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this is a poem that i wrote is the fith grade.

Submitted: March 06, 2019

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Submitted: March 06, 2019






Cuddly cats conga on the

couch to classical music.

Cuddly cats paint on cream



Cuddly cats critique the classical music that they are congaing to. Cuddly cats conga to the moon.


Cuddly cats curl into a conga line. Through the kitchen down the hall. One two three kick! One two three kick! While you watch in awe there they go down the hall!


Cuddly cats cha cha with crimson chameleons! Cuddly cats rumba with rhubarb rabbits.  Time for lunch! Cuddly cats chomp with chinchillas.


Cuddly cats dosey doe to country music.  They all have on there boots and kick there heels.  Ouch! Do not bump into me!


Cuddly cats love to nap purrrrr.  What's that a mouse? Get him! Cuddly cats run round the house causing ruckus.  


Swoosh there goes the carpet.  Cuddly cats run down the hall. Bang oh no my glass vase!  Crash oh no the picture frame! Oh no not in the baby's room wahhhh!


Cuddly cats lay down to sleep.  Purrrrrrrr night night cuddly cats.


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