Calling To My Love.

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Going into love, hoping to win. My poem.

I love chocolates,

Too many, not good.

I like to warch the sun when it sets,

It puts me in a good mood.


I'd like to fall in love,

And be like 'Venus'' up there avove.

Sending down those 'love energies',

How about some for me, please?


Maybe my body would break up like a cracked glass,

Spread out unevenly, like tramp down grass.

With love feelings, I'll be there,

Calling to my love, who care.


There's always some danger

Falling 'head over heel'.

You could be left like a stranger,

Begging constantly, for a meal.


I'm not afraid, I'll go into the scrum,

Maybe I'll come out, can't speal, dumb.

Then I'd hear the whistle blow,

Love has picked me, I know.

Submitted: March 07, 2019

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