pocahontas rafferty is a big, beautiful woman of unknown paternity. she lives with her grandmother in a run-down trailer on the taos mesa where there is no running water or electricity. pokey is nearing her 18th birthday when she and her boyfriend, howard gould, have a wreck that leaves howard with a broken pelvis, unsure if he will ever walk again. pokey feels guilty for her part in his injury. in her desperation to fix things, she becomes convinced that if she can just make howard laugh, his dark blue funk will dissipate and a miracle will heal him. her efforts to pull off the ultimate sight gag lead her into misadventure, which results in a great conflagration.

Table of Contents

Pokey and Howard

 BLACK JESUS ROAD by Pocahontas Rafferty       I just wanted to show Howard my butt. That's a... Read Chapter

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