Written for one of my OCs in the Wizarding World.

The chill of the breeze kisses the petals softly
I can see the air I breathe
Venturing into the ancient forest
the ground a white glistening show
I wished I were anywhere else
as I fled from the castle into the snow

So many secrets of the forbidden woods
carried away by the wind
the flowers sing and dance and sway
Bowtruckles hide in branches and lairs
I purposely lose my way and pray
to be smothered by the flakes

Black skeletal body with leathery wings
Limbs with ashy skin and bones so thin
You followed me everywhere
over the babbling brook that once flowed
where silver moonbeams gently fell
and deep into the sheltered grove

Thinking it was the iron scent that lured
I wished for you to go
Until your white milky eyes
shed tears over my sticky robe
sleeves and bloody arms
I knew you meant no harm

I tell you, there's a place I want to go
People I want to see again
at the end of the road
You let out a whinny, a bloodcurdling scream
What is it, my sweet sweet nothing
Death is not a fear as you stand before me

So maybe I'll leave but not today
As we soared over the Great Lake on Christmas Eve
peered through the stained glass at candles and fairies
Whether it's a blessing or a curse
to see you I know not
but inside that appearance grim and gaunt
is beauty and comfort beyond measure

Submitted: March 05, 2019

© Copyright 2022 rhapsodyinblue. All rights reserved.

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