Become A Politician

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Become A Politicain


  Crooked, corrupt, need an occupation with a

guaranteed high income? Become a politician!

Short hours, and a generous compulsary pension

payout assured on retirement.

  No longer do you have to look forward to a 

gaol call, instead you can have comfortable

seat in government, with lots of extra benefits,

like free first class travel to visit your bastard

children all over the world, and their fashion

conscious mothers, who you can undress and 

dress using tax payer money in six star hotels.

  Enjoy the very best accomodation when you

travel, enjoy the best food, the best massage 

parlours, the best wine, the best dope!

  Don't worry about anything, let the taxpayers

worry for you, afterall it's their money!

  Who said crime doesn't pay, become a politicain 

and live like a king today!

  Also, we offer special benefits and affirmative action

for those of you who are gay. We believe in inclusion

and diversity, we wouldn't want you to miss out on

all the money, after all the electorate just like you

sucks too!

Submitted: March 06, 2019

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