Sanity In A Cell

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Submitted: March 04, 2019

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Submitted: March 04, 2019



“On the brink there comes madness, and darkness always finds the light... In a world so shrouded in sadness even the saints must learn to fight.


 The sins of our wicked ways to great lengths are conceived. We torture, we betray. It seems to fit this breed. The culture we reach to thrive can never be achieved. It fills my heart with sorrow when you teach, and too few will heed.


 Drowning in desires. What they all want, but really don’t need. Rotting deep inside us at the core of our disease. Slowly as it festers within our hearts, and souls it feeds. A demon softly gestures with a bargain for a fee.


 Tempt the tempted. Timid in a vicious facade, carefully knitted in a tapestry fictitious and begot. Malevolent in their conquest to strike the righteous down. Upon their throne of malice the fallen regain their ground.


 The flames that burn inside us, a shadow can never cast. A light forever timeless in a state not meant to last. Fate has now decided for us to take a stance, within our time of crisis we have a fighting chance.


As long as we remain divided, there can never be lasting peace. Eternal freedom is within our grasp just beyond our reach. Pushing back about our past and where it all went wrong. The die is cast and coming fast, we’ve waited far too long. 


What will you do? Rise above, or let fear consume...? Will our actions find the light, or lead us to our doom. Will we finally unite against the darkness inside.there is no where to run and no where else to hide, all set aside at a time that we matter. Fate draws the line the moment we gather.”

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