Sad Verse

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I wrote this when I was lost for happy words

Submitted: March 04, 2019

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Submitted: March 04, 2019



Sad Verse

Juliet paints her pretty face and dresses down for bed,

She dabs her face with rosy smells, her heart lies in her head.

‘I will make my child with him tonight,’ she cries.

Can she fail dressed in her lingerie surprise?


Romeo shuts the parlour door and climbs into their bed,

He reads his wife a loving ode, the words flow from his head.

‘I will make my bed with her tonight,’ he cries.

Can he fail with her lips kissing closed his eyes?


Take a little trip back to when they were young lovers,

Listen to the old folk tell of wars they once lived through.

They have fought between the lines and for them there’s no mystery.

Romeo, his life lost to war,

Juliet, the dead child she bore,

All that’s left of them is this sad verse.

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