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This is love

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Another Poem from your ADHD friend

Submitted: March 07, 2019

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Submitted: March 07, 2019



I've known him for years,
Yet up until now...
He has just been the guy that plays with gears
but after all this time, how?
how is it only now that I can see?

I can now see him,
the guy with the powerful smile,
Who laughs and grins like no one can.
who is ready to stay with me,
for as long as I need.
He who really cares

Yet nothing has changed,
everything has remained the same.

But this new feeling,
of respect, joy, and pure bliss.
What in the world could have caused this?

What is this,
what are we?

This is love.
and maybe today we are friends,
Maybe tommorrow more.
If never, what we once had been,
won't be left on the wrong side of a door.
Because love is long lasting,
This Love is evermore.

Thinking about my ... whatever we are.

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