Madeline and Me

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic
A short memoir about my times with Maddie Lynch of Bay City and Midland H.

Submitted: March 06, 2019

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Submitted: March 06, 2019



Part One

On the first academic day of Midland High, I met a new student named Madeline Lynch in theatre class. Like myself, she was fresh to the blue and golden school, though she was two years ahead of me. We didn’t interact with one another, still getting used to school situations 7:40 to 2:25. Her short, well combed brown hair made her look like a girl Willy Wonka from Tim Burton’s 2000s film. Maddie’s look was nice, yet was actually fatter than most other girls in my six classes. Mrs. Lombardo loved all students just the same, except when a slacker did his or her ways.


Four times each student got to perform on stage, and Maddie never got to act face to face with me. A little sad for both of us, but we still had a grand time in theata’ class! One of her performances included one with the only other boy in drama with me, Dallin Jones. Their rendition of the Adam and Eve story was outstanding, for Maddie echoed beautifully, had perfect movements, and knew what to do stage right, stage left, and every other little to big detail to acting. Dallin also performed greatly with his own charms, though Maddie did not even get a mark down for grading points. Most students couldn’t even get a perfect out of fifty points!! I also got a perfect on my acting in “The Odd Couple,” also never missed a single line in any way, shape, or form.

“Your acting was perfect, and Maddie it sound like she really was a beautiful, protective woman,” commented Caitlyn Kramer after the Lynch performance.

“You both did great, could hear you two perfectly, and no line was missed Eve,” also commented Regan Danner.

 At the end of every production, Lombardo would ask everyone, “What did we like about the scene?”

“Your performance was spot on, for all of you, including you, Jonathan!”

“Thank you!”

“Any suggestions for our actors in the future?”

Maddie and several other girls raised their hands and commented on certain parts, not including mine. It was clear she thought I was a perfect actor. Vice versa, as well!


After getting an A in the class (Maddie, too), we barely saw one another for more than 7 ½ months. I could’ve acted alongside her in the spring musical, “West Side Story”. My track friends, especially seniors, were more important and more inestimable at the time, though.


Like the first day of Midland High School year I, year II had us see each other in drama. With some faces different and others not present this time, we still loved what was in drama 2. There were a lot more guys, half and half or so on overall genders. All of the guys respected everyone and didn’t seem to show any affectionateness for her. At the time, my dream girl was Old Rose (Gloria Frances Stuart), and any girl in theatre, especially alongside me, helped embody her spirit. Unlike drama one, I acted with her in four productions, including one in front of some Adams Elementary School students and teachers. Scheduling the right time for class to act just before lunch and not during any other class, Mrs. L’s crew was outstandingly prepared.


The first of our two grade school plays were several short ones for a kindergarten class. (“Three Billy Goats Gruff,” “The Kid and the Wolf,” and “The Frog Prince”.) She got to play a helpless girl confronted by a wolf (me) and distracting it for a legit kill. “I know where you can get a mighty feast.”

I listened to her elegant voice, opened an imaginary fridge with my curiously aggressive attitude, and shouted, “There’s so much food!!”

All the audience members laughed with adorable sounds, including teachers giving slow, reflective gestures. She was also the second Billy goat to cross the bridge as I had a big dictionary (for prop use) and narrated the whole skit. Her fur coat from drama closet made her fluffier and cutely furry. We both portrayed two soldiers for “Princess Emma Moore” and her frog lover, “Prince Eric Roggow”. Seeing the two pretend kiss on the lips was nice, and the audience barely complained about mushy lips.


Three months later, for a final, we went there again to perform “The Golden Goose”. She was Simpleton’s mom, both poor and caring, as I played Count Jester. Delivering lines as, “There’s my son! One out of three ain’t bad!,” was a treat for all.

Jordan Poland’s very sleepy brother and very hungry one were also entertaining with hers and mine acting, got to perform music for Princess Crybaby (Melody O’Neal). My blue, yellow, and magenta clown outfit and her old fashion light brown dress with white apron looked dazzling to all. It was a little unfortunate, though, I didn’t get to actually say my lines and do stage movements right next to her character. Still, our blast of a time in semester one earned ourselves A with help from intelligent actors and actresses.


Spring time came six weeks after, and “Anything Goes” was that year’s musical. I wanted to join, especially with a devoted foreigner involved. Simona Urminská was only there that school year, and I wanted to do anything to be by her and score good grades as well. My extra-curricular theatre interest kicked in one week short of getting to act in it, which also meant I couldn’t actually act with Maddie, Deanna Koontz, and other girls and guys in the extremely upbeat musical. NO!!!!! However, Sue Lombardo said that I was still eligible for backstage things. Halleluiah!! My parents agreed to let me help with the cast/ crew, had enough homework anyway to fill up every night that semester.


During the rehearsal and stage crew days, we began work on a small children’s play known as “How to Eat Like a Child”. All students, along with ESA (Education Service Agency) students with low autism forms, got to act it out. The only tragic part, at least for me, was Piglet, my precious twin, couldn’t act because he could never say a word. Only shedded a tear or two in my brain. Friendly interactions with similar students to Joseph the Piglet made it obvious she was capable of always loving disabled people. I somehow felt her happy faces and gestures hid a sad and concern feel for less functioning individuals. Why would any like her not want to care for people like them? She finally saw my twin when performing in the school’s little theatre for ESA people. Piglet looked huggable as always and his babyish face looked both calm and cheery, depending on his mood. After the 25-minute play, everybody congratulated all actors on performing a hokey, yet fun, story. Sarah Tebo and Tina “Winnie” Biggs were among the viewers who congratulated me directly at that moment. No one working there for special needs there, and also special needs for general ed., knew her, aside from likely seeing her perform in major school plays. Maddie, as I spotted, gave a smile to me as they verbally praised me face to face.


End of year drama banquet came just before the seniors were finished early. My family and I, along with many other relatives of other members, got to dress semi-formal in a fancy hotel not too far from MHS. While some helped arranged sitting for dinner and sitting, Maddie got to say, “I met your twin brother. He is adorable!”

Great to know she thought my “baby” was cute and loving! At one point, everyone in table groups got to participate in a guessing contest for the past four years of drama. “What was the prop used for ‘Annie’ that didn’t work, but helped us win best sound in Michigan?,” asked Caitlyn Lasich.

Maddie rose her hand and answered, “The microphones.”


Other times: “What was the most valuable color from ‘Joseph and the Amazing Techno-Colored Dreamcoat’ that Mrs. Lombardo and Pennye Padgett loved most?,” asked Zachary Porter.

Maddie, who only saw the play during her time at Bay City Central High School, couldn’t answer. A little sad for her she didn’t know every answer; Grace Kendall answered purple for Joseph. The contest winners got to get their dinner first, no surprise for Maddie or myself. I would have let her and everyone else go first anyway, unless anybody asked for me to get my chicken, mashed potatoes, corn pieces, ham, and water before him/ her. For drama club awards, she and the whole cast of “Quilters” won best actress for having the play win first place overall in Michigan. Excellent job, Madeline! Final part of banquet included the yearbook photo, and I was one of several to be near her, plus Simona, a worthy Slovakian sweetheart!


Her graduation party came at her house not that much outside of Midland. Surprisingly, a lot of unfamiliar people came, gold and brown Auburn Western High School Indians. One looked pretty and acted thoughtful with curly ginger hair; another with buzz cut dark blond hair and also kind; the rest did not interact with me a lot, and shockingly, her party was not a swinging one. “So sorry this isn’t a happening party, Jonathan.”

“That is okay.”

“You can leave whenever you want to, okay?”
“Yes, and thank you!”

“You’re welcome.”

It worked out for the better because of school. I then called Tigger/ my dad to pick me up at her lovely, two-story house. I ate some pasta, cooked burger, and lemon-flavored bottled water when waiting. Tasted so good, what fine cooks her smart and nice-looking parents were! Seeing her pictures of playing basketball for Western Middle School at 13 looked fascinating, looked entirely thin (and, I guess, tragically less like female Willy Wonka). Amazing how after dancing for plays as “Beauty and the Beast” in small roles lead up to doing drama classes and activities. My dad soon came by her beautifully green grassy front yard (back looked equally dandy). “Good-bye, Jonathan! Hope you continue to have fun in drama for the next two years!”

I smiled and waved and felt glad she loved being with a different school outside Auburn.


One week later, mail came and was from Madeline Lynch, addressed to me. I knew it was a thank you card like other seniors had done for me. “Dear, Jonathan,

You’re the most beautiful person I have ever met! Your voice comes alive when you are on stage. All of your kind deeds, acting performances, and smiles and a waves make you a friend to never let go. Keep it up, and I hope you have a wonderful time with drama Midland High School the next two years!

Love, Maddie Lynch.”

I had done it, made another person so joyous and completely satisfied of knowing they had me in their life!





Part Two

With or without Madeline Lynch, drama was still a blast, and this time, my class would had to wait second semester for health and wellness requirement. More than 4 ½ months later, I got to do drama production, those taking drama two for one rather than both semesters. I also had the opportunity everyday to see photos of Lynch on the drama productions throughout Midland High’s history. In her faces and poses for “Radium Girls,” “Annie,” and “West Side Story,” plus “The Three Musketeers,” “Quilters,” and “Anything Goes,” what a sight! She looked completely happy, gave great postures, and any outfits she wore added with her true love and spirit for theatre, mainly Chemic-nized versions of those stories. Gorgeous! Emma Moore, Kaila Smith, and especially Allie Williams (my then current crushes) were guaranteed to have the same surprising twists and charms Maddie experienced from me.


Now don’t be fooled, I still had contact with graduate with Facebook messages and posts. Maddie was at Ohio in University of Cincinnati since August. Some of her current public posts included the Disney canon timeline, from the first ones ever made to the then most recent ones. “I’m gonna do a Disney marathon when I get home this May!”

A fan of everything Walt created/ would’ve made: nice! Having to do that after stressful, anxious, and maybe even heart-pounding college courses with for one semester was certainly awarding.


I once asked her if she wanted to have verbal chat on phones. “Sure! Just give me your number, and I’ll call this Friday night!”

“Thank you, and it is (989) 614-3291).”

“Thanks! Talk to ya soon!”

Friday night came, and I waited happily and patiently for it to ring. RING! RING! RINGI! “Hello.”

“Hi, Jonathan! How are you?”
“Good, and you?

“Fine. Just finished college and back home for the summer.”

“That is nice.”

I naturally felt a little scared when speaking any friend on the phone, wanted to be the person heard me and everything I said was cool and would make any listener understand. “What have you been up to at Midland High this school year?”

“Cross country, track, and of course, drama.”
“Great to hear! Is Mrs. Lombardo still teaching?”
“Yes, she is. She will retire this year.”

Maddie sounded calm, soothing, and slowly upbeat so far. “Yeah, I heard. She will be missed. What tv shows or movies do you watch?”

“A lot, including ‘Ed, Edd, ‘n Eddy’.”

“’Ed, Edd, ‘n Eddy: my little cousin and I watch it whenever we see one another. She loves it.!”

“Very nice!”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. I also watch current shows as ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’.”

“Of course! Who doesn’t? What’s your favorite tv show now?”

“’Shining Time Station’.”

“I think I heard of that show.”

She now sounded a little uncertain with what to say. “It is from 1989 to 1997. Reruns can be found anywhere on YouTube.”

“Oh, that’s great!”

“Thank you-“

“You’re welcome!”

Her voice sounded a little like she was clearing her throat. “It has cool characters, great stories, and fun songs.”

“Oh, like what?”

“The theme song, also called ‘Shining Time Station,’ by Kevin Roth.”


The thought of “Power Rangers Dino Thunder” and “Ninja Storm” popped in. I secretly felt surprised, and a little nervous, something off topic came to mind. Then I realized she also loved both shows. Who is this nerdy beauty?! “I also have watched ‘Power Rangers Dino Thunder’ and “Ninja Storm’.”

“Ah, ‘Power Rangers’! ‘Ninja Storm’ and ‘Dino Thunder’ were by far the best of all of the ‘Power Rangers’ series. Still ought to thank original ‘Mighty Morphin’’ series for making it possible for Dino and Ninja to exist!”


I somehow felt she was kinda agreeing with me on the best things to stay greatest friends. Perfectly alright, as long as she remained good to me! We both loved the main villain, Mesegog, of Thunder, most notably when Trent and his secret lover, Kira, helped defeat to the end. For drama, the only possible villain we could see observe in any way was Valerie Padgett, daughter of Pennye “Winnie” Padgett. While Winnie Padgett reflected the nice, cuddly parts of Pooh, the 32 year-old reflected the Heffalumps: fat (in an unfriendly way), lazy, and snooty to others. Despite never disrespecting me, she was a pretty odd apple.


Maddie’s sweet voice, in person or not, helped easily reflect her loveliness in spite of having a fat body (was more Kanga/ semi-motherly like than Pooh or even donkey Eeyore). It was also cool to note yellow and white—colors for Dustin, buy principally Kira and Trent—were parts of Midland High’s colors, along with some blue—for Ethan, Tori, and Blake—as well. Unexpectedly, after my second “Man of La Moncha” performance, she came for it. Glad it did get delayed for several days! Her exams were the week during its intended running. No Valerie the Heffalumps was insight, only Sue and her Pooh Bare assistant, plus other stage mangers also. “You did a GREAT performance, Jonathan!”

“Thank you!”

She tightly hugged me congratulations and even had her face touching my peach skin makeup, and even my black mascara for eyebrows. A clown came without notice, and it looked magnificent even when not going into costume! We hugged for six to seven seconds and spontaneously, I felt the affection a teenage or older guy feels when hugging a fine lass. Glad I also got to do it to Allie and Emma!


Not long after the spring, I rehearsed for the Midland Center for the Arts play, “Alice in the Garden of Wonders”. At the same time, she volunteered to do the musical for Teenage Musicals Inc., “Thoroughly Modern Millie”. Lawrence/ Alice’s first lover always enjoyed spending some nights at the musical’s director’s home: all clean, filled with Cheetos, burgers, flavored waters, and chips, but most grandly, friends. A few times, Maddie came up to me and even had our picture taken together on one night. They were sent to Facebook; Gaia, a Gloria Stuart and Farrah Fawcett replica, was also in Alice. The desirable actress dreamt of being a model and famous movie star someday. Who could blame a college leveled performer who excelled in global forensics for Midland High in 2011?! I understood how the photos were meant for a onetime use only. Would’ve loved to pose with the 12 out of ten blonde, though.


Throughout the “Thoroughly Modern Millie” act, Millie was seen by my mom/ Queen Winnie. “She is an astonishing actress! All of those vocals, poses, and memorization make her stand out! The only thing that prevents her from getting into Hollywood is her weight. She has the weight of a 30-49-year-old woman…”

Darn you, Hollywood, for restrictions of women’s waists! I handed her some candies when seeing her offstage, somehow felt she deserved it from me. V the H never deserved anything like that, lived thousands of miles away from family and Chemics. “Thank you, Jonathan!”

“You’re welcome!”


Sue’s retirement commenced that summer, and another banquet was held at the fancy hotel, very similar to the end of year drama one. This time, however, she was the center of everything. Students from 1994 at the earliest came or at least sent videos of themselves to her to show love and compassion for theatre with 63 ½ year-old Suzanne. Maddie sent one of only herself: “It was great to be with Mrs. Lombardo for two years since first day of junior year. I had an amazing time in drama class and anything with the drama club. My only regret is that I wished I joined the club sooner…”

She sounded tender, a bit sad and concern at parts. “Hope Mrs. L has a wonderful retirement and same for anyone else retiring with her!”

How thoughtful to include her leaving assistants, too. Her video displayed on a projection screen was seen and adored by all. I would’ve done the exact same thing had I had conflicts preventing myself from going. Pennye leaving also meant despite one less Winnie involved, no Valerie could harass anyone face to face. Facebook was the only thing possible with that…


Senior year happened, and during the eventful, exciting, and concluding part IV of MH, and sometimes saw college friends post their present times. “Great to know I finally published songs on iTunes!,” posted Manny Sandow for “Rapunzel” and “Wish List”.

2014 American Idol star, Jena Irene, even had many iTunes songs already; remembered that wildcat fondly! What about Maddie?! She deserved her own movies, shows, and songs, too!! Melinda “Winnie” Kothbauer of student leadership was physically with me to make anything seem better, whether for me or someone not quite getting the awards earned.


The second semester was when I started to have a declining interest in drama, felt I wasn’t good enough for competitions, big roles (on or offstage), and worst of all, Hollywood. People can be super competitive in big stage and film business! Never, ever intending to mess up by accident or not perform exactly how a director or critic want is also saddening. Drama, where has our love gone?! No Maddie Lynch, Michael Kelingos, Sue, or any big theatre member connected with me made it feel all around empty. Boris Karloff and Gloria Stuart, please forgive me!!!


Winnie, Sue, Ms. Bailey, and Ms. Dewar occasionally returned during first year out of Midland High theatre. One time, VP, somehow feeling like to visit briefly, came with Winnie. “I was the best of all of you, until later studs came after my time 14 years ago! If only I were still a student, I’d rise above all of you, and claim all awards for myself. Not even Maddie or Gaia would compete with my acting and staging choreographies.”

All lies, of course, and the 298-pound woman tried to drift away from her mom as much as possible. “I love being with all of you, always in my heart!,” Winnie said to perfectly brighten everyone’s spirits.

“It would take a miracle, even better than winning first place or receiving best compliments from critics to stop my teasing.”


No matter my feelings for acting then, I still wanted to go out with a consummate sendoff. Mrs. Megan Applegate, new head drama teacher, loved seeing me and any good student. You could speak to her about anything and go on and on as along as her time allowed it. Although Maddie was not around during her teaching time and student days in 1998, she still knew of the youngster and how she quintessentially acted for MHS and TMI. “Maddie is a dear, and so sad I didn’t get to direct or teach her in past times.”

Indeed, seeing her in “Aladdin,” “Two Plays for Coarse Actors,” 2013 spring one, “Almost, Maine,” “The Yellow Boat,” and “Into the Woods” would’ve been exemplary. Still received all around excellent ratings from most, though. What would Maddie, Emory Eddy, Michael, or anyone really do for a farewell gift?


By instinct, I gathered up the pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars, and full ones in my room: $556.67! Putting all in a plastic bags, weighing about thirty lbs, I anxiously packed up in my backpack and brought it first thing after 2:25. “Hey, Jonathan!,’ greeted Mrs. Megan “Brooks” who saw me smile and wave.

“How are you?”

“Good, and you?”
“Fine! What do you got there?

“For you and drama.”

I quickly and softly pulled up the bag next to my right leg and pacifically placed on her front desk. A speechless, tearing, loving, heart pounding, and puppy-dog face appeared. Silent struck for 15 seconds…


What exactly would she think?! Was a crazy, genius, or, in some senses, mad? Time to find out!


“Is this really what you want to do with your money?!,” mercifully asked her.


“Do you mind if we privately and pleasantly talk for a moment?”


The other students hanging out left her office and all understood.


“So, you really want to give away $556.67 to us? Why?”

“I love theatre and Midland High School that much. Midland High School is my favorite place in the world, and drama is my favorite activity.”


My mortal love for theatre wasn’t gone yet. “What will you do right after Midland High?”
“I will go to Oakland University where my dad works and receive a Bachelor’s to become a Catholic priest.”

“You don’t have to pay a penny if your parent works at a college, correct?”


“That’s great. And priests are very loving and generous people, which fits you perfectly.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. How much money does your family have?”

“My dad’s job gives him $10,000 to $12,000 a month.”

“Oh my gosh, incredible! What about your mom?”

“She cannot work anymore due to severe Arthritis  “.”


“And is just like Pennye Padgett, cute and innocent like Winnie the Pooh!”

“Very lovely! How about any siblings or other relatives who live with you or support your family in any way?”

“A fully-blown autistic twin brother and older sister who is about to graduate from Northwood University.”

“Northwood is a private, business institution, right?”


“Ok, that means your sister is guaranteed to make a lot of money at any jobs she works at in the future?”


“Hopefully, she will find one in Midland.”

“Also, my family and I are moving out of Midland this summer to stay by family and Oakland University this fall.”

“Oh, that’s ok. You also want to do a perfect sendoff for other people in this town?”

“I do.”

“Very great. It all makes perfect sense as to why you would want to donate all of this money to us here at MHS.”


“First, speak to your parents about this if you haven’t. After that, we’ll decide what to do with this donation.”

“Sounds good. Have a nice day!”


My parents talked me into keeping most of the money for possibilities eventually occurring in any future situations. $50 was what I ended up giving away to Applegate herself. “See you at the drama banquet!”

“Same to you!”


Brooks handed senior plaques for any 12th graders, and then the awards. Best actress went to Allie Williams, yay for ginger enchantress! Best actor was awarded to Gabe “Tigger” Klotz, that brother of the Gloria Stuart or Marilyn Monroe prodigy. Best drama student overall award was awarded anyone highly involved with drama classes, yet mainly the actual club: me. WHAT?! “This person earns the award for what he is willing to give out of his pocket!”

Theatre really was a place for me after all, could at least kindly be in an audience or warmly socialize with any stage members. Pennye was there and instantly messaged the kid what had happened. Seeing a photo she took and short recording of the speech, “WHAT?! I COULD NEVER TOP THAT! CURSE HIM AND HIS GENEROUS OFFERING! WHY, OH WHY?!!!”

The best hearts always win, notably in the end. The slideshow even had her head photoshopped to a cow at the end, made every member laugh and smile. Even Pennye chuckled a little, loved sitting next to a Christopher Robin friend (me) who felt like a proper child she wanted and could message anytime (love Winnine/mom-figures!).


Maddie Lynch would have surely done the same action, despite her family not being as successful as mine. The favorite animated Disney features of hers, “Pocahontas,” “Hercules,” and The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” helped symbolized all of her grandeur natures. Loving the earth and every natural thing, being a true hero by saving others and herself, and displaying pulchritude and benevolent gestures showed she had the capacity of a living Angel. While her post education lead her to places as Walt Disney World employee and Brooklyn, New York, our times and moments will continue to happen verbally, physically, and definitely mentally. Have God Bless Madeline Lynch and anyone who has and will be involved with her!!!

© Copyright 2020 JonathanSluty. All rights reserved.

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