live in the same house.  I made sure I was there every step of the way for her.  What kind of best friend would I be if I hadn't?!  Our lunch’s together and long discussions while she had to babysit her sister at night, while mom worked, were things I really looked forward to. 

Fast forward to the six grade dance ... of course, we went together.  I remember that she had to button on her own corsage, but it was understandable that a sixth-grader wouldn't want to get too close to a young lady's 'personals'...c'mon!  She was beautiful, and we danced the afternoon away; drinking punch and eating cookies between songs.  It's one of my fondest memories, because it was like we were the only two people in the school gymnasium that day.  My mother seemed worried, when I told her all about it.  She was kind of over-protective and, I think, a tiny bit jealous, as her relationships with an endless stream of 'uncles' never seemed to go anywhere.  Macy and I were a 'thing', and there was nothing she, or anyone else, could do about it.

Middle School was pretty unremarkable, except for my exquisite Macy and our growing love.  Mom finally found her a steady boyfriend, and got off my case about my personal life.  She spent so much time with the guy, that I found myself with scads of free time to dedicate to Macy, and, of course, the other things I enjoyed doing.  Macy and I weren't quite 'two peas in a pod' during the school day, because our schedules always seemed to be very different.  It was tough, but we never went more than a couple of hours, without touching base in the hallway between classes or seeing each other at lunch.  Not even junior high could come between the true love of two gentle souls like ours.

High school was rough on both of us.  Our circle of friends began to include people of the opposite sex.  Macy didn't seem to mind too much, but it made me very jealous.  I'm not sure when her 'friends', being around all the time, began to annoy me.  But, things got pretty tense between us for awhile, particularly just as our junior year was ending.  Because I had been held back in first grade, I was getting ready to turn eighteen; much, much earlier than any of my classmates.  Throughout our time together, she had never gotten me a birthday present.  I understood that her dad dying, the day before her own big day, kind of took the fun out of it; so I never complained.  But, this was the 'big one eight'!  At least she could have said "happy birthday", you know.  I figured it was because she was just too busy with her other 'friends'.  I always considered myself an overly sensitive type; so I thought maybe the problem was mine.

Everything came to a head towards the end of our senior year.  Things were wonderful between us, and we were rarely apart.  We had always wanted to go camping some weekend.  The first nice weekend, weather-wise, turned out to be the second week in May.  Neither of us had a car, so I just pitched a tent in the field that was adjacent to her back yard.  At least, at that distance from the house, we could have some well-deserved privacy.  Macy had grown into a beautiful young woman, while I looked a lot like my dad; which wasn't much to brag about.  I had expressed my love to her many times, but hadn't actually said the words "I love you" out loud to her.  I was anxious to take that ultimate step with the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, but the police interrupted, and ruined everything!

The next time I saw Macy, she was testifying at my trial.  "This guy is a psycho", I heard her say with tears in her eyes.  "It seems like I saw him everywhere I went...just standing there; staring at me".  "Now that I think about it, he was always there!"  "What do you want from me you creep?!” she yelled from the witness chair.  WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!” she repeated before the prosecutor allowed her to step down.  I smiled in her direction, as she passed on her way out of the courtroom.  Again, she looked at me, but didn't smile back.  "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU, AND WHAT THE FREAK DO YOU WANT?” she yelled as her red, tear-streaked face contorted to a point where she wasn't quite as beautiful.  I wasn't sure what had happened, between our camping trip and the trial, to upset my sweet Macy so much. 

After high school, Macy was accepted to a four-year college in another state.  The judge had decided, several weeks earlier, that I should go 'up state' for four years.  The convictions for felony stalking, trespassing, and surveilling carried a maximum four-year penalty.  Of course I got the max, with the cameras I had set up in her trees and the high-tech surveillance equipment the search warrant turned up at my house.  And, then there were the thousands of photos...whew!  Fortunately for me, we were about the same age when each of them was taken.  The three rolls of duct tape and some knock out drops I got off of the internet, that were in the tent, were thrown out for some technicality.  The drops were fake everything on the internet!  That and my lawyer successfully arguing that I had the duct tape to repair the shoddy tent I had set up was a great relief.  The unexplained ladder, lying on the ground near the back of her house, didn't have my fingerprints on it.  My sensitive skin came in handy on that one.  I had to wear gloves to transport the fiberglass monstrosity around.

Now, all I have is my journal.  That and the knowledge that the woman I adore still loves me.  I should be sad, sitting here waiting for my first parole hearing in about nine months.  But, when you think about it, all of this was worth it!  I mean, she actually, finally NOTICED ME!  The cry face was kind of a turn off, but, you know...  I'm trying hard not to be mad at the prosecutor for upsetting my sweet girl like that.  Not wanting all the good feelings of her to go to waste, I'm redirecting my energy to the future.  I figure, if I'm not going to get out before nine months, I have plenty of time to figure out where she is, and plan our next little 'get together'.  I learned from some guys in the exercise yard, that you can actually buy chloroform on-line.  I guess I could pick up duct tape on the road trip to her school; all in time for a cozy little pre-Christmas visit!  Good thing I have time plan everything out this time.

I know what you're thinking reader.  You think that someone will find my journal and keep me in here for the full four years; maybe longer.  Don't worry about me...they wouldn't let me have a crayon, much less a pencil, in the part of the prison I'm in.  The journal is in my head.  Maybe I can stop by, while on my road trip, so we can discuss it...

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