The Driver*

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He is doing his night work. Everything seems to be safe and sound. Something mysterious seems to be happening....

Submitted: March 04, 2019

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Submitted: March 04, 2019



The Driver *


He took a long look around and let out a sigh of relief. “I think that’s it!” he mumbled to himself. “I can relax a little now. I’m far ahead of schedule.” He gently moved to the Ice-cream counter, took out a couple of scoops and put them in a bowl. “One scoop of vanilla and one chocolate, comin up, sir!” he muttered softly with a big smile on his lips.

He was now sitting at the counter sucking on his ice cream and examining all the things around him. It was a huge hall covered with thick carpets and filled with sets of tables and chairs . The hall was surrounded by long counters each with its own signs declaring what they were used for: Pizza, Fast Food, Roast chicken sandwiches, Chinese Food, Coffee Shop…

He looked at the one furthest away. “Hi-ee!” a girl’s voice rang in his ears. “You’re early today!”

“Early!?” he heard his own voice say, chuckling. “Actually, I’m a little late!” he said as he laughed.

“How come?” asked the girl indifferently while wiping up the counter before her with a rag . “It’s not even …six o’ clock.”

“I mean,” he said still laughing, “I’m late…going home! Remember…that I work the …night shift!”

“Oh, yeah!” said the girl as she worked, “Excuse me sir! I guess I’m gettin old…or somethin.”

He shrugged his shoulders and shook his head. “She’s a nice girl,” he mumbled to himself, “I hope she’ll work overtime every night  so I can see her more often.”


“Where do you come from?” she asked. “You don seem to be from around here.”

“Nope,” he answered as he juggled around with the strange-looking machine.

“What’s the matter?” asked the girl who was now staring at him from above the Fast Food counter.

“I…don’t know…,” he mumbled as he pressed a button.

“It ain’t like that, man!” she said as she left the counter.

She was now standing above his head. He could see her bare legs up to a few inches above the knees. “I thought …you were the cleaning man…” the girl said as she bent down. “How come you don’t know this…?”

There was a pause before she said something again. “Let me show you!” she mumbled.


“She was my savior angel that night,” he thought. “I was so lucky that the boss did not bother to test me when I said I knew how to use that machine...”

He took a look in the direction of the Fast Food counter. He could see her standing there with the usual huge smile on her lips. “Hi-ee” she called out as she noticed him looking at her “Remember that time?”she said almost yelling. “I mean the first night you worked here…when I saved your ass!”

“Yes!” he heard himself exclaim, “How can I forget !? They would’ve  thrown me out right away, otherwise. I hadn’t even seen a vacuum cleaner before in my life.” He shook his head a while before he added, “I could’ve starved to death. You really saved my…ass!”

They were both laughing now.

“Where did you say you came from?” she asked.

“I’ve told you that several times before!” he said. “Don’t you remember that I said I got myself a visa with the help of a German-American friend who happened to be the new US consul general in Frankfurt and … ”

“Oh yeah, I sure remember that!” the girl said with a big smile. “I just wanted to say…how didju end up coming to our little town, Hayward, after all the adventures you’d gone through in other countries…and everythin!”

“I’ll tell you the whole story, if you want,” he said, “but in that case you’ve got to come down here and sit next to me! I’ll need a huge loudspeaker to tell my story from this end of the hall!”

The girl was now glaring at him with a smile on her lips.

“All right!” she finally said, nodding her head. “That’s fair enough! I’ve finished my overtime work and I’m ready to go home…and you’ve got the rest of the night to finish your cleanin!” She stopped, and began putting her things together. “You’ve got to promise not to do any monkey business like the last couple of times though,” she mumbled after a minute. “I ain’t got no time for horsin around tonight!”

“Oki-doki,” he heard himself say, chuckling, “I swear…not to do any monkey business nor act like a horse when you’re around …so help me God!”

“That’s good enough, I guess!” the girl said nodding her head, giggling.

“You’re a very naughty girl, though,” he mumbled while putting aside the vacuum cleaner. “You know good and well that I’ve finished cleaning the hall and I’ve got plenty of time to do the cookeries after you leave. So, the time has come for us…to do some monkey business!”

 “I’m bringin you some beer,” shouted the girl. “You ain’t got to pay nothin for it. It’s all on the house!”

“In that case,” he said beginning to laugh again. “You should bring the whole barrel. We’ve got all night ahead of us!”

“Ok!” said the girl after they had sat comfortably next to each other and had taken a few sips at their drinks. “Why donchu begin? We ain’t got all night!” 

“There’s really not too much to say,” he mumbled. “I’ve told you almost everything during our past chats!” He put his left arm around her and gulped up some beer before he added, “As I’ve told you before, as soon as I got back to the States, I began looking around for another university to transfer to…because it was hard to change one’s major at University of California in Berkeley. They had given me a hell of a time when I wanted to switch from Architecture to Engineering. So I thought, now that, just before getting my college degree, I want to switch to something else, they’re sure not to let me.”

“Why in the hell didju wano switch?” the girl asked with a frown, “You’d gone crazy or somethin?”

“No!” he answered laughing. “I was thinking, dear Angel, that, since I was going to spend the rest of my life making a revolution, what I needed to learn most…was political science and  economics …”  He stopped,  laughed a little and then  added, “What in the world was the use of electrical engineering …to a revolutionary…who was  probably going to get killed soon…anyway? ”

“I used to think that you were a bit crazy, Herman,” the girl called Angel said with a smile, “but now I’m hundred per cent sure that…you’re a total nut!”

The man called Herman was laughing loudly now. “Yes, I am, aren’t I?” he said after some seconds. “Even the things I did in Germany and in Egypt were quite crazy!” he added. “I went to help out a group of people who called themselves revolutionaries and said that they were going  to save the whole world, but, because I didn’t believe in some of their concepts, the very first thing they wanted to do…was to kill me!”

 They were both laughing now.

“Ok, then,” said Angel after a while. “I think I’ve heard enough crazy stuff for the night.  If you have something more touching to say, go right ahead, otherwise let me get the hell out of here. I’ll see you the same time tomorrow night.”

“Actually,” Herman began to explain, “I’m not as crazy as you think! Everything I do is for a reason. For instance, my coming to Hayward was not, really, because I wanted to change my major. It was, firstly, because I didn’t have the money to pay the university tuition and, secondly, because my friends and I thought Hayward State College was a suitable place for our political activities. Berkeley was filled with radical groups competing to recruit members and was, therefore, a difficult spot for our work.”

“Oh, really?” Angel said coolly, “I didn’t know that!” She paused for a second before she added, “I’ve got some pretty good friends who go to Hayward State, but none of them have ever mentioned that …there are political opportunities there!?”

“Well,” said Herman shaking his head, “you saw a number of our recruits the night I brought a bunch of young people here to help me out. I even introduced a few of them to you that night.  Remember Fredi, Madjid, Siamak, Mehdi, Ali, Masood, etc.?” He stared at Angel for a few seconds in silence before he added, “We were about fifteen of us that night. During our weekly session that evening, they told me that if I stayed there a bit longer, they would come along with me to help finish my work on time, and they did!”

“Yeah,” said the girl staring at him with a smile, “I just hope their coming to this crappy place did not have a political reason too! Did it?”

“No!” said Herman laughing. “If by that you mean trying to make you a revolutionary, it certainly didn’t! But if you mean that they had come to help me seduce you, that may have some traces of truth in it!”

Now, they were both laughing loudly.

 “Actually, everything we do here is somehow related to our plan,” said Herman after they both stopped laughing. “That’s why our program has been pretty successful! We keep getting ourselves new recruits.”

“I suppose,” said the girl with a bit more interest, “Your getting a car …was a part of your political plan, too, huh?”

“Yeah, it was!” answered Herman nodding his head. “There was only one guy in our student association who owned a car, at the time, and he was not much interested in our political activities. So we needed another vehicle with a driver. When I learned how to drive, and got hold of that wrecked car, I suddenly became our group’s driver!”

“How didju end up here then?” she asked as she began preparing to leave. “I thought…it had something to do with your car.”

“Yes!” he retorted, “to tell you the truth, it did. I originally got the car because I needed one …to get this job.”

“I see,” said Angel coolly as she gently stood up. “So the car helped you get this job too. That’s understandable!” She paused for a few seconds before she added, looking back at her own place of work, “I think I’m goino go hit the sack now. I’ll see you tomorrow night again, if you are still alive driving that wretched, brakeless car, without having a driver’s license!”

“How is your car doing?” asked Herman as he stood up

“Thank God, mine is pretty good,” Angel said. “As a matter of fact, it’s almost brand new.”

“Oh yeah?” asked Herman skeptically. “Just how new is it?”

“That’s none of your business!” said Angel, chuckling.




He stood up and began walking around. “What else should I eat…or drink?” he asked himself. “It’s the first night that I’ve finished most of my work so early. I’ve got to celebrate it!”

“We are going to celebrate the anniversary of the October revolution next week,” someone’s voice echoed in his ears. “Can you come and…give a speech that night?”

“Why me?” he heard himself inquire. “Who said I’m the proper person for…such a speech, Fara?”

“Well!” said the man called Fara, “Actually, several people …have said that. Most of all, the guys and girls in your own student organization in Hayward State. Almost all of them have recommended you for that. They say that your knowledge about the Russian revolution …is vast.”

“Well,” he heard himself say, “We have weekly talks given by the participants in our meetings. Once, when it was my turn, I spoke about the October Revolution. That’s all!”

“That’s good enough,” said Fara. “I don’t think the students in our organization in Berkeley know very much about that revolution. Many of them are supporters of Trotsky.”

“Ok, then,” he heard himself say.  “I’ll come over, Friday night”


“I’ve come a long way to see you, sir,” someone’s voice suddenly rang in his ears.

“Really!?” he said, rather surprised. “Whatever for!?”

“I have come to ask you a simple question,” the young man answered.

“By all means,” he heard himself say. “It will be a pleasure for me to be of some help.”

“Thank you, sir,” the man said in a very polite tone of voice. “My name is Abbas, sir. I was present when you gave your talk about the Russian revolution and…the two different Stalin and Trotsky lines.” He stopped for a few seconds to catch his breath.

“Yes, sir,” he said to encourage the young man to go on. “Did you have any questions about what I said during my talk…or about my short debate with Siamak?”

“No, no!” said the man called Abbas. “My question is…far more basic, sir! It’s not related to that debate…at all.”

“All right,” he heard himself say, “Please go on!”

Abbas took a long breath before he began to talk. “What I want to know, sir, is the reason why you people say that the Shah of Persia is not a good person?”

There was a long pause before he heard himself speak. “If you want to know my honest opinion about this, Abbas,” he then said, “I don’t think, nor have ever said, that the King, or the Shah, is bad. As a matter of fact , I have never said anyone in the world is good or bad. My true opinion about this philosophical question is that no one in the world can be called good or bad because every single individual is simply acting according to what he or she has been taught to do. No one could, therefore, be said to be guilty for anything that he or she does. The only reason some people should be punished is that their punishment is needed to make the rest of the society secure. That’s all! We have to penalize some individuals to strengthen the society and safeguard the security of the rest of its members. For this reason, a person like the present king who has become a dictator and is disregarding the people’s rights should be overthrown and replaced by people who can guarantee the rights of all the members of our society -- the rights that they deserve and must have…”

He stopped, looked at Abbas’s face, made a grimace and shrugged his shoulders.

Abbas seemed to be a bit confused. He shook his head for some minutes in silence before he muttered, “So the Shah…is not guilty…in any way?”

“No, sir,” he heard himself say firmly. “He is no more guilty than I am, you are, or anybody else is! He is just doing what he has been taught to do; and we only want him out of the way because, by what he is doing, a large number of our people are deprived of what they should rightfully have!”

Abbas was now smiling and nodding his head at the same time. “So…he is not…guilty but he has to be put out of the way,” he mumbled.

They were both silent for a while before Abbas began to speak. “I thought,” he said in a soft voice, “that very night I heard your speech and watched the debate, that…maybe you had something important to say to me…and to the rest of us. And now, I know that …I was right. Thank you, sir!”

“You are welcome,” Herman said softly. “I just gave you my general opinion. I hope…that might be of some use.”

“Yes it will!” said Abbas firmly, “I somehow had a feeling that you could help me.” He stopped for a while before he added, “That day when you were sitting behind that desk giving your speech about Russia, I was so influenced by your  soft and friendly tone of voice that I somehow began picturing all of us as the passengers of a bus, or a larger public vehicle, with you as its driver. And, now, I know that…I was right! Thank you!”

He began laughing as he walked around the large hall. “He said I was like a bus driver…when I did not even know how to drive a motorcycle!” he thought. “The nearest thing to a car I had ever ridden before that time was a bicycle!”


“Here we are! Now you have your own car!” someone’s voice suddenly rang in his ears. “You can take it right now…if you want!”

“Yes, of-course, I do want,” he answered reluctantly. “But how can I use it , Hamid, without knowing how to drive?”

“That’s no problem!” said Hamid. “If you want to use it, I’ll teach you how to drive it …myself!”

“But didn’t you say,” he asked, “that the car was out of order…and that your friend, Jamal , had left it there hoping that  the junkyard people would tow it away?”

“Yep,” said Hamid firmly. “I did say that but, if you wish to use it, we can somehow turn it on and take it to a repair shop to have it fixed. Then, I’ll teach you how to drive it and…you can get that job which is ‘in the middle of nowhere’, as you put it!”

He was now pushing the worn out car. What he had to do was to move it uphill enough for Hamid to turn it around and go downhill on the steep street where it had been parked .

“We made it!” Hamid was now shouting. “It’s moving by itself! Get in quickly!”

“Let’s go, driver!” he shouted as he dived into the moving car.

“Watch me carefully, Herman, to learn how this crap works,” Hamid said a few minutes later. “You’ll be its driver as of tomorrow!”

“You must be an excellent chauffeur to get control of  this thing so quickly,” Herman said.

“I told you!” said Hamid with a big smile. “I’d driven this thing a couple of times before. It used to be a relatively good car, actually. Its only problem now is that it’s over ten years old…and its owner did not take good care of it while it was newer!”

“What shall we do next?” asked Herman as he watched Hamid shifting the noisy gear with difficulty.

“Well ,”answered Hamid, “What we must do now  is to, somehow, take this thing  to Hayward, have it checked up and fixed by a mechanic, fill its stank with gasoline , and then find a good deserted place for me to teach you how to drive.”

“All right then. Let’s do just that!” he heard himself say. “I just hope that this wretched  beast will cooperate!”


Now they were moving very fast on a wide highway. “Actually,” Hamid said as he was driving, “It’s a good car. Its only problem is that …its brakes have become independent! They go to sleep whenever they like. You just have to keep your fingers crossed while you’re driving it!”

“How come, then,” said Herman pointing to the speedometer, “you are going so fast!? Your speed is almost 80 miles per hour!”

Hamid laughed. “Yes,” he said chuckling, “I’m going fast because I want to go past other cars quickly if they get in my way!”

“Then we can both go quickly to Heaven …or Hell when cars block all the three freeway lanes!”

Now they were both laughing loudly.

“My God,” said Herman a few minutes later, “What’s wrong, Hamid?”

Hamid shook his head. “Please don’t say anything!” he murmured tensely. “I think…we’ve got a …flat tire!”

Herman sat back and held his breath. The car was now moving to the right, fast approaching the lower land surrounding the highway. Herman was getting himself ready for the car to turn over and roll. Several cars blew their horns continuously and sped away before they reached the edge of the highway. Then something very strange happened. The car began slowing down rapidly and soon came to a full stop at the edge of the road.

“What in the world do you think happened?” asked Herman still in shock.

Hamid smiled as he let out a sigh of relief. “I think,” he said laughing nervously, “I think the second back tire also went flat! So it helped me stop the car!”


“God!” Herman thought. “We were sure lucky that day. It took us about six hours to get from Berkeley to Hayward, but we got there safe and sound without a scratch on our bodies.”


They were now driving up a steep road. “When we get to the top,” Hamid said, “I’ll show you what to do with the car and…you can drive downhill on your own. I put a lot of brake oil in the brake oil compartment so the brakes will be working well for an hour or so. All you have to do is to learn how to shift gears and how to control the steering wheel.”

He stopped for a second before he added, “Whatever you do, it will be far less dangerous than what we did on the highway. So you really don’t have much to worry about!”

“God,” said Herman with excitement a minute after the car started going downhill, “I think the brakes don’t work!”

“No,” said Hamid coolly, “You must be stepping on the clutch. There’s nothing wrong with the brakes!”

“I sure did a good job, didn’t I?” said Herman happily when they finally got to the bottom of the hill and stopped.

“Yeah!” said Hamid with a smile, “We were sure lucky that this part of the road is in the middle of a flat plain. With the zigzag path you followed, we would have ended up in a graveyard if there had been some crevices around.”

“It was pretty nice though,” said Herman, “I sure enjoyed the way the car was moving to the right and left,” he added cackling.

“Ok,” said Hamid after going up and down the hill several more times, “I think you’ve got enough practice. I’m pretty sure you can handle this car now. All you have to remember is that you should keep the car moving on a straight line in the street so that there will be no accidents. Also, you’ve got to be extra careful when you see a police car around so that they won’t discover you’re driving without a driver’s license.”

“Ok, instructor,” said Herman with a big smile, “I’ll pay you your training fee after the revolution!”

“No need for that,” said Hamid laughing, “You saved my life one time with that heavenly hamburger you gave me the night I was starving to death, in Frankfurt, remember?”


He shook his head as he walked around. Almost all of the lights of the diners and the hall were on so the whole place was as bright as daytime. When he reached the Fast Food counter, he stopped and took a long look at the various parts of the café before he looked at his watch. “She must be home in bed now,” he thought, “It’s been about an hour since she left.” He then looked at her work counter. “Hi, dear Angel”, he whispered...

“Hi-ee,” the girl answered.

“How come you’re here?” he mumbled taken aback. “You left over hour ago!”

“Yeah, I did,” the girl mumbled back, “but you know what? I’ve been foolin around with that piece of shit ever since. It ain’t goino start!” She stopped to take a long breath before she continued. “I asked a couple of drivers passing by for help but they couldn’t do nothin. The third car which showed up had two passengers. Instead of helping, they grabbed me and tried to put me inside their own car. I guess the bastards wan’ed to rape me or somethin.”

“Really!” Herman asked flabbergasted. “You mean…there was no one around to help you out?”

“Of-course not!” the girl said loudly. “You know where this shitty joint is! It’s in the middle of nowhere! If you ain’t got a car, you’re dead shit man!”

“Yeah,” mumbled Herman. It is true. It is in the middle of nowhere.”

“How much more work…do you have to do now?” Angel asked gently looking around.

“What do you mean?” asked Herman surprised. “You know I usually work until six. Tonight, of-course, I’m far ahead of schedule. I’ve almost finished.”

“That’s great!” said Angel, “because something has come up. I might need your help.”

“You mean …your car not starting and all?” asked Herman. He paused to look directly into the girl’s eyes. “Has something else happened…since the time you left, in addition to…your car not starting?”

“Well, actually,” said Angel shrugging her shoulders, “What I toldju about the car…belongs to a few weeks ago.”

“You mean to say that…it did not happen tonight at all…” Herman asked totally confused now.

The girl shook her head without saying anything.

“What then?” asked Herman more puzzled. “What’s the problem tonight !?”

“Well, that’s what I came to tell you,” Angel said. “I couldn’t leave because…some cops out there were watchin our cars.”

“Why do you think they were watching our cars?” asked Herman. “Maybe they have come to do some other business around?”

“No!” said the girl. “There is nothing else in the street. I took a long walk around the area and then…I hid somewhere and watched them. They didn’t make the slightest move. They’re just sitting there…waitin for someone to come and get into my car!”

“So what?” said Herman a bit confused. “Why couldn’t you get into your car?” he added. “You haven’t paid your traffic tickets or...something?’ve done something else against the law..?” He waited  for some seconds for an answer before he continued, “You really think…they may have come to arrest you, for some reason…?”

The girl shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t think so, but…they might’ve!” she said.

Herman was now watching her with narrowed eyes without saying anything. They looked at each other in silence for a minute before Angel licked her lips and said, “I think I owe you an explanation.” She paused, cleared her throat and then added, “You see, I bought my car for a very low price. The reason was that…the owner had lost all the car’s documents and things and couldn’t sell it to no one. So, he told me that I could buy it for half its real value if…I was willing to take the risk of driving it without the papers. Now that the cops are there for some reason…I’m afraid they may ask me for the documents and I might get into trouble.”

“I see,” said Herman softly. He then nodded his head a few times. “Do you want me to …lend you my car? I think I can find some way of going home in the morning. I can call a cab or something.”

“No!” the girl said. They may get suspicious and arrest me. Then you’ll be in trouble too as an accomplice.”

Herman was frowning now. “What do you mean by accomplice? Have you committed a crime or something? I thought you just…bought a cheap car?”

Angel shrugged her shoulders but did not say anything. The place was sunk in intense silence now.

“I think,” said Herman a second later, “you should tell me the whole truth! If you need help of some kind, I can always call my friends in our student organization and ask them to send a bunch of people to help us out. But, first, I must know what sort of a problem we are really faced with.”

“To tell you the truth…,” the girl mumbled after a minute, “We are doin…some sort of revolutionary work. That’s why …they are after us. The cops are looking for some kind of an excuse to…arrest the whole bunch of us.”

Herman was smiling now. “I guess I know …what you mean!” he said thoughtfully a minute later. “In that case, I think I’ll close this joint and come along with you.”

“No, no!” exclaimed Angel. “There’s no need for that…now! I mean…I’m not in that much of a hurry. I don’t want you to lose your job over this.”  She stopped and began looking around. “Well,” she eventually said. “I tell you what! I’ll help you finish up the cleaning of this joint quickly. Then we will leave the place together. We’ll get in your car as if nothing has happened and …will get away. Ok?”

Herman shrugged his shoulders. “Ok,” he said after a second. “It’s all right with me…if it’s ok with you! Let’s do it then.” He gently got up and began looking around. Angel was taking off her street clothes, now, as she was moving towards the Fast Food counter. Herman took a look at her half naked body and smiled.

An hour later, they were ready. “Let’s go Zoya!” Herman said then staring at Angel. “We’re all set.”

“Ok!” muttered Angel. “What’s the name…you called me?” she then asked.

“Well,” said Herman with a big smile on his lips. “Zoya was a great revolutionary girl. Many people have given their girls that name because of her.”

“I see!” said Angel wearing a smile, nodding her head repeatedly.

They soon locked the doors and walked out of the place as if nothing was happening. Out in the dark deserted streets two cars were parked with a short distance between them. Some two hundred feet away from them, in a darker corner, a police car was parked. Its lights were off and nothing could be seen inside it.

“I hope they won’t come and ask me for my driver’s license,” Herman mumbled, “Because I don’t have one!”

Angel did not say anything. She was too busy watching the police vehicle. They gently moved into the old car. “Laugh!” Herman said with a big smile on his lips. “It’ll help if they’re watching.”

Angel began giggling loudly bending her body up and down as if she had heard something hilarious.

When they were going past the police car, they recognized the shadows of two people sitting in the dark stock-still.

“They look like they’ve been dead a hundred years!” said Herman gently. Angel began to laugh as loudly as she could.

“Here I come, a driver without a driver’s license!” said Herman more loudly.

Angel burst out laughing again. 

They were now a hundred feet away from the police car but there was still no sign of that vehicle budging from its place. “It look like,” said Angel still laughing, “they’re not goino get their asses movin ever!”

Herman was laughing loudly now too.

They were now near the intersection. The traffic light turned yellow, and they had to stop. “They’ve got their chance to catch us, now,” Herman said with a wide smile. “We have to wait for ages for this bloody light to change!”

“No, we haven’t,” said the girl. “There ain’t no one around. Let’s get the hell out of here before the bastards can get their asses movin.”

“All right!” said Herman. “Let’s!” He put the car into the second gear and went forward. The traffic light was still yellow. They were just in the middle of the intersection when they noticed a red light starting to blink in a dark spot somewhere on the other side of the intersection. A second later, they heard a siren sound. “God!” shouted Angel at the top of her voice. “Let’s get out of here! Quickly, before they catch us!” Herman pressed on the gas pedal and went a hundred feet past the intersection before he turned to the right and stopped. They both jumped out of the car holding their hands up. The police vehicle which had begun chasing them had now slowed down and was gently approaching. Herman and Angel held up their hands.

The police car stopped near Herman’s vehicle and an officer stepped out.

“Your driver’s license, and car documents,” he said looking at Herman.

“I’m sorry, sir,” said Angel, “The light was yellow when I got to the intersection!”

“Who the hell are you?” asked the police officer.

“I’m the driver, sir,” said Angel. “When I got to the intersection, the light was yellow! I thought by the time it went ret, I would be past the intersection, sir, officer.”

“You thought wrong, lady!” said the officer. “Your driver’s license!” he added holding out his right hand.

“I’m sorry, sir,” said Angel as she opened her purse and took out some cards. “Is it possible, sir,” she then said, “that I pay you the fine…instead of goin to the court and all!”

The officer who had just begun writing something looked up and stared at her face for some seconds. “No, young lady!” he then said firmly. “You can’t! You’ve got to go pay the fine or…go to court, whichever you please, but you can’t…pay me…a bribe.” He waited for a few seconds and then returned her card. “Your car’s documents!” he then said commandingly.

“Give him the cards, Honey,” she said loudly to Herman who was standing idly on the other side of the car. Herman moved forward and gave the man the car’s documents. The officer took them, glanced at it and at the car’s license plate and returned it to him.

He then nodded, touched his cap, and said goodbye. Just before getting into his vehicle, however, he turned around. “Is that other car yours?” he asked Angel who was now standing on the left side of Herman’s automobile. He was pointing to the only other car which was parked on that street near the building of the restaurants.

“No, sir,” said Angel firmly. “Why would I be driving my boyfriend’s car…if I had a car of my own?”

The officer bent his neck to the right and made a grimace.

“That car’s been parked there for a while now,” said Angel, “Somethin must’ve happened to its owner.”

The officer shrugged his shoulders as he got into his vehicle.

“God! That was close!” said Herman as Angel drove away from the scene.

“Yeah, it was! Wasn’t it!?” said Angel letting out a sigh of relief.

“Thanks,” said Herman. “You saved my life again! You’re a real angel!”

“You’re welcome,” mumbled Angel.

“Why, by the way, did you offer the guy a bribe?” asked Herman. “Didn’t you think he might feel insulted and get angry or something?”

“Yeah!” said Angel. “I did it to…distract him. I didn’t wan him to pay too much attention to this junked car’s papers and all…”

“I see,” said Herman, “Thank you!”

He paused for some minutes before he asked again, “What about your own car? How are you going to get it out of there?”

“I ain’t!” mumbled Angel with a smile. “You see,” she added looking at Herman as she drove, “My brother grabbed that car from somewhere with the help of his pals and gave it to me so that I could get that job in the middle of nowhere. He told me that there was no need for me to worry about it because they had changed the car’s license plates and its body color, and, therefore, the cops couldn’t track it down in a hundred years!” She paused for a second before she shook her head and added, “It looks like he was a bit wrong in guessin the time. They’ve found it in less than a hundred days!”











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