Hey everyone! Sorry for the hiatus. I recently moved states and found a new job, things have been busy. I wrote this with some emotion left over from a bad break-up as well as some musical inspiration.

You can start it.

You can let it grow, roots wrapping around and digging in with excruciating bias.

You can smile, laugh and beat your heart.

You can pull me in, attached to every limb.

You can touch me, understand me and simulate what I feel.

You can rely on me and let me rely on you.

You can move when I move, stop when I stop.

You can sustain it, hold it in comfort.

You can be mine and I yours.


You can trim it, keep it tidy and neat.

You can frown, miss the joke and keep a still chest.

You can stretch your arms and peel away.

You can forget, misinterpret and change my mind.

You can stand on your own, you always could, and watch me struggle.

You can stop to look.

You can lose track of it.

You can be you and I can be me.


You can leave it unwatered, without light or air, and let it die inside of me.

You can weep with dry cheeks and a smirk behind your teeth.

You can detach, rip me off.

You can list my mistakes without ever turning the pen around.

You can leave me like the blood-fused spit pooling on the pavement.

You can move on, casually gliding over these rogues.

You can pack your colors, take your blend and leave me black and white.

You can render yourself a stranger and ask who I am or who I ever was.

You can cut me up and burn every last piece to ash without so much as a complaint.


You can finish it.

You can do all these things.

Just don’t tell me you love me.

Submitted: March 05, 2019

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