Fire an Arrow

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Fire an arrow, Cupid. It’s just a shot but a shot’s all we got.

Submitted: March 06, 2019

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Submitted: March 06, 2019



Fire an arrow Cupid.

Hit me between the eyes,

Make the world swirl

And spin as I fall in love once again.

I need little red hearts

To appear around my head.

I want them to stay for a while

And teach my heart

To dance again.

I want to float towards her

So in love that even gravity itself

Must step aside.

Dreaming those dreams, I can pretend

That you’re coming to save me.

Deep down, I know you can’t fly

Out of that screen.

The fact that you’re just a cartoon

Is far too clear

As the flowers wilt in my hands.

I had no one to give them to,

But I was hoping to find a special girl

Who could make my heart bloom again

I keep hoping your magical arrow

Is headed straight for me,

But it feels more like a crossbow

As the slow song comes in

And nobody looks for me.

Even worse is

The midnight bus ride

When there’s no one to drift off

In my arms

So I fall asleep alone.

Oh how I’d love to be in

Your cartoon then,

But apparently this episode

Ends with me alone.

Please Cupid,

Fire me an arrow.

It probably won’t hit,

But we have to give it

A shot

© Copyright 2019 Russell Scott. All rights reserved.

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