The Deal

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Sorry For Keeping You

Submitted: April 15, 2019

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Submitted: April 15, 2019



I got off the bus at the next stop. It wasn't the closest I could've gotten, but I was so mad I wasn't even thinking. 
Bella: One more favor, can you please come to pick me up?
Austin: Sure, where are you? 
Bella: On the corner of Abbey Street, near the coffee shop. 
Austin: Be right there, Beautiful!
Bella: Don't overdo it.
Austin was there a couple of minutes later. 
"Hey!" Ugh! He was so enthusiastic. I hated it. My mood wasn't changing any time soon. 
"Hi." Flatly as I could, I decided this was how I would speak to him. I got into the car and slammed the door as hard as I could. 
He was just paused there. He looked over at me and smiled. "Wow, Ava must have done some damage. I don't get what was so bad anyway."
I glared. If he was in my position he would be mad too! Plus, he looked pretty sheepish before, what is up his butt now? 
"It's none of your business." I stared into his eyes, but then quickly looked away.
"Isn't it kind of though? I mean usually people tell their boyfriend's what's up, and on top of that, they were my friends first. I could totally give you some help." 
"Ha, no way. This is just...nevermind. You're fine in the position you are in now. Not knowing anything."
"You could at least look at me you know. As far as I'm concerned I did nothing, but like you said I don't know much so..."
I looked over at him. I was really mad now. "Look are we going somewhere, or can I go home like originally planned."
"Oh, ya." He started to drive. I grabbed my phone and looked though nothing of my interest. We said nothing until he spoke. "Look, I'm sorry for keeping you from whatever you were planning. I was just hoping that tonight would be nice for you, okay?"
Was he starting to...nevermind? The darkness is starting to descend and I'm probably just seeing things. 
"I'm sorry too. I'm not mad at you for the record."
We, once again, didn't talk. The sun was setting quickly, and when we got to his house it was twilight. 
"Okay, so I'm gonna need you to be blindfolded." We were about halfway up his driveway, and he just out of the blue told me to put a blindfold on! My mouth was opened in shock.
"Are you trying to murder me or something!?" We were in the middle of the woods, and blindfolded, no way! "No, no way, no caprende, no, no, no!" 
He just laughed like it was the funniest thing he's ever heard! At this point, my arms were crossed, and I didn't even know how to breathe.
He was still stopped, and now holding out a blindfold. 
"I promise you're perfectly fine," he tried to get out between laughs. "Would it make you feel any better if I told you Ava, Ben, and Tyler are there?"
"That's even worse!" He started to laugh, again this time almost crying. "It's not funny!"
"Sure, look can you please just put the blindfold on?" I looked from him to the blindfold contemplating. 
After a little while longer I gave in, "Look if anything goes wrong, it's on you."
He put his arms up in the air, then back down and started to drive. 
Once we got to the top of his driveway my blindfold was fully on. He led me out of the car. 
I was pretty nervous, but then I started to see a faint light. "Are we there yet?"
A minute later I asked again, "Now?"
"Okay, now. Count to five, and I'll take off the blindfold."
"One...two...three...four..." I hesitated. "Wait are you sure you aren't trying to kill me?"
He laughed really hard again, "Can you just count to five?"
"Five!" I dropped the blindfold. I almost passed out. The woods lining Austin's house were strung in millions of light. It was beautiful. There was a sign saying look behind you, I could see Ava, Ben, and Tyler behind it pointing behind me. I swung around to see Austin holding a sign. 
"Will you go to prom with me? You're kidding right?" I looked at him smiling. He nervously laughed, and still kept his smile. 
"Is that a yes, or no? I mean no hurry, but..."
"Yes!" I jumped into his arms. I could hear everyone smile and clap with excitement. 
"I'm sorry for keeping you." I laughed still embraced by his hug. 
"I'm sorry for being a little moody."
"You know you could make it up to me one way..."
"Didn't I make it up to you by saying yes?"
"No, remember the deal."
"Oh, ya. So now what do you want me to do?" I pulled my head away from his shoulder, my arms still around me. 
That's when he kissed me.

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