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Whatever... >n< *tear*

Submitted: March 06, 2019

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Submitted: March 06, 2019



Why are you still here?

How come you care?

After all, I'm just a nothing

Trying to be something.

Everything you says leaves me

Vulnerable to more pain.

Enough, I'm through.

Run away to prevent more pain.


Why do you pretend to laugh?

How come you pretend I'm worth your time?

After all this, you are still here.

Though I know, you don't care about me.

Even honesty is too much to ask.

Very funny, I'm not laughing.

Even white lies burn like fire.

Run away; I can't stand the pain.


I hope you stay, but I know you won't.

Darkness envelops, but I'm okay with that.


Next time play with somebody else's emotions

Truthfully, I wish you didn't give me hope

Cause it came crashing down when you said goodbye

All this time I thought I had a chance


Everything that I thought existing got shoved in my face, rubbed in my life, now I  can't look back

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