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Keeping windows clean can be a challenge, and reason to invent something.

Submitted: March 04, 2019

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Submitted: March 04, 2019



It wasn't that Professor Van Toady was a lazy guy, he just liked to Think more than work. And when I say work, I mean any physical sort of exercise.

So as soon as Van Toady reached an age where he was free of his parent’s insistence that he clean up after himself, meaning, he moved out of their house, he began his life devoted to thought.

Being a Professor at a prestigious University worked well with his plans for the future. By day he would teach his students to Think outside the confines of the norm, and in the evening he would have time to pursue his own thoughts and to record his theories.

But doing physical labor did not fit in his agenda, so he hired a housekeeper to take care of everything else that he and his house required; that included keeping the bay-window in the Study clean.

That window was the porthole to many ideas and theories that Van Toady came up with.

Van Toady would look out his wondrous window at the random clouds passing by, and his mind would ride those clouds to lofty thoughts and theories he hoped someone would prove to be true, someday. So you can see why that window had to be clean at all times.


The first housekeeper hired was named Bertha; she lasted through the month of January and resigned in frustration over the rain-streaked bay-window.

Then there was Ann, Caroline, Christine, Samantha, and Ruby; none of which lasted for more than three months.

Soon after Ruby's employment demise, and during a time when the weather permitted Van Toady's prestigious window to stay clean, Van Toady had an epiphany.

This realization was the answer to Van Toady's window cleaning problem and would allow him to keep a housekeeper for more than a few months.  He needed a robot!

Van Toady thought and thought, which gave rise to designs, and redesigns, then more thought and sub-designs of internal mechanisms.

Even the robot's computer was a Van Toady exclusive and built and programmed by Van Toady himself.

His friends would laugh and say, "You're giving a window cleaner the brain of a theorist. It doesn't need all that information, or ability."

But, nonetheless, the job was a worthy one so Van Toady stuck to it.

After some time Van Toady called on a Tool Maker that owned a local machine-shop.

The design for the robot were carefully looked at and after a few adjustments to gear sizes and number of teeth, and some cam-angle changes, a price was set upon for the prototype to be built.


For three months Van Toady tried to ignore his precious window and the dirt that had accumulated upon it.

He didn't want to lose Maggie, his latest and, so far, best housekeeper.

And besides, a dirty window would be a sure-fire test for Van Toady's Window Cleaning Robot, "Glass-EX".

Van Toady had a special ramp built so his robot could navigate the route into and out of the house; after all, Glass-EX would have to clean both sides of the bay-window.




Then came the big day, Glass-EX was delivered to the house and the delivery men unwrapped the little metal robot.

They were paid and off they went, bouncing down the road in their plain white box-truck.

After that, Van Toady entered map-settings into the robot's memory, then placed the activation key in the slot and pushed the "GO" button.

Well, --- with a buzz and whirl the little robot took off! Down the pathway it went and straight to the exterior of the Master's precious window.

Spray, spray, scrub, squeegee several times, and wipe. This procedure was done twice because the window was very dirty.

Then into the house Glass-EX zoomed, while narrowly missing a tea-table that stood at the east end of the Study and knocking over a flower-vase with a protruding squeegee.

Still, this little Glass-EX wonder made quick work of the window.

After the robot was sure the window was clean, it located an available light socket and plugging itself in for a recharge.

Van Toady was ecstatic, clapping his hands in delight and tossing flower-vase dirt on the window to see the process repeated.




From that day forward the window was kept perfectly clean and Professor Van Toady made many thought provoking theories while looking at the lofty clouds and star clad sky.

Yes, the Professor became famous and his house became a museum for his life's work.

And even to this day, for a thoughtful donation, visitors to the museum can toss a little dirt on the window to see Van Toady's little robot do its job.

Children just love to see the robot at work, which promotes sales of the miniature Glass-EX Robots at the gift shop.


Professor Van Toady would be proud, not so much of the museum but of his robot.

For every evening, just after closing time, Glass-EX faithfully cleans the window. And after cleaning the window the robot plugs itself in and looks out at the heavens; it marvels at the possibilities.

Then, suddenly, thought provoking theories begin to emerge as the little robot studies the lofty clouds, and star clad sky.



D. Thurmond / JEFalcon


© Copyright 2019 D. Thurmond, aka, JEF. All rights reserved.

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