Annoying Sounds

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Annoying Sounds
Thud. . . Thud. . . Thud. . .
I shoot a daring glare at her hoping she will stop.

Thud. . . Thud. .  .Thud. . .
I rack my brain trying to distract myself from the sound.

Thud. . . Thud. . . .
I sigh in relief, My head not throbbing.
Thinking to myself, I was over reacting.

THUD. . . THUD. . . THUD. . .
My brain is screaming.
I cannot handle it.
I want to slap you
I want you to die
I want you to realize how annoying you are being.

Thud. . . .Thud. . . . . Thud.
I want you to drop this class.
I realize its only been like fifteen minutes,
I have sixty more minutes in this class.
Across the room I hear a chain moving,
My brain now is distracted yet again,
All over the room sounds triggering my ADHD.
The vein of my existance.

Thud. . . Thud. . .Thud.
I forgot about you.
What is this class?
What happened?
The teacher called a break. My ADHD brain erupts.
Sounds all over the room. And I suddenly am unable to focus on anything.
Its just me and the sounds.
I want to turn my ears off.
Just read the captions.

Thud. . .Thud. . .Thud.
the annoying sounds never stop,
never fade into the background.
Nevr stop stealing my attention.
Being defeated by noise.
I lay down and give up.
Sitting in geology class learning about rocks.

Submitted: March 06, 2019

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