Nemo Me Impune Lacessit

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He lights up another cigarette before inhaling its fumes and puffing away his worries. On a cold night with nothing more than a run down brick wall that once housed a building to support his back, he continues to indulge. Looking down on the ground, he saw one of his cigarette butts.


Just one.


He thought, he must’ve smoked at least a few more since he arrived underneath the lamp post that was the only source of light for the abandoned structure that was covered in graffiti. But little did he realized that upon finishing his first smoke since resting his body against the old bricks, he fell into a short slumber.


His body was motionless for a couple of minutes as his mind drifts off into a temporary bliss. All seems rather well, except for his shadow on the road. You see, he cast not only one, but two shadows, yes, two.


One would reflect his current position while the other, a strange shadow that was cast from somewhere nearby eventhough the radius of the light beam would have never reached his other side.


Furthermore, the shadow wasn’t static. It kept moving ever so slowly towards the other one as if not to alert him unnecessarily. Its motive were unknown as it began to stretch its image on the ground, extending its extremities with its elongated fingers ever so close to reaching the man’s shadow that was powerless to do anything. But just when it was that close to fill in another gap..


That was when he was awaken and immediately searches for another stick in his pack, oblivious to his surroundings again.


And so, we’re back to when he was still staring on the ground and wondering why he wasn’t smoking more of his supplies when it felt like he just finished more than one.


Just one, and that was odd he thought, being a chain smoker that he was.


He checks the time before deciding that it was finally the hour for him to leave the dark roadside. When he was just a couple of steps away, he suddenly stops before turning around.


Roadside? Why was there a broken wall beside the road anyway?


He finds himself staring at a vacant spot next to the lamp post where he just rested. He then jogged his way back, only to find the discarded cigarette butt that he saw earlier and nothing else.


Maybe he fell asleep while standing? Maybe. Maybe the cigarette butt has always been there all along and all he did was just standing there, taking a single puff and nothing else.


He stood there momentarily, amused by his own thoughts. Not knowing what else to ponder, he was finally on his away again, walking away from that particular roadside for the night.


It might’ve been the wind or perhaps a distant voice but just when he was, just, out of range, a tiny whisper can be heard from somewhere nearby.


We almost had him.”

Submitted: March 07, 2019

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A very well written creepy tale. Nice one.

Thu, March 7th, 2019 11:37am

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